Toyota Fortuner 2.5D: The Art of Power in Compact SUV Diesel Engine in only 3.2 Lac

I firmly believe you had no idea that Toyota Fortuner will manage itself to still remain the bestselling privately own SUV. To be honest, it`s just a Hilux with additional seats and a closed load bed.  In Dec 12, the world first saw entry of 2.5 diesel at price range of 3 lac which made the range even more attractive. But after the introduction of Toyota Fortuner 2.5D, things got a little bit different. In order to predict what`s about to happen, we should take our time!

First Look at Toyota Fortuner 2.5D

Good news for Fortuner Fans, it`s not only the facelift but introduction of a whole new product.  Toyota Fortuner 2.5D is not something just shiny with curves buts it’s the revised fascia of a long running bestseller. For a new entry level, it’s a 2.5D 4D with rear drive with mere price tag of 3.2 Lac. Capable of producing 106 BHP with 343 NM torque, no surprise Toyota`s rival will heaving a sight of despair. The thing I loved about this ride is it`s no A plus one vehicle stand, this something which happens only with lots of diesel. Therefore, it have enough flywheel to allow itself for smooth pull away.

At the start, I would like to say it`s not carrying all the expected fancy features. But still, I managed to win hearts all over. You will get everything you need from manual air con unites to audio player with USB and Aux options. Two air bags are installed for your safety and you will have plenty of buttons on steering wheel. Five alloy rims with both ABS and EBD tech, I say it’s a pretty interesting car to drive.


1.5L diesel engine is capable of producing 343NM Torque as its more beasty brothers like 3D and 4D. but the Lack of power 106 BHP is what`s stopping this car to beat its competition.  In addition, the lag in turbo when combined with a 4 speed auto gear is also not leaving a good mark.  With that being said, I would also take my time to say it’s a good combo. Just a little effort is needed to work on these kinks and Toyota Fortuner 2.5D is all prepared to rule the highways.

As long as Toyota Fortuner engine is alive, you have to be careful about overtaking as the power and torque offered here is not enough. However, it`s ideal for lifestyle driving. If you are not planning to go off road or running onto rough terrain, I say you have plenty of power in your hand. As for the mileage, this compact SUV makes 7 Km/L in the city where you can almost make 10Km/L on the highway.

The Experience

Overall the Drive is ok but thanks to the black thickness on 17 incher Rims, you won`t shake and dash. Driving on a raised chassis doesn`t roll in corners as I expected. Comfortable on side roads as sit it soaks anything on its way. I have to say it’s a job well done on behalf of impressive communication between Steering and Brakes which makes a drive a pleasure.


Yes, the second most important thing about a car! Toyota Fortuner 2.5D looks no different from its expensive alternatives. However, I have to say I am not a big fan of aftermarket installments on update. Interior is now trimmed down to the minimum and the seats are not leather anymore. Yes, they are made of fabric. Apart from the seating, we now have manual aircon and electric windows.

I am surprised to see the Cressida Clock and computer back from 1996 still at dashboard. In addition of these two old timers, we will have AUX and USB ports as well. Good thing there is enough room for bottles and cups in addition of center console arm rest. To be honest, I will say it`s just typical Toyota with just darker cream plastic. Everything feels strong just as we expect from Toyota.


If you are a family man, you will love the versatility of this ride even after it only support 7 seats. Going into details, second row folds and rolls forward while the third row folds down from roof. As the third row gets down from roof, therefore it requires a bit effort to do so.  The second row folds forward for easy access and can roll forward to provide the third row even more leg space. This is something we missed in Trailblazer. The best part is, we now get to Toyota Fortuner Interior completely separate air conditioning units for rear passengers.

As for the safety, you will be glad to know Fortuner 2.5 is now featuring ABS with addition of EBD. In addition of these two, Vehicle Stability Control is also included. To its own despise, Fortuner is missing curtains and side airbags.

Final Take

As the entry level, Toyota Fortuner 2.5D is very spacious, 7 seats and tough on rough terrains.  Now you don`t need the 4×4 D 4D anymore and save yourself about 100K. Being spacious, the Toyota Fortuner interior is also somewhat bare bony because it`s not easy to park without sensors. Cruise control is also missing and spare tires are not easy to access for ladies. However, Fortuner is an attractive ride to drive off road with the features it offers at this price range. With its ground clearance, spaciousness, eating and safety features. I have to say it`s hard to no to it!

A Word for Critics

If you are one of those who want more than the needs? It`s your choice but if you prefer Sports Utility Vehicles on behalf on their design, you will soon realize that the basic luxury is great. After that, you need dependability with service back up plans. These features are followed by affordable price and easy resale with enough power and good handling. Remember, too many extra features can be a headache when you push them too much. At the end, I will just say Toyota Fortuner 2.5D can be a bit boring but it`s an ideal car to drive.

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