Renault Duster Facelift with a Power Boost

The cute Renault Duster got face lifted. Well it was high time for some notable changes. Good news is, the changes are not only limited as for cosmetics, the power-train have also enjoyed some improvements. But are these improvements worthy of swapping the old dusty with the new ones on behalf of looks and performance, time to find out!


If you leave the AWD Trims, the car have not enjoyed much cosmetically upgrades. An all-wheel drive car now got the smoked headlamps which features a dual barrel design. As the trims are now bestowed with head lamp cluster, it`s been powered by halogen lamps and indicators. As for the center, we have radiator grille which have been placed horizontally and enjoyed a lot of chrome.  The front bumper comes in dual tone with black protective cladding.

Renault Duster Facelift

Renault Duster Facelift

Thanks to this, the entire front is emphasized with company`s log which have been embed into the grill. This SUV is on masculine side and the credit goes to carved wheels. With distinctive window frame, the entry variants come with conventional steel whiles while the high ends have been blessed with alloy rim. Rear profile is the same.

However the windscreen is made small. But we loved it as it has been accompanied by third brake light with a wiper. Tailgate is huge and it also enjoyed a lot of chrome. Following in the footsteps of front bumper, the rear bumper also comes in dual tone but it`s ravishingly decorated with reflectors for safety purposes. With all being said, the Renault Duster Exterior appears to be a bit Pony!


Jumping inside, we found that the Renault Duster interior is quite spacious. Well thanks to the long wheelbase. With introduction of brand new AWD trims coming in red and grey schemes. The overall look is complimented by chrome and metal accents. This car has also been blessed with a three pot instrument cluster which features a trendy red dial.

Installed with multi info display featuring external weather and fuel levels, the 4×4 variant comes with leather wrapped steering wheel.To be honest, the interior features a lot of elements found in previous variants. Therefore once again, it was all about the front. Yes the Renault Duster Facelift was all about working some kinks in front. The only attractive thing about Renault Duster Interior is it can host 5 passengers with ease and comfort.

All seats have been designed ergonomically and feature integrated head rests. Interior is covered in high quality material. However the top end variants such as RxZ gets height adjustments with 60:40 of split seating.  Other notable mentions on accounts of interior includes the dual front sun visors, power sockets for accessories, cabin lamps, storage pockets and the drink holders.

Engine and Performance

The Renault Duster comes in both Diesel and Petrol Options. The petrol version features 1.6 L K4M engine with multi facet fuel injection. It’s been based on DOCH configuration and 4 cylinder 16 valves with displacement of 1598 cc. petrol variant is capable of producing max power of 102 BHP with torque of 145 Nm. As for the diesel variant, we have a 1.5 L DCI engine with displacement of 1461 cc. this engine is capable of outputting max power of 83 BHP with 200 NM max torque. Both power horses come with a five speed manual transmission.

Luckily, the recently introduced AWD versions are coming with powerful engine featuring a turbocharger. Thanks to the latest addition in inventory, the trim versions can produce max power of 108 BHP with 248 NM torque.  On the other hand, 4×2 variants are mated with a six speed manual transmission while the 4×4 comes with I Drive shift on fly.


The economy factor is not considered in Sports Utility section but in Indian market, it just as important as the performance of a car. As the diesel version is offered in two different tune options, both of these tunes can go 16 km per liter in city while 20 km/l on highway. As for the petrol variants, we can expect 15-19 Km/l which I say is quite impressive. However the in line 4 cylinder version of petrol can only go to 13 Km/L.


Keeping it short, the petrol version is perkier when it comes to being aggressive. Thanks to the 5 speed gearbox, the Renault Duster can boost to 0-100 km/h in mere 11.5 seconds. The top speed is claimed to be 160km/h. However, no tests have been conducted to prove this claim.

Other Notable Features

My favorite thing about these new SUV is the Media Nav Touchscreen system. Basically it’s an infotainment system which comes in high resolution screen features both control for audio and video. Other than that, it’s the hub for navigation system and Bluetooth system.  Renault Duster Facelift like the previous version also comes with CD player with connectivity ports of USB and AUX in. with all these features, I have to say its entertainment on the go.

Other notable mentions are the roof rails; protective claddings and the grey metal allow wheels. Side moldings are also impressive. Renault once again have done a great job playing with colors, however this time it`s with body decal, additional lamps and the side skirts.

Safety Features

Renault has installed the hydraulic diagonal split dual circuit brakes in Duster Face Lift. The front wheels come with ventilated discs. The braking system is further enhanced by Anti-lock braking with electronic force distribution further aided by emergency assists. However the 4×4 versions are coming with electronic stability with hill hold assists. Impressively, the Renault Duster Facelift featured upgrade for every inch of this sports utility vehicle.

The suspension featured is a bit robust but it successfully improves the stability of this vehicle on uneven roads. The all-wheel drive comes with independent multilink which comes with increased comfort for any road condition. The Renault Duster also comes with hydraulic powered steering system which comes with minimum turning radius of 5.2 meters. A simple glide through Indian traffic that is!

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