Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 User Review

We are back with an exciting review on one of the most popular Muscle Bike, the Royal Enfield Thunderbird. This 350cc cruiser style motorcycle has its own reputation on the streets. If you are a Bad-Ass Muscle Guy, a young Politician or in the Protective Forces, Royal Enfield – Thunderbird suits your style. Before we go deep let’s have a look at its specs.


Thunderbird 350

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350

[ Image credits: Royal Enfiels official website ]

The Royal Enfield Thunderbird is a cruiser motorcycle. Long rides across cities or states is very comfortable in this motorcycles. The Royal Enfield Thunderbird is a very unique motorcycle, it has the rare, historic or say the classic looks and a very modern engine. When it comes to power and fuel efficiency, the Royal Enfield – Thunderbird is a perfect balance. It has 350cc engine having a typical sound which lets everyone around know that the Royal Enfield – Thunderbird is passing-by. This motorcycle is partially heavy, so it’s advisable that skinny guys should avoid Royal Enfield –Thunderbird. One of the main feature of this motorcycle is that “Girls are attracted towards it”. Also, few people think it’s a symbol of muscularity. Royal Enfield – Thunderbird is not off-roading motorcycle so beware. While you can’t off-road this magnificent machine, you can surely take various snapshots with it. The thrill provided by Royal Enfield – Thunderbird is unmatchable.

There are many clubs in the Countries dedicated to Royal Enfield – Thunderbird. For these clubs, riding this two wheeler monster is everything. All the members of the clubs who are also the owners of Royal Enfield – Thunderbird meets thrice or quarterly a year at a particular destination for a Showdown and then all of them rides together to another place just like a rally. The Royal Way.

To complete, Royal Enfield Thunderbird is a milestone of motorcycle history and one should be proud to own it. It’s a luxury on two wheels. If you have craze for classic and muscle motorcycles, this is what you need. Stay tuned for more posts and do post your views.

Author: Mit Dave

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