Yamaha YZF R25 Review: what to expect from the Japs

The upcoming Yamaha YZF R25 has created much hype! Riders are excited to see what`s in this new bike. But unfortunately, Yamaha has released any official specs yet. The good news is, this bike has already been released in Indonesia. Therefore, we can get an idea what we might get our hands on. So let’s get started!

Yamaha YZF r25

Yamaha YZF R25

What we have been Hearing!

Before anything else, we would like to make it clear we are only providing out the first impression of this bike! First appearance at the 2013 Tokyo Motor show and later in 2014 Indian Auto Expo Delhi, This upcoming bike has been tested in Indonesian Roads and has been launched there on May 20 2014. As we all are well aware it`s an entry Sports bike for developing markets such as Japan and Europe.

It has been claimed as the top performing sports bike in Asian Market, Mainly India!  The Yamaha YZF R25 will be placed right above R15 but it will be below R6.  With its 250cc displacement, this bike is capable of generating impressive torque and power.

We are hopeful that it will land shores of Indian by the end of this year or the first half of next one. The expected price tag is around 3 Lac local.


PowerDrift Video [ Its really Amazing ] :


Engine Specifications

The much anticipated Yamaha YZF R25 in India is has been launched in Indonesia. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we finally got our hands on some official state. But first, we are only talking about the Indonesian version in order to get an idea what should be expect in India.

The Yamaha Bike is powered by twin parallel 250cc engine with Liquid Cooling. This powerhouse follows DOHC Layout. The max power is 36 BHP at 12000 RPM with peak torque of 22 NM at 10000 RPM. This powertrain features a 6 speed manual gearbox. However, in Indian marker we are expected a single cylinder 250cc version which will help the brand to keep the price tag at 2 Lac. Below are the Engine Specifications:

  • 14 L Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Lacks USD Forks
  • Tubular Diamond Frame
  • Digital Speedometer along with White Backlight
  • 160 KG Wet Weight
  • LED Tail lamps
  • 6:1 Compression Ratio
  • 22 NM Max Torque
  • 36 BHP Max Power
  • DOHC 8 Valves
  • 250cc Displacement
  • A Stubby End Can

Styling and Graphics

This bike will be sold in India in Three colors, Diablo Red, Racing Blue and the Black Predator. Yamaha India`s Mr. Yutaka Terada said that new Yamaha YZF R25 is a sport bike you can ride every day. Even with the accelerated graphics, you can ride it on daily basics. As it comes with narrow valve angle and high compression along its engine architect, it will be deliver superior performance.  Below are the Visual Specifications of R25:

  • Body Design Derived from High End Bikes
  • Black Wheel Profile on both Ends
  • Large Silver Disc Brakes at both ends
  • Huge Fuel Tank
  • Split Cushion Seats
  • Mudguard in the Rear Included
  • Large Exhaust Pipe in Black
  • Designed to provide Typical Rider Posture
  • The Color Schemes are Red/White, Blue/White and Black/Red
  • Led Tail Lamp (might be integrated with Indicators)
  • Twin Tube Rear Suspension
  • As expected it shares a lot of similarities with its Younger Sibling, the R15

What to Expect in Indian Market

As said before, it is expected that the new R25 will launch in Indian Market towards the end of this year. But recent reports are showing that Yamaha has imported an unknown 250cc bike at Indian Shores. They are claiming it for Research and Development. However, we believe that this new bike is nothing rather than the upcoming YZF R25. The Declared Value of this Bike is 211500 but it`s too early to tell now. As Yamaha has unveiled only one unit to the Indian Market. All we have is a rough about the price.

Going through the difference of price of this model in India and Indonesia, it`s expected that the price can climb up to 3 Lac.

From R15 to Yamaha YZF R25

Among the most awaited bikes today! No doubt every biker in India got excited when Yamaha Officially revealed new YZF R25 concept late last year. But the excitement is seem to ignite after all this time, what`s the reason, have it been too long or we are just impatient.  Well the correct reason seems to be Specifications of this bike has dampened us a bit. If we are being honest, people are now wondering that having dreams about it is justified or not.

Critics before even the release of this bike have started to say that it might not be worth of your wait. Unfortunately, to an extent the production model images are saying that this bike might not be a dream come true. But it`s too early to tell what will happen in India, all we can do is rely on the Data we can grab from Indonesians. Till then all we can do is rely on R15, which is most performance oriented bike at this price tag from Yamaha.

What Else Yamaha is offering!

Let`s take break from the specs and focus on additional accessories we might grab our hands on. Just like its smaller sibling the R15, Yamaha YZF R25 will come with a bunch of accessories. These accessories will not only improve the overall look but also performance of this new bike. As the R15 was sold with 13 separately sold accessories, there are high chances that Upcoming R25 will come with additional 2. Starting with basics, we got a Sakura Full Exhaust System, Weight Reduction and ECU Remap.  Other Accessories are yet to be revealed!

Final Take

Once again it`s too early to tell but with all the explained features, Yamaha YZF R25 will do great market if the company manages to keep it between 2-2.5 Lac. The 3 Lac price tag is a bit overpriced the Indian consumer, something Yamaha should keep in mind.  For now, all we can do is wish Yamaha good luck with their new bike.



