Toyota Vios Review taking on the City

The one third of Jap Big Three Toyota again silenced the critics, but this time we are not referring to long running corolla or the Camry. Instead what we got our hands on is just enjoying its third generation. Well we guess by this time you got the idea we are referring to nothing else but the Toyota Vios. Yes it managed to impress us all!

To keep it simple, I will just say that the success of new Toyota Vios is staggering. The new version was before even launched. More than 30 thousands orders were confirmed and this adds the sign up of dotted lines for one of these typos. But when it comes for being radical, there are just a few phenomenal reasons behind the popularity to this car. The first one is logical upgrades which were inherited from its other siblings.

Other notable mentions are elements important to stay in competition. Almost everything has been redesigned but some oldies are also included which indulged well! But what it was and it became. We are sure enjoying it. For more details, don`t be afraid to dive into our review. We paid attention to every minor to notable details.


The new Toyota Vios has been in the public for a while now and seeing its features, people are buying it. Well that was predictable because for the price tag, it’s something hard to resist.  So why consumer are loving the third generation more as compared to previous ones.  The noaughties are introduced and what it looks like, it`s head to head with Honda City. Well that’s the least you can tell from its looks.

Toyota Vios Front look

Toyota Vios Front

[ Image Credits: Autoevolution ]

Being one of few cars which checks everything it`s customer needs. This ride has cleverly managed to maintain its basic (and well appreciated) characteristics such as Reliability, comfortable drive all without compromising for good looks. The look have been certainly improved as compared to previous ones. The TRD body and curves which generally attract the young customer. The Sportivo styling attracts the eye and counting everything. Yes the new Toyota Vios Exterior is better as compared to the previous one. the much deserved freshness have hit the road. So if you wanted to spend on a stylish affordable compact. This might be your chance to be wise. With ravishing styling on outdoors, its god to go!


Toyota which along the other 2 brands in Japanese Big Three is well recognized for its reliability and comfort-ability along with an affordable price tag. So coming back to the coms, if you are already familiar with Toyota Vios interior, you will be astound what you will see. What Toyota Vios this time enjoyed is no less than a complete redesign. This is perhaps the most obvious change being made in dashboard (the dual tone with chrome). The meter panel therefore enjoyed extensive changes.

But speaking for the gear knob and shifter gate, it remained unchanged, the interior now is bit upmarket well thanks to improve quality of material along with leap and bound.  Speaking about the biggest improvement, this shear amount is a notable mention. The six foot now have perfect comfort for front and back seats. So whatever you want, taking family out or just cruising on weekends. This is ideal for both friend away or 5 family members.

Well thanks to its spaciousness, features and a bit techy! This car manages to impress us all with the redesign. Toyota Vios have stepped up into the game and speaking interior wise, a lot of improvements have been made.

Engine and Performance

As for the performance, Toyota Vios Engine have seen a lot of improvements. If I had to put it into simple words, I would just say its bashers with trained guns pointed at old powerhouse. However, most of these only spent a few hours on road. Therefore the bashers will always be the bashers while the warriors will always be warriors. The power-train use here is a bit old but it delivers!

Smooth start, the insulation has been improved.  The addition of new sound deadening materials while most of these are concerted on floor, the suspension have been softened as new Toyota Vios is capable of rolling over bumps and ruts for hearing something close to nothing. Looking towards the size and ability of this company, we all were expected something brand new. But the old systems were chosen as they proved themselves reliable and satisfying.

So as for the beastliness, the Toyota Vios comes with in house 1NC FE engine. This straight 4 piston engine is capable of producing max power of 106 BHP with 141 Nm Torque. With all this power, Toyota have tuned this engine for better economy, thanks to these improvements this car will now be climbing 9-12 km per gallon.

Other Notable Features

Going deep in specifications, the Toyota Vios features are somewhat not up to mark. The entertainment system did see some major improvements but for only high end variants.  As for the standard features. We got a 2 DIN DVD with 7 inch touch screen. This unit comes with MP3, AUX, SD and USB. Other features include names of Bluetooth and Smartphone connectivity. In addition we will also get to enjoy a GPS, Reverse Camera and voice recognition. The standard model will also be featuring a fork out RM2990. This something we wouldn’t need to think when recommending.


A but hard to fault, new Toyota Vios is running on old tech but still, it managed to grasp our attention. Why so? The reason will be it have something to offer us. The notable mentions are given above but to sum it up, the Toyota Vios specs are making the loss of using old tech with the tag of integrated other latest tech for convenience of passengers. It`s also attracting people who are looking forward to buy something attractive to the eye. For the price of 7-11 lakh, it`s good unless you have other things on your mind.

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