Mercedes-Benz CLA Review, what’s new in store

The one part of German Big Three following the trend of its other competitors such as BMW and Audi, is now seems focused on introducing a bit affordable range with better economy while carrying all the features Mercedes Benz is known for. Well the answer is CLA Class! This line up is basically compact four doors which have been equipped with Mercedes luxury and performance features.

CLA 250 Teaser:

The whole lineup is based on W176 A class and W246 B Class. These were first launched at January 2013 in the North American International Auto Show. One September it went viral and on sale. So without wasting much time, here is everything you want to know about the CLA class.

The Concept

The first model under code of C117 of Mercedes-Benz CLA was shown at 2013 North American International Auto Show. This unveil was followed by the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin. Apart from that, unveil continued to 2013 New York International Auto Show as well as the 2013 Osaka Motor Show. Considering all this, a virtual car set for 2014 was shown at 2013 Canadian International Auto Show. Carrying on some similar models was shown at the 2013 New Your International Auto Show.

Seeing all this, the Mercedes-Benz CLA made everyone look through special display which was shown at project car which was on rotating platform. All the unveil vehicles were set to hit the market in September 2013. The early line-up included names of CLA 180 (and the Blue EFFICIENCY Edition), CLA 200, CLA 220 CID and CLA 25O. The Mercedes-Benz CLA claimed itself as the most aerodynamic vehicle in production.

In short time, the CLA Class managed to beat the Tesla Model S. Adding up, the Car and Driver Magazine Questioned Mercedes abilities as compared to the Tesla Models. At this moment, the Mercedes-Benz CLA lineup is most affordable luxury