Yamaha FZ-S FI Version 2.0 – India’s Pioneer of Performance

When the first FZ was first introduced, it was loved and hated equally. The bike had all the looks but due to minor problems. It lost its market! Luckily, Yamaha looked up and worked on these problems to make sure it doesn`t happen again. With introduction of Yamaha FZ-S FI Version 2.0, the company decided to make a change. Before you ask, these changes brought success to the bike as it was even more aggressively styled but wisely engineered. Yes, both graphics and performance of the bike are improved now. But how will it succeed in the market. Time to find out!

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Yamaha FZ-S Performance and Ride

You will be happy to know that Yamaha oversee several changes in this. When it comes to the feel of bike when you have to lean over and turn the handle in opposite direction, Yamaha cleverly did something new while keeping the single down tube chassis intact. However, you will find shorter dimensions on every account. Yamaha FZ-S FI Version 2.0 with new suspension is bit smoother but overall it’s a stiff ride. But the good news is, Yamaha took notice of previous complains and avoided the problems in new FZ for long run. As said before, Yamaha managed to shake down 3 kg weight but it kept the same trail and rake as the previous FZ bike.

Tires are exact same but are even more rounded. This makes the sharp turn smoother! Another benefit of new tires is they are less likely to be punctured. Grip is good but the gravel does possess a minimal threat to your bike grip. Well apart from great tires, brakes are also exceptional. The front features a disc break with two pistons while the rear has only box breaks. If I had to sum it up, I would say that New FZ is eager but fun!


Yamaha, in a way changed everything while keep it the same. Failed to understand my point? I wouldn`t blame you! If you have a closer look, you will see that everything remains the same as in Previous FZ however there are small differences. Starting with the fuel tank, Yamaha FZ-S FI Version 2.0design shrouded it hanging and executed damn well!

The notable additions are in the rear where an aluminum bracket was missing in previous models. Apart from the bracket, there is also an addition of mudguard on top of rear Tire. But its likeness and dislikeness depends on your perspective. I you love the extra wide Tire then you will hate it. Otherwise it works pretty well in a rainy day. I would also like to praise the motorbike company for its new tail piece with the split seats and its grab rails.


This is the part where fate of bikes is decided in India! Unless you are from Tata or Ambani or you happened to be a Bike Enthusiast. Mileage is an important feature of motors today. Fortunately for FZ, Yamaha kept in mind while designing the bike and left the bike with 55 km/L. this makes sure that whether if you are college going kid or a job holder. This bike will be friendly to your budget!

Yamaha FZ-S FI Version 2.0 General Specifications


  • 4 Stroke Air Cooled SOHC 2 Valve
  • Displacement of 149
  • Single Cylinder
  • Constant 5 Mesh Gear Box
  • Fuel Injection
  • Electric Start
  • 6000 RPM Torque
  • 8000 RPM Power
  • Multiple Disc Wet Clutch
  • 9. 5:1 Compression


  • Wheelbase: 1,330 mm
  • Weight 132 kg
  • Max fuel volume 12 liters
  • Reserve: 1.2 L
  • Diamond Frame



  • Fuel Injection
  • Power Tarmac
  • Refined Motor
  • Better visuals
  • Yamaha Trusted Performance and handling
  • Hard Seats
  • Slim Handle bars
  • Mudguard over Rear Wheel
  • Just one Disc Break
  • A bit pricy for its features


  • Hard Seats
  • Slim Handle bars
  • Mudguard over Rear Wheel
  • Just one Disc Break
  • A bit pricy for its features


Market Price

There are two variants of the new FZ additions. The first one is Yamaha FZ V2.0 starting at 75,000 INR. The second is Yamaha FZ-S V2.0 starting at 78,000 INR. All these variants come in standard colors. These colors are Cyber Green, Astral Blue, Molten Orange and Moon Walk White. If compared with previous versions of FZ line up. You will observe that these prices are moderately tagged. But there are a lot of improvements this time. So it’s definitely worth your money, don`t hesitate.

Yamaha FZ-S V2.0 Engine Specifications

The new Yamaha FZ-S V2.0 is all about lightness and agility. Keeping this fact in mind, this back has long 3 kg weight from which engine contributed to 1.5 kg. Producing 500 RPM, the engine managed to look slimmer than before. Yamaha FZ charges up to 60 km/hr in mere 5.58 seconds while the speed indicators highest point is 118km/hr. however, the real speed is no more than 107km/hr.

As for Yamaha FZ-S FI Version 2.0engine specifics, this bike roars an air cooled 149cc engines with SOHC and 2 valves. The max torque recorded is 6000 rpm while the max power is no more than 8000 rpm. Gear pattern remains same, 1 down 4 up. Apart from gear, the start system remained unchanged. However the good thing is, gear changing is now easier and it doesn`t feel springy any more.

