Yamaha R25 Malaysia: a Concept Bike Reveal

Yamaha missed the Moto GP Title with just 4 point arch with Honda. Admiringly, this company didn’t stopped from Capitalizing opportunities.  Following this, the Yamaha r25 was unveiled as concept bike. This concept came with parallel twin 4 stroke engine. With displacement of 249 cc, this engine is sported by liquid cooling and DOHC base configuration. With these specifications, this bike is expected to complete with Honda CBR 300R, KTM RC390 and Kawasaki Ninja 300. Will it win over on behalf of its style and performance? We will have to hold on that as the release date is not near yet. However, going with release specs, at least we can get an idea.

Yamaha r25 Fairing

Yamaha r25 Malaysia

[ Image Credits: Facebook Yamaha R25 Malaysia Social Group ]

Start of Wildfire

The rumors of upcoming 250cc created much hype. It all started with video made during Tokyo Motor show which none of us visited though. As nothing can remain hidden under the rug today, this news spread faster than virus. It remained center of attention of motoring blogs and portals around globe. As for the Malaysians, well we anticipated it long before MR News. Fortunately it`s under development now because it would be inappropriate for two wheeler company like Yamaha not taking part in 200 cc race.

Coming to Malaysia

The 200 cc segment of market is growing better than it ever did. As economy and global finance is doubtful which we all don`t care about. It`s logical for majority of customers to choose small but power engine just as we used to use horses.

The Yamaha R25 Malaysia was previously named R4, later the named changed to R25. It sounded a lot better besides it was challenging for market. As there is lots of option in 200 cc segment, Yamaha needed a quick turnaround. Remembering this, it created more than an everyday bike. Yes, the Yamaha R25 Malaysia is a superbike which is made for everyday use. Inspired by its M2, the R25 will make a great like to follow in upcoming years of motoring. No doubt that Yamaha is stepping towards its own promotion.

The fact is, it`s been a while since Yamaha ventured in Small Displacement contention. This period now seems to come to an end as this company is developing its 250cc content to go against its rivals. After the ongoing rumors were confirmed, everyone has got their eye on how the japs will focus on Malaysian Territory. It`s believed that Yamaha R25 Malaysia will be in range between CBR 250 and Ninja 250R. It is exciting but nothing can be confirmed at the moment. Good news is we have some official release and unexpected leaks. If nothing else, at least they will provide us with an idea of how this bike will look and perform.

How it will look

It won`t be wrong if I say Yamaha R25 Malaysia fascinated the world at its introduction. It appeared as a stylized version of Yamaha M1.  The engine is 2 cylinder 250cc fitted inside a tubular steel twin spar frame. This replaced the Ram air design which was featured in Yamaha M1.  The design is completed with twin predator halogen headlamps between Ram Air Funnel. The rear lights are featured LED. Rear adjustable foot page and plate holders are cleverly designed to give aggressive look.  This supports Yamaha R25 Malaysia`s performance orientation. Going with the official release, this bike is designed for European and Asian Market.

We are expecting a version for American market but till now there are no official confirmations.  It is believed that the Yamaha R25 Malaysia is a set between Yamaha YZR M1 Moto GP and Honda CBR 250R but no confirmations to prove it.

New R25 will be competing in marketing in terms of performance instead of price. Yes, if you are looking for something in the 250cc segment. The ideal choice will be something between 1.5-3 Lakhs. R25 settles well in this line. Don`t forget you still have a few other options.

Yamaha R25 Malaysia Engine Specs

It will be a 250cc fairing bike which will soon release in the Malaysian market. Yes, the R25 will be released on Malaysian soil in early 2015. The Yamaha R25 Malaysia will be supporting a twin cylinder inline 4 stroke engines which will come with DOHC. In addition, this engine will be liquid cooled and will be all set in displacement of 250cc.  All these specs will be geared with a six speed manual transmission with itself is paired multi plate wet clutch. The fuel system is an advance fuel injection.

No surprise that Yamaha is a bit desperate in Malaysian market. Recently, the growth have been improved and made far more competitive. Keeping in mind that KTM and Naza Blade will be coming with their new 250cc line up. It was high time for Yamaha to support their fans with their own mark up in this segment.

Down the Road

This beast is no less than a feast for every ruder with desire sporty twin headlamps. The story doesn`t head here, Yamaha R25 Malaysia offers much more than just that! It comes with overhead pilot light and rear LED lamps. The design has also been inspired from R6S. These sharp likes and cutting side mirrors which are mounted on front cowl makes this bike all the more stylish. At the heart of this bike, this league is bit overpowering Ninja and Honda in 250cc segment. As for torque, R25 also does very well on that department too. This bike has been carefully designed so it can be used for day to day commute.

Now taking turns have become tamer with this bad boy. You can take any curve at high speeds with confident. Well the credit goes to its handling dynamics and wide rev band. Despite great riding features, this bike is also a great looker. It has been carefully design for meeting the marks of a track performer with requirements of daily commuter. So if you are a job holder and wants to ride in style every day you go. This is your best pick from Yamaha!

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