Skoda Octavia VRS Review: The Decent and Durable Just Got Aggressive!

The Czech Auto Manufacturer Skoda has already made its mark in the Indian Market. Well thanks to their premium products at affordable price and maintenance. No one couldn’t resist them. No doubt the feeling is awesome when someone in Mercedes or BMW glaze back at you knowing you are in something ¼ of what they have paid for.  Octavia is a successful flagship for Skoda, it`s known for decency and reliability. Well it`s high time for Skoda to add some Sportiness into it. Keeping that in mind, the new Skoda Octavia at price of 18-23 lakhs can provide your both aggressiveness and Speed!

UK Teaser:


The interior quality manages to satisfy our needs. A solid feel which can be only found in standard cards, however, the Skoda is even cheaper than Golf GTI as it lacks the appreciable touches of VW. Decent for the first look, Sport front seats which are both supportive and comfortable for long drives.  The VRS have been adjusted a bit lower in order to give a sportier feel. Featuring a new steering rack which improves the look, In addition, the electronic Differential lock XDS also gives mechanical diffs.

The different driving modes, Eco, Normal and Sports can be easily selected via VRS button on center console offers sharp throttle, heavy steering and proper sound synthesizer. All these features are modified and selected on behalf of their specified driving mode.


For those who loved the Lancer Evolution X, Skoda Octavia VRS is more like its European sibling. However there are some notable alternations. The first one is decency while the second one is luxury. For an entry level luxury sedan, the new Octavia VRS is quite impressive.

Featuring Small design as the standard but with a sportier approach, the Skoda Octavia VRS Exterior is now equipped with black head lamps, a bit sportier bumper with mess grill. Apart from that, Fog lamps have also been modified.

Skoda Octavia vRS

Skoda Octavia vRS

For the side profile, Octavia VRS resembles the standard but with sporty alloy wheels and bit bigger tires, it`s something edgy.  For the rear, we have dual quad exhausts with rear wing installed directly on the boot. With all these features, the Octavia has become bigger than its rivals such as Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus. In a way, Skoda is now pushing the size of Mondeo and Passat. I liked to mention that the LED lights and new bumpers make this car look it means business!


Engine and Performance

Two engine options the 2.0 L TSI I4 for Petrol and 2.0 L TDI I4 for diesel.  The petrol version is 4 cylinders turbocharge which is capable of outputting a max power of 220 BHP while the diesel turbocharged engine can max power at 184 BHP. As for the transmission, we have 6 speed manual standards, however a 6 speed dual Clutch DSG is optional. The same engine specs are going to be launched in India. It has been confirmed by officials.  The VRS can go 0-60 Mph in 7 seconds.

Fizzy acceleration is good and with consistent provision of power, the delivering is effortless. The diesel version is not as aggressive as the petrol but it`s smooth and comfortable to drive. Fuel economy is appreciable keeping in mind that it’s a powerhouse. With both engines provided by none other than VW itself, the Skoda Octavia VRS performance is expected to be up the bar. Enough of the performance, time for some speed. As claimed by the manufacturers, this car can go up to 158 Km/h (pretty swift for a luxury sedan). With all being said, we hope the suspensions are also tuned for aggressively sportier performance!


  • Traditional European Styling
  • Premium Build Quality
  • Luxurious and High quality interior
  • Wide array of options
  • Black Head Lamps create an impression
  • High tech DSG providing lightning fast up-shifts
  • All variants are well equipped (Electric seats, Bi-Xeon Lights, Panoramic Sunroof and Etc.)
  • Spacious compared to standard version
  • Sportier Upgrades look good


  • Diesel and 1.4 L Petrol comes with Torsion Beam Suspension
  • 4 L TSI Petrol have turbo lags at low Rpm
  • Features such as smart keyless entry and alloy rim spare are missing
  • 8 L TSI doesn’t come with manual transmission
  • Long term durability issues of DSG Automatic
  • Unsatisfying after sale services

Additional Features

Skoda is see as a budget brand who can`t afford the German Big Three.  This brand has transformed itself into something that people will buy according to its merits. Along with the Brits, Skoda has established itself as one of the most desired brands. VRS on its behalf is a performance oriented sub brand Skoda dedicated to Speed Freaks.  Impressively, the Octavia now comes with Anti-Theft system with remote central locking. The security features are also covering boos.  As for Entertainment, we have touch screen interface as standard. This delivers a bit modern and refined feeling to the car.

Being the sportier version of a standard, Octavia VRS is also impressive on other accounts. Large screen rectifies the issues. The entertainment system also features a USB input socket along with Bluetooth being made standard.  Parking sensors are also added. With both audible and visual assistance, parking in tight corners was never made this easy. As for the exterior, the wheelbase has been extended to provide ample room inside. Head room is also satisfying. The boots are heavier as compared to class and they have been damped to cover the engine noise. Tailgate in rear also makes a great addition.

Final Word

In the end, Skoda Octavia VRS is simply outstanding as the material, equipment and performance is best for its price. The reason why we all fall in love with Skoda is its line of decent engines with low maintenance coming in an attractive package. If you are looking for a robust and comfortable means of transport, nothing can beat the Octavia VRS for its Price. It`s as good on roads as its on first glance. One thing is for sure, no one could have made cheaper rival of Volkswagen Passat at price of Golf.

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