Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG Review: A Great Leap for Crossovers

AMG GmbH Simply regarded as AMG is the high performance division of Benz. Luckily for car spouses out there, this division is only dedicated for luxurious sports. So say your bye byes now! Made for improving the overall performance of its parent company, Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG has also done some magic with Pagani and Aston Martin while serving Mercedes as it’s main.

This group is known for creating some of the best sports car in history. However with the introduction of New GLA 45 AMG, this division has once again proved its credibility.  Yes the new luxury compact is now on roads and lucky for us, we got our hands on one. comparing its feature with its price and competitors in markets, let`s see what this Mercedes crossover have in mind for us!

Mercedes Benz GLA45 AMG

Mercedes Benz GLA45 AMG

Introduction to GLA AMG

With competitors like Audi and BMW already extending Compact Crossover section with introducing X1 and Q3, Mercedes Benz need to step up in case it wants to profit from this section. Introducing its GLA AMG in upcoming years, the fifth addition is made and it might take entry at best utility vehicle list anytime. As the world is keen to see what the GLA 250 might do next year.

We had some time to kill and therefore got our hands on the sportier GLA 45 AMG. Being the smallest crossover in the brand, it’s hardly the size of Hyundai Tucson. Separating itself from the bulkier GLK Crossover series, GLA on other hand features a rather swift and sporty look which pleased us all. The aerodynamics played a vital role for improving this cars performance as well as looks. With mirror housing, roof lip spoiler, molded tail lamps and underbody trays, no doubt this car has been designed for ultimate efficiency.

Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMGEngine

Following the footsteps of CLA, GLA comes with a choice of 3.0 liter Turbocharged 4 Cylinder Engine in mild or wild state tuning. Required to test the fastest and sportiest what we have now in GLA. Luckily I got my hand GLA 45 AMG which is well equipped and comes with a bit potent engine. While pumping out 26 PSI pressure via cylinder walls, this beast is capable of producing 355 BHP Max Power with 332NM Max torque.

Compared to the CLA 45 AMG we had last year, the high pressure is more like rocket engine. Seriously, we now can expect excessive amount of torque from modest sized engines. However the turbo lags are kept in check with GLA systems build a bit quicker.  The aggressive 4 cylinder emits via a 2 stage exhaust system. This clearly states that the New GLA 45 AMG is the real deal. Being the lousiest sounding engine in its entire family, still it carries the same bark when it comes to shift gear.

Unfortunately, we only got one gearbox option with this AMG. It’s the Seven Speed Dual Clutch. To make things even worse, it`s dubbed as Speed Shift Seven Speed DCT. As we know, it’s not a good gearbox. Still carrying the easily noticed lag from dead stop despite whatever your driving mode, this leads to low speed driving into something jerky.

A 4 wheel drive with introduction of 4MATIC tech featuring front to rear torque distribution! Another dislike, even with the AMG this GLA is still a front wheel drive unless there`s a slip. Things are even worse in the slip as only 50% of total power can be sent to the rear wheel. However when all wheels are on road, no one can feel the difference or lag in power distribution. Something to give thumbs up!

With all these Gifts, the GLA45 AMG Engine can make you climb 0-60 MPH in just 5 seconds. With the overall weight being 3,400 lbs, this car is impressively 23 MPG in city while 29 MPG on highway.

Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG Interior

As we can expect from a baby crossover, the GLA 45 AMG Interior has typical Mercedes luxury options such as leather seats, the matte wooden trim along with galvanized metallic and optional carbon fiber accents. In addition of these, the newest safety and entertainment tech are also installed within this hunk.

The first GLA AMG comes with Ricardo Front Seats which are well recognized for their support and versatility. However, these may not be fit for all body types. Having only 34 inch rear legroom even 6 feet tall men can adjust in unless there is a panoramic sunroof. This sunroof is responsible for drastically decreasing the headroom. As for a GLA Size, cargo hatch is quite useful as compared to how much spacious it might look!

What makes it Difference from Other Crossovers?

Naming it a Crossover can be a bit stretchy! it’s more like the GLA 250 which was better known as passenger truck. However the AMG variant is better classified. The credit goes to lowered suspension with aerodynamic add on. These add on help placing the bumpers low enough for helping it avoid classified as a truck. Therefore from the front factory, we will have a side and rear privacy glass which we seemed to miss in this new Crossover.

GLA 45 AMG Design plays a vital role for separating it from other compact crossovers. Taking the shrikes for making this vehicle, the vehicle is quiet on inside while it`s roar under the hood. The doors are also enjoying an upgrade well thanks to the thicker glass and stronger seals.

In the End

It’s a Stepping stone to greatness for Mercedes Benz Crossovers. With models like the New GLA 45 AMG, this company will sure create lifelong customer base. As far as we are concerned about the price tag, it`s impressively placed at just $49,000. Although we can`t deny the fact that this is not as great as other AMG in the line. Still it`s money well spent!

If Benz continues these efforts, in short time they will enjoy the same success as they did with CLA. Yes another sell of ton and increasing the stale of company in ever ending Luxury and performance race.

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