Yamaha R15 Owner Review

Hello again. This time I’ am back with a owner based review of Yamaha R15 which i myself own. Basically it is a typical sports category bike with both front and rear disk brakes, a 4-valve liquid cooled engine and sporty chassis. The styling has been adapted from its big brother Yamaha R1, which one can easily tell by looking over the styling and unique aerodynamic shape.

Yes, that picture is of the one i own. One peculiar thing about the bike is the price, which is about 130 K. One would think that maybe one should buy out Bajaj Pulsar or Apache or something else because of the heave price tag and the engine being of just about 149 cc. I would later highlight both positive and negative points. So firstly while buying out a bike one would see the price tag, while this may not be the case everywhere but its the case in India. Honestly the value for money is not that good for Yamaha R15. Secondly one would see the Power, Handling and Looks. Now its always the case that before buying out a bike one has a very little idea of handling, unless one has got the chance to test drive. In terms of handling Yamaha R15 is great when its about the stability at high speeds. The aerodynamic shape adds to the better handling and maneuverability. One major drawback of R15 or any other Super Sports class bike is that the turning radius is made very large, even larger than that of a middle level Car. Passing through evening traffic or taking a reverse turn in a narrow lane becomes difficult. But this fact is often ignored while one buys out a Sports class bike. Engine power delivered by Yamaha R15 is quite good looking over its engine size ( around 150 cc ). One can get to a maximum of 50 km/h in just the 1st gear. The top speed that i attained was about 142 km/h at 6th gear, with me leaning over the front wind shield. One can get to 160 after proper tuning of bike but i would not recommend that. The engine is quality built Yamaha engine. Engine vibrations have been tuned to a minimum possible and this factor helps one to get over 10 000 RPM ( RPM is revolutions per minute of engine ) without any problem. This lacks in Apache RTR 180 where the bike is set to vibrate at 7000 RPM. The gear shifting is also smooth. This factor makes Yamaha stand out from others, although the current competition has given out better bikes with more of power and ice-smooth gear shifting ( Duke or Pulsar 200NS ). Coming over to looks, which is the most important point that gives Yamaha R15 a ‘WOW’ factor. The chassis is quite strong enough. In the event of an accident, both the fibre and the metal chassis are so made to impart minimum damage to both Rider and Bike itself. The looks are quite sporty are perfected by artists. If you are buying out a bike in terms of looks, one can go with eyes closed for Yamaha. Not only R15, but all other bikes manufactured by Yamaha are made to look sporty and aerodynamic, though it be a 100 cc bike. Feel is another important aspect when it comes to bike riding. It can be collected as a combination of Power, Handing, Smoothness, Usefulness to a class of buyers, etc.  This happens many a times that before buying out a bike one is super excited about what all things one will be able to do with it and after a few months all the excitement vanishes. One should think over thoroughly of why is one buying out that bike and what are the positive points. If you are accustomed of going out in doubles ( or triples ) in a single bike, Yamaha R15 may not be the one for you. One can hardly adjust in doubles as the back seat is leaned with an inclining angle towards front side and is also lifted to quite a height. On occurrences of braking or accelerating,  support ( a handle or something ) is not provided for person sitting at the back, which will cause him to fall over repeatedly  [ If one can see that in a positive way 😀 ]. There are reports that the gear-shaft needs servicing due to some problems but that didn’t happen with me.


 Plus Points:

  • Great Looks.
  • Great Power.
  • Aerodynamic body.
  • Better Feel.
  • Decent Acceleration.
  • Strong Chassis .
  • Quality Build Engine.

Minus Points:

  • Turning radius could be improved.
  • Difficulty in maneuvering through traffic.
  • Engine volume could have been larger.

Better luck buying a bike. Thanks. You can also take a look over official Yamaha website here.


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