Final Take

There are almost no weak spots. But whatever Yamaha offered in new Y FZ-S V2.0, it different and colorful. Doesn`t matter what you choose to call them, rattling change, anti-puncture wheels, small sets. All of these will be gone in time as new models will always be introduced. But, it will be harder to resist. Yamaha FZ-S V2.0 is efficient as it solved the minor glitches in the last model.

However, this bike is widely praised for its sporty and little aggressive dynamics. This bike is comfortable but not noisy. Yes it offers performance but not aggression. This bike is made for common man who loves his ride, not a pro! In the end, I will just say it won hearts all over and there is no reason why I could challenge this fact!




Owner Review of Yamaha FZ-S

Source: Owner Experience


150cc Engine. It sounds pretty less for a sports bike but it does not matter. Even with 150cc Engine, Yamaha FZ-S FI Version 2.0 is a beast. It takes you from 0 to 60 km/h in just stunning 5.63 seconds. The experts may tell that the Yamaha has reduced the power in Yamaha FZ-S FI Version 2.0 compared to Yamaha FZ-S Version 1.0 but to be frank I didn’t even feel a slightest change in torque or power. To my surprise, the engine produced more enough power to give you a racing effect. The main attraction of Yamaha FZ-S FI Version 2.0 is the fuel injection system. When some Indian thinks of purchasing a Yamaha motorbike, the first thing he thinks of is the mileage. Well, the Yamaha FZ-S FI Version 2.0 is the solution with its new fuel injection system. The fuel injection system has increased the mileage while keep the power and torque of the motorbike at its level. Also, the new in-built electronic system in Yamaha FZ-S FI Version 2.0, allows the control of fuel. Thus, if you wish to go on a long ride on an economy pace, the fuel will controlled in that way or you want to race hard down the street you will get that feel as the system understands your requirement and injects fuel in the engine accordingly. To conclude, I say confidently that the engine of Yamaha FZ-S FI Version 2.0 does not have any flaw and it has improved the driver experience pretty much

Source: Owner Experience


Being a teenager and a collegian, I always wanted a motorbike for myself. Finally the opportunity arrived and after studying the market quite deeply, I was satisfied that no other motorbike was as good as Yamaha FZ-S FI Version 2.0 which can fulfil my wishes and suits my pocket. Starting from the brand name Yamaha Motors, I was pretty much confused that whether the motorbike will suit my pocket? Yeah! Now I am convinced that it can. The introduction of fuel injection technology in the engines of Yamaha FZ-S Series is a break through. The mileage of the motorbike has been improved without affecting its power or torque. The looks of Yamaha FZ-S FI Version 2.0 is stunning especially the blue core theme. The graphics have been redesigned, even the silencer has been redesigned. The height of the fuel tank has been increased to give a sportier look also the rear fenders have been replaced. To conclude its look, Yamaha FZ-S FI Version 2.0 is the Mona Lisa of motorbikes. Now the speedometer, complete LED display. The redesigned display contains 6 Light Buttons to indicate various parameters while the main LED Displays all the necessary and basic speed parameters like Speed, RPM, Fuel Indication and the Odometer with Trip Function. The Headlamp, Rear-lamp and the side-lamps have now got a very sharper look. Yamaha FZ-S FI Version 2.0 contains the dual seat with the back seat on a little bit more height giving it a sportier look. So now let’s move on to the riding section where most of us will be interested. Riding it for the first time, Yamaha FZ-S FI Version 2.0 really satisfies your need of a sports bike. Also, the motorbike is designed in such a way that, the driver won’t feel uncomfortable if s/he has to for a long journey. If Yamaha FZ-S FI Version 2.0 is rode as per the instruction manual, the motorbike really gives a really good mileage of 58-60 kmpl. But again, you want to throttle and race down the lane, the mileage will decrease to 53-54 kmpl which is again a very good result. The credit goes to the Fuel Injection Technique which has been introduced in Yamaha FZ-S FI Version 2.0. I have rode it many of the conditions I can and to my surprise it has passed each and every test. The Yamaha FZ-S FI Version 2.0 is the ultimate bike which one can buy. The beast will again rule the streets. The only flaw which I found in Yamaha FZ-S FI Version 2.0 is that the fuel indicator is very bad ie if you have parked your motorbike in sliding position your fuel indication will be different. But such small flaw can be ignored looking at the various new technologies and the functions provided in Yamaha FZ-S FI Version 2.0. It’s truly the Lord of the Streets. Stay tuned for more cars and motorbikes reviews. Tata.

Source: Owner Experience

Owner: Mit Dave


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