Toyota Innova the Strongest Contender of Indian Automobile Market

If elections were held to conclude the perfect car for India, Toyota Innova would sure make a name for itself. Since its introduction in the Indian market, the Toyota Innova has established itself as the favorite MUV.  However, there was a slight decline in sale which rose up to 25% back in 2012. But it couldn`t stop the car`s ever growing popularity among users. There are almost 25 variants of this car front which almost 20 are diesel. Toyota Innova price tag starts from 9.8 Lac and it climbs up to 15 Lac. If I have to sum it up, I would just say it’s a high performance and stunning multi-utility vehicle for a great price.

Take a Look a 360° VIEW of Innova

Over eight years of Ruling the MUV section of Indian market, the Innova mileage felt a need for change and went through some important modifications. At first, it seemed like a risk but after seeing the facelift and work done on the body. People are thinking positive about this car as it made itself as a perceptive well. But how will it perform after its modifications, let`s see!

Toyota Innova Limited Edition press release video:



The Good

  • Strong Build and Durability
  • Comfortable and Spacious Interior, great for long drives
  • Best in class interior. Everything gets top marks from designing to materials
  • Balanced handling and impressive road manners
  • Toyota`s well known trouble free ownership experience

The Bad

  • Same generation has been running up since 2005, time for something new
  • Front Grill is not up to marks, 2012`s version was better
  • Gearing is too short for highways
  • Service intervals at every 5,000, not recommended for heavy users

Toyota Innova Exterior

Exteriors went through heavy upgrades and thanks to them the new Innova looks stunning. Headlamps are made little more angular where the signal lamps are little bit protruding. Fog lamps are made oval with improvements made on the front grille.  Toyota Innova front grille consists of 3 chrome plate slats. The side has been made a little curvy. Improvements are also made on the tail lamps. In addition of that,the tinted windows and now flare wheels adds life to the design. Toyota`s amazing ground clearance makes it the perfect multi role and utility vehicle.

New Toyota Innova

Toyota Innova New

Toyota Innova Price List

Diesel Variants

  • 5L EV PS W/O 8 BSIII 9.5 Lac
  • 5L EV PS W/O 7 BSIII 9.5 Lac
  • 5L EV PS W/O 8 9.7 Lac
  • 5L EV PS W/P 7 10 Lac
  • 5L EV PS 8 BSIII 10.2 Lac
  • 5L EV PS 7 BSIII 10.3 Lac
  • 5L EV PS 8 BS IV 10.3 Lac
  • 5L EV PS 7 BS IV 10.3 Lac
  • 5L ZX 7 Seats 15 Lac
  • 5L ZX 7 BSII 14.8 Lac
  • 5L VX 8 BS IV 14.5 Lac
  • 5L VX 7 BS IV 14.4 Lac
  • 5L VX 8 Seats 14.2 Lac
  • 5L VX 7 Seats 14 Lac
  • 5 LE 2014 8 Seats 13 Lac
  • 5L LE Diesel 8 BSII 12.5 Lac
  • 5L GX 8 Seats BS IV 12.4 Lac
  • 5L GX 7 Seats 12.3 Lac
  • 5L GX 8 Seats 12.1 Lac
  • 5L G 8 Seats BS IV 11 Lac
  • 5L G 7 Seat BS IV 10.9 Lac
  • 5L G 8 Seats 10.5 Lac
  • 2.5L G 7 Seats 10.4 Lac

Petrol Variants

  • 0L G (8 Seats) BS IV 10 Lac
  • 0L GX (8 Seats) BS IV 11.5 Lac
  • 2.0L VX (7 Seats) 13.5 Lac

Toyota Innova Interior

Two words for the Toyota Innova interior; Stunning and Elegant, No doubt the new Innova is more stylish than ever but it`s also comfortable!  The seats are designed keeping long distance travel in mind. As Toyota Innova is an Compact MUV, therefore it`s majorly used for long trips and comfortable seating is a must. The thing which I liked the most is Innova comes in both 7 seat and 8 seat options. The plastic under beige has been colored and the dashboard is single toned only.

Steering and gear are leather upholstered but Toyota got a bit techy with the royalty. Yes, now we have an advanced graphic display instrument on the panel. Seat covers come in dual tunes and they are made up of high quality material. Wood finish also impressed me luggage area is big enough. What more can we get at this price?

Toyota Innova General Specifications

Diesel Variants

  • 2494 cc Displacement
  • 5 Speed Manual Gearbox
  • 12.99 KM Mileage

Petrol Variants

  • 1990 cc Displacement
  • 5 Speed Manual Gearbox
  • 11.5 KM Mileage

Toyota Innova Engine and Performance

Introduced Toyota Innova petrol and Diesel Versions, there are only 3 petrol variants where the diesel variants are up to 20.  Toyota Innova Petrol variants are installed with 1TR FE, 2.0L 4 cylinder engine which is combined with Electronic Fuel Injection Tech. On the other hand, Diesel versions are installed with 2.5L 2KD FTV engine with both turbochargers and intercoolers. Toyota Innova Diesel variants come with a displacement of 2494cc where the petrol versions are equipped with 1998cc Displacement. Petrol versions can make 11.5 KM per liter where the diesel versions can climb up to 13 km/L. Diesel Variants can produced max power of 102 at 3600 rpm with torque of 200 NM at 1400-3400 RPM. Petrol is capable of producing max power of 132 PS at 5600 rpm with max torque of 181 NM at 4000 rpm.

Toyota Innova is comfortable to drive. To be honest, we are impressed with the diesel engine. No power lag and acceleration where you need it the most. Quiet but beasty, this car has its power tapped even at high gear. Capable of handling bad terrain very well. My guess is Toyota made the Innova keeping both the Indian roads and customers in mind.

Toyota Innova Competitors

The Bottom Line

No doubt it`s been a hit since it was first introduced! Well, it seems like the old warhorse enjoyed some modifications. Yes, instead of over boarding with heavy changes in innova design, the car has maintained its sensible design theme which suits it well. Combining with 2.0 L for Petrol and 2.5 L for Diesel, it’s a beacon of Jap Automotive Reliability. No matter what you expect, Innova will never be clueless. After all, it`s made as one of the strongest contenders in the market!


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