New Karizma ZMR Enjoy the Power of Air Cooled Engine

When New Karizma ZMR was launched it was a great revaluation in the Indian sports motorcycles collection. It was one of the enticing design of motorcycle that contains a great engine capacity and powerful Japanese technology. Don’t need to wonder yourself it has a great fame among all of the Karizma collection just because of its outstanding features. The public debut of the Hero Karizma ZMR was made in 2014 Auto Expo so that was a great moment to introduce this kind of unique motorbike in the industry and the bike caught up the public attention.

The new Hero Karizma has a great look and impressive design, as its vertically stacked twin-headlamps are clearly inspiring for the bickers. It would be another fantastic feature for you that is the LED daylight running lamp that will defiantly attract your eyeballs. If we compare the design of new Karizma ZMR with the old one the look of new version is highly impressive and it has amanaged shape for comfortable ride.

The all-digital parts of the bike will highly impressive for you that included, tachometer, speedometerodometer, fuel gauge, trip meter and real- time fuel efficiency indicator. You will be surely impressed with its switch gear quality that gives you very easy options to change the gears of your bikes. I am sure the look of this website will surely appealing for you, below is the technical review of this outstanding bike that will tell you the perfect specification of Karizma ZMR.


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Karizma ZMR Weight and Engine

The weight of Karizma ZMR is 157 kg and is pushed by a 223 cc, air-cooled, 4-stroke, single pipe OHC engine with automatic fuel inoculation. In standings of power of the bike the engine generates a supremeproduction of 14.9 KW with 8000 rpm and 19.7 Nm of rotation at 6500 rpm. These powerful specs of this bike gives you to enjoythe maximum speed of 129 Kmph.

New Karizma planned FI engine with oil cooler that will give you better ride with the new generation programmed FI engine. The 16 Bit ECU processor technology which is enable to scans the engine’s environment with a hi-tech sensors and let you know about the next level of performance of the bike when you will be driving it on maximum speed.

The full chain case swapped by a half that will raid away practicality because of aesthetics. You will surely enjoy the quality ride with excellent features as the new Karizma ZMR being a comfortable bike for long rides and confidently you will have a great grip to stop the bike with enough stopping power at both ends. The weight of this bike is 157 kgs, but the design and easy to handleparts of ZMR will never let you feel its weight and you can easy change the direction of the bike without any hesitation.

The same foundations do duty on the efficient Karizma ZMR, on the other hand the diamond frame design of new Karizma ZMR would not be best for handling but the bike does offer improved diminuendos, that give at least 2 kgs reduction in weight with the wider tires.

Sitting Positions

The seating position of Karizma ZMR lookssportierwhen a rider puts his hands on the handle bars and gives convenient rev the way he wants to ride on his desired speed. Previously we have seen the lots of bikes that don’t have comfortable sitting position behind the rider but KarizmaZMR design is more comfortable well cushioned.

Speed Performance

ZMR possesses maximum torque power when rolling the first point of the acceleration and it gives an amazing power without generating any annoying vibration that could disturb the first boost of the rider. There is a little feeling of vibration when revving through 25Kmph but still that comes in foot pegs other than the typical power bike does. Test driving experts noted the maximum highway speed 129km per hour but the mileage proficiency falls at 37Kmph in the city that can be increased 40Km on a highway.

Technical Specification Highlights


  • Type: Air cooled, 4- stroke single cylinder OHC, Fuel Injection, Oil Cooler
  • Displacement: 223 cc
  • Power: 14.9 kW (20 BHP) @ 8000 rpm
  • Torque: 19.7 N m @ 6500 rpm
  • Speed: 129 kmph


  • Front: Telescopic Hydraulic Shock Absorbers
  • Rear: Swing Arm with 5 Step Adjustable GRS System

Wheels &Tyres

  1. Rim Size Front: 18 x 1.85, AI Cast Wheel
  2. Rim Size Rear: 18 x 2.15, AI Cast Wheel
  3. Tyre Size Front: 80 / 100 x 18 – 47 P Tubeless
  4. Tyre Size Rear120 / 80 x 18 – 62 P Tubeless


  • Battery: 12 V – 7 Ah, MF – Wet Battery
  • Head Lamp: 12 V -35 W / 35W – Halogen bulb (Dual Head Light)


  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 15.3 Litre
  • Kerb Weight: 157 kg


  • Front Brake: Disc, Dia 276 mm
  • Rear Brake Disc: Disc Dia 240 mm

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