Yamaha R25 Top Speed: Review to Unveil its Specialties

The concept of Yamaha R25 introduced on the 20th November, 2013, but now the company has officially unveiled the YZF-R25 version. The company is expected to launch it in India and various other South-Eastern countries at the end of 2014, or by the start of New Year 2015. The Yamaha claims it as a Super-bike that can be ridden for comfort on a regular basis. It will be exciting to look what is packed in the Yamaha R25 Top Speed.

For those who are looking for straight answer:

Yamaha R25 Top Speed: 180+ KM/H

Now wondering how we found that out ? We have read multiple reviews and videos featuring test ride of Yamaha R25. Check out this power-drift video:

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Quick Review

  • The R25 is equipped with 249 cc, twin cylinder liquid cooled engine
  • It features maximum 35.5 BHP power @ 12000 rpm and 22.1 NM torque @ 10000 rpm
  • Rider can take the benefit of constant mesh 6-speed transmission
  • Expected price is INR 2.75 lakhs
  • Unique design, lightweight, slim and compact chassis
  • YZR-M1 MotoGP bike inspires r25
  • It is an entry level sports bike for various Asian and European countries

Design and Style of Yamaha R25

Design and style of Yamaha R25 Top Speed have some replications of its R1 and R6 siblings, such as reverse-slant twin headlights and pilot light to impart a sharper look. An air duct is also located between the lights quite similar to a race bike, M1 Moto GP. The LED rear lights and shift indicator that is also available in the Yamaha YZF-R1. The bike features a tubular diamond frame; therefore its ergonomics is quite easy to use. The unique fuel tank design gives an edge to the R-series and delicate knee alcove. The bike looks quite bulky; hence anyone can consider it as a 600 cc motorcycle. The stumpy muffler and Y-spoke alloy wheels are the highlights of the R25. It will be quite impressive and pleasant experience to ride Yamaha R25 to turn many heads.

Instrument Panel

LCD instrument console of Yamaha R25 contains:


  • Digital Dual Trip Meter
  • Digital Speedometer
  • Odometer
  • Digital Fuel Gauge
  • Indicators for Pass-Light, Oil and Fuel

The console features a white based, analogue tachometer designed with a revealing red colored needle. Rev limiter light is also an important part of the panel to enhance the illumination.

Dimensions and Capacity of the Fuel Tank

The length, width and height of the Yamaha R25 Top Speed bike are 2090 mm, 720 mm and 1135 mm respectively. Its weight is 166 Kg and the thick fuel tank of the bike has 14.3 liters capacity.


Engine, Brakes and Gearbox

Yamaha YZF-R25 features a 249 cc, liquid-cooled engine to propel out 35.5 bhp power at 12000 rpm and the highest torque of 22.1 Nm at 10000 rpm. DOHC engine comrades a six-speed manual transmission and a wet, multi-plate clutch system. The engine is equipped with two cylinders, eight valves and four strokes. The engine possesses a bore of 60 and a stroke of 44.1. The new engine is based on the latest technology to actively generate a perpendicular twirl of air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber to obtain the optimal flow of the engine’s air-fuel blend at the same time. It will help a rider to enjoy an impressive ride because the overall power output can accommodate during the whole day.

The braking system of Yamaha R25 Top Speed is quite efficient, because it is equipped with 298 mm front disc and 220 mm rear disc brakes. The front and swim-arm have telescopic suspension, and, therefore, the Yamaha R25 is perfect for bumpy roads.

Fun Ride and Easy Handling

The Yamaha R25 is quite easy to handle, and you can comfortably ride on even on uneven roads because of its magnificent handling characteristics. It will be a fun ride because the 1380 mm extended wheelbase enables you to enjoy a perfectly stable and secure ride. Due to 160 mm exerts, the bike has splendid off road capabilities for high ground clearance. The perfect suspension acts smoothly and capably. The handlebar possesses more responsive handling qualities; therefore it is perfect for all kinds of riders. Yamaha has fixed DiAsil (Die-casting Aluminum Silicon) cylinders to offer excellent heat flow. It is special for their lightweight and compact design.

Available Shades and Price

The Yamaha R25 Top Speed is available in three striking shades, including Racing Blue, Diablo Red and Predator Black. The expected price of R25 in the Delhi showrooms is 2.75 lakhs, but the price may vary according to the area.


The Yamaha R25  is loaded with lots of advanced features; therefore it is an alarming invention for its main rivals, including Kawasaki Ninja, Honda and the KTM RC. Moreover, it is available in quite economic price. It will surely give a tough competition to the upcoming and existing models, including Hyosung GT250R, Suzuki GSR 250S, Honda CBR 250R and KTM RC2500/RC390. Detailed analysis of its features proves that it is a superbike designed to ride on a regular basis. Concept behind the designing of the bike is based on the 250cc sports bike mounting style. Lightweight and slim design with the dual cylinder engine and compact chassis is quite similar to the YZR-M1 bike.

You can enjoy a powerful and athletic ride because the bike is easy to handle. The cylinder follows in-line 2-cylinder arrangements and the dimensions of the bike are 2,000 mm×720 mm×1,140 mm. With its amazing features, the Yamaha R25 Top Speed will surely make its way into the national and international market. It will surely give a tough competition because it is quite economical as compared to its contenders in the market. Extended wheelbase of 1380 mm makes the bike a perfect choice for bumpy roads. The R25 is an entry-level model of the sports bike, and it is developed for the emerging Asian market like Japan and European market. It is expected to be ranked as a top performance sports bike.

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