User Review:

User: Jeet Vyas

The Yamaha R25 before its release created a log of hype around the world. R25 concept was first shown at 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. Indian bikers once again swarmed this. Thanks to their efforts the production specifications are finally released. As this model is all prepped to land offshore for test and RD purposes, made as a superbike for everyday use, the Yamaha R25 shares similarities with YZF M1 Moto GP bike.

The only problem Yamaha is not revealing details as it should have till now.  What we have here is the production model intended for Indonesian market. Yes, things will be different for the Indian market. We can`t judge at this time; however we can at least get a taste of what it will be.

Design and Looks:
At first glance, it appears to be nothing else but typical fast tracker. Yamaha R25 does impress the critics. When it comes to a closer look,, It`s not much the same. The design elements are sharp and clever, but build quality is something we are not sure about it.
The basic figure is somewhat eye-catching; the Yamaha R25 design tends to be simple. The design anticipates road shocks. The tank is well designed but builds quality is not impressive. The bike is not covered as compared to its ninja rivals. Cable wires are not well managed, but they don`t appear upfront. The wire management however helps for reducing esthetics alone.
Going with the design and curves, they are dominating. Considering the price we are paying, build quality is not up to mark. Regardless to say, the R25 shares a number of similarities with CBR. Starting with the problem of hands reaching front, still, Yamaha R25 is bit comfortable. The credit for its comfort goes mainly to z259 FI lower far-reaching tabs. This is balanced with High KBY 163 which makes it easy to ride a bike even with little toes.

  • Great Look and Designing
  • Up to Date Ergonomics
  • Perfect for Everyday use
  • Performance Orientation in Moderate Budget


  • Build Quality is not up to mark
  • Specs not satisfying for Price
  • Too much Delayed

Yamaha R25 Engine and Performance:
Starting with specs of the engine, we have a liquid cooled inline twin engine with the displacement of 250cc. This powerhouse is geared with six-speed transmission. Discs brakes are both in front and rear. With all these specs, the Yamaha R25 churns out max power of 36 BHP along with torque of 22 nm. NO DOUBT Yamaha had a long time coming. The major contribution for its release hype is spy images. This bike does look feisty. It’s a Moto GP entrant for speed freaks. This latest member of YZF-R family tends to impress us with its speed and agility.

The basic concept of 250 CC super-bikes is providing customers with something power to ride every day. The starting is smooth for two cylinders. Yes, there are no sound excessive valves here. When it comes to engine being idle, it sounds like deep growl. At time of starting, the dry exhaust roar is a bit loud. This voice is capable of raising adrenaline. If you are not up for aftermarket exhaust, then good news is the Yamaha R25 is a quiet performer. So if you don`t like to wake the neighborhood while sprinting at night, the R25 appears to be a good choice.
Yamaha R25 General Specifications

  • Frame: Tubular Diamond
  • Engine: Four stroke 4 valve DOHC liquid Cooled
  • Displacement: 249 cc
  • Maximum Power: 35 bhp
  • Maximum Torque: 22 Nm
  • Transmission: 6 Speed Manual
  • Clutch: Welt Manual Multi-Plate Clutch
  • Front Brakes: Floating 300 MM Disc
  • Rear Brake: Single 220 mm Disc
  • Front Suspension: Telescopic Fort 41 mm
  • Rear Suspension: Mono-cross Suspension
  • Top Speed: 170 Km/h
  • Price Tag: INR 2.75 Lakh

Yamaha R25 Ride and Handling
Here, I would like to say don`t judge the Yamaha R25 on accounts of looks. It`s not something you would like to drive on Moto GP track, but it’s ideal for daily drive. With 250cc displacement and such horsepower, pure performance dynamics would be a bad idea. Remembering that, Yamaha have instead just made a touch of rider dynamics to satisfy its clients.  Going with this, the suspension is soft while cruising low to moderate pace. As for swing suspension cradles It`s nothing that will frustrate you. Once you are through the speed trap, the soft will swing.

This was a pre-launch review based on a release in Indonesia; the Indian version is expected to be different therefore we will update. Anyways, carrying on with what we have a question, is Yamaha R25 a tradeoff for its handling? This bike rides straight and smooth. Therefore, you don`t experience any problems with body movements. Even at high speeds, the body movements are acceptable. It’s a straight, slight tilt for flying. This makes grabbing handlebars a bit difficult.  When it comes for sliding the body to left with Zigzag at high speed, body is obedient here. It’s a bit shaky, but that’s fine for what we pay. Both front and rear are installed with disc brakes. At this time, there is no confirmation about ABS for India.

Summing it all, it’s a fun ride overall. The extended wheelbase provides firm stance. With high ground clearance, riders will enjoy track performance for 200 k. The major credit goes to smooth suspension and responsive handling.
Possible Rivalries

  • Honda CBR 250R
  • Kawasaki Ninja 300
  • KTM RC 200 and RC 390
  • Suzuki GSR 250S
  • Hyosung GT250R

Final Word
Being a newcomer, we need to understand their daily needs and provide them with better amenities is highly anticipated. A treat for Yamaha lovers is now they have something to show the ninja riders.  Performance is not groundless, but that’s ok. For the price tag of 2.5 lakh INR, that`s bearable. What we can`t forgive is absence of the link in Mono-cross suspensions. We would like to praise the powerful engine, complete features of meter cluster with lightweight-ness of this bike. Still, there is room for improvement considering what rivals are offering. Fortunately, we have time on hands for release, and, therefore, the final product can exceed our expectations.



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