Yamaha FZ-09 Review: Prepare for some horsepower

Time for some street action, with the introduction of new Yamaha FZ-09. The word is we have best middleweight street-bike. But this time it’s from the Yamaha. Yep, Honda, Ducati and Kawasaki didn’t had some impressive tricks up their sleeves. Well whatever it is, it will be worth a shot. So here goes nothing. Time to hit the road with new FZ 9. As for the first impression, it looks good enough but as we know, a knight in shining armor is the man who never had his metal truly tested, this bike has to prove it`s worth at first!

Yamaha FZ-09 Commercial:

Looks and Designing

What can I possibly say? This bike can make you look like a Captain America Villain. Well thanks to the Dark Side of Japan. What we have here now is a little less than heavy but little more than middleweight bike. Yes, the Yamaha FZ-09 design makes it a bit hunky for street bike category. Thanks to the panels. It still remains in naked body category without any hassle.

Thanks to the sporty graphics, the dark character implemented here is well defined by the roar curves. Yes there is no cross plane crank here. The ride provides a nimble ride like no one else. To sum it up in short, this new best middleweight bike has been made on the concept of Synchronized Performance. This will allow us all to enjoy the concept of establishing complete control in everyday typical riding conditions. To keep it simple, we can just say that the Yamaha FZ-09 has been designed for swift responds for your every demand.

2014 Yamaha FZ 09

Yamaha FZ 09

[ Image credits: Yamaha Automobiles ]

On account of its looks, the Yamaha FZ-09 gets a 9 out of 10!

Engine and Performance

Starting with the displacement, we have an 847 cc powerhouse which is configured on DOHC. This inline three cylinder engine which is tuned for low to mid torque response. Both the character and sound of this engine is intoxicating. Made slim and compact, it surprisingly packs more heat than it looks like! Based on the 4 valve per cylinder, the compression ratio is 11.5:1 for better production. Apart from that, the 4 valves per cylinder also improves low to mid torque output.  However, the valve adjustment intervals are set for every 40,000 km.

Apart from all that, the newly designed 120 degree camshafts are also appraisable. The precise designing helps for reducing the torque inertia for emphasizing linear torque development. What makes the new Yamaha FZ-09 a best middleweight street-bike is coupling force balancer. This balancer helps for reducing the engine vibration and improves overall riding experience. Despite this, the fracture split connections rod while featuring the nut less design.  This engine design provides room for a whole new level of rider and ride communication. As for the lightweight forged pistons made of aluminum, this design allows for fast responds with reduced weight. During the forging process, aluminum is heated to the point where it can be mended instead of just melt. This way, the material remains stronger, lighter and durable.

Considering all aspects, the engine scores an 8 out of 10!

Ride and Handling

Speak of the Devil and he shall appear! A bike making you look like super hero villain obviously won`t have ideal handling. But the good news is, Yamaha FZ-09 leaves this myth behind. This new bike is the riding experience you never had. With its hunky graphics and aggressive meat under hood, it`s surprisingly fun and comfortable to ride.

Yes the portfolio of new best middleweight street-bike also cares for handling and ride of its owner. Therefore, Yamaha has taken some precise measures to control it. Well whatever you take it for, the steps taken from japs are considerably Appraisable.  Well, what you expect from the 4 piston ADVICS calipers on 300 mm disc on front while the Single Nissan Brake Caliper with 250 mm disc at rear. The bike has been made to support the lower ride possible which makes the overall ride a bit more comfortable. Despite that, the low riding position also makes Yamaha FZ-09 spacious even as compared to its own siblings. As for the suspension, we got KYB on both with US forks for front and Progressive link shock for rear.

On behalf of its handling, Yamaha FZ-09 deserves an 8 out of 10!

Other Notable Features

Regardless to mention here, the Torque and power makes this bike extremely fun to drive. This combination is further enhanced with the handling capabilities of this bike. Well thanks to lack of ABS, inspiring esteem is sole enough to put a stop to this bikes peak power. With the slender design or frame, whatever your preference is. This bike no longer carries all the unwanted weight. This makes this baby a delight to ride. However, navigating it is a bit difficult. But the good thing is, this bike still manages to impress us with its other counted features.

This bike will do a good job on road. Yep it will add a touch competition for all the naked body bikes out there. In order to make things more interesting, there will be considerable amount of aftermarket options right after you purchase this bike. So no waiting for customizing your new road companion. Well Yamaha understands this and looking forward to this reason, it has left some room for after-market product installation. All of this considered, the new Yamaha FZ-09 will make a handsome sale percentage.

Counting every extra feature, new FZ 9 scores 8 out of 10!


Time to sum it all up, on first expression the Yamaha FZ-09 looks like your regular naked body. But when it comes to ride and test it, it proves its metal! For the price tag of $8 K, (considering all facts) I say its money well spent. Yes, it doesn’t get any hunkier than this! Apart from being hunky, let’s not forget it’s considerably stylish. Therefore it’s a complete thumbs up. If you want comfort and style all together, this is the perfect grab for you!

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