Toyota Etios Cross Born with Attitude in India – Overview

With launch of new Toyota Etios Cross, the company is now prepared for the tough and ever growing competition of compact SUV segment. Developed on the Etios (sedan) platform, the Etios cross is the muscular, sporty and rugged version everybody wanted. Titled as the Toyota`s first crossover, this under 4 meter car comes in both petrol and diesel variants. With its new features and bad guy looks, no doubts it`s all prepared to take on rivals like VW Cross Polo and Fiat Awentura.

Making a proper hatchback and installing it with some shiny features doesn’t land you a perfect car!  It’s a misunderstanding going on for years and somehow, people fall for these. Recently, these hatchback tuned crossovers witnessed a downfall in their sales, namely the failures of VW Cross Polo and Skoda Fabia Scout. But will the new Toyota Etios survive. Time to find out!

Well Toyota has launched a introductory video featuring Etios Cross which is worth seeing and in a while humorous. Watch here.

Etios Cross Specs:

Petrol Versions

  • G 1.2L 5.7 Lac
  • V 1.5L 7.3 Lac

Diesel Versions

  • GD 1.4L 6.9 Lac
  • VD 1.4L 7.4 Lac

Toyota Etios Cross Engine

Under the rugged hood, you will find a beast. With new Etios cross, you get three engine options. These engine options are also available with the Liva hatchback. These options are disclosed below.


Engine Options

For Petrol

1496cc 4 Cylinder DOHC

  • 90 PS at 5600
  • 132 NM Torque at 3000 RPM
  • 5 Speed Manual

1197cc 4 Cylinder DOHC

  • 80 PS at 5600 RPM
  • 104 NM Torque at 3100 RPM
  • 5 Speed Manual Gearbox

For Diesel

1364cc 4 Cylinder D4D

  • 68 PS at 3800
  • 170 Nm Torque at 2400 rpm
  • 5 Speed Manual

Toyota Etios Cross Mileage

As for the mileage, diesel variant can drive up to 16.5 km/L while the petrol variants can make 17 km/L (electronic fuel injection) and 23.5 (SOHC).

The Juice

Don’t get me wrong now! I am only referring to the power of this Toyota Etios Cross beasty Crossover. Equipped with 4 cylinder 1.5L petrol engine, this variant can produce 88 BHP at 5600 rpm with yield of 132 NM torque at 3000 rpm. The other variant of petrol version is powered by 1.2L DOHC which can churn out max power of 78 BHP at 5600 rpm with max torque of 104 Nm at 3100 rpm. For the diesel version, we get a 1.4 liter diesel engine with SOHC valve configuration. This setup unleashes max power of 67 bhp at 3800 rom and delivers 170 NM Torque at 2400 rpm.


The 1.5L engine can reach 0-100 in just 11 seconds while topping the max speed of 150 Km/h. The 1.2L is a bit perkier when it comes to acceleration. This variant can zoom 0-100 in 14 seconds and it can reach the top speed of 145 Km/h.  But the diesel version here is somewhat peppier and with its 1.4L engine, it can accelerate 0-100 in 18 seconds while attaining the max speed of 160 KM/H.


The drive in Toyota Etios is well sorted at low speeds; this car glides over potholes with just a muted thud. However, the Handling however is better in Liva as it has shorter wheelbase. However it may get somewhat jittery and unsettled when driving on high speeds.

Front wheels are installed with ventilated disc brakes where the rear has been equipped with drum brakes. These drum brakes are assisted by anti-lock braking system which is combined with electronic brake force distribution.

Toyota Etios Cross Interior

The Toyota Etios Cross interior designed has been inspired from Liva hatchback. However, the seating`s quite different.  Toyota has installed comfortable seating which is made with top quality upholstery. Surprisingly, this rugged is also a bit darker as it features a piano black color scheme on inside. In addition, company decided to give some glossy black finish on door panels as well as central console. Despite the black delight, a silver treatment has been awarded to spoke steering wheel.

The dashboard is equipped with advanced gadgets such as improve music system, air conditioning units and other such control units. The new Etios also comes with utility base features such as cup holders, bottle holders, power outlets and etc. the air conditioning unit filters air as well. The external wing mirrors turn indicators and all windows are powered. The head rests at front and rear are adjustable along with height of the driver seat.

New Toyota Etios Cross Features

  • ABS along with EBD
  • Dual Front Airbags
  • Electric Power Steering with Tilt Adjust options
  • Height Adjustable Seats
  • 2 DIN Audio along with USB, Aux and Bluetooth


  • Great Mileage
  • Comfortable seating with satisfying legroom
  • Robust Exterior


  • No powerful Updates, same engine of Liva
  • Demands High Maintenance
  • ABS and Airbags are not included in the Petrol Variants

Toyota Etios Cross Exterior

Being straight forward, Toyota Etios Cross is somewhat cooler than its identical twin Liva. Well the credit goes to diamond cut alloy rims, car badges and side moldings of plastic. No doubt it’s a good looker but somehow it failed to add the sportive ground clearance featured in Liva.  Being more rugged and having more off road experience, Cross Etios now have a new grill guard, distinctive claddings on its sides and a bold front. Single split black grill along with its vertical stacks are redesigned and therefore are completely different from the smiley ones featured in Liva.

The fog lamps have also received silver casing. The new version of Etios cross comes with silver finishing roof rails. As for the sides, the chunky black claddings improves the muscular look.  However, the rear remains almost the same but for boot lid. The boot lid now gets a cross moniker. Roof mounted spoilers with turn indicators and defoggers are key features of this upgraded version. The sporty cosmetics in the end, made it a unique crossover.  The thing which I loved the most was Toyota boldly placed company at the center of front grill, at heart of the face guard. This gave the Etios crossover tough look it deserved.

Final Take

At first sight, the Cross doesn`t seem like a proper crossover. With added features of Liva and better interior, these cars tried their luck in India before and it didn`t turned out well for them. Overseeing this fact, Toyota has modified Etios cross to make sure its stands in Indian market. Well the upgrades are good but we can`t say anything as Indian market is different from Europe and especially States.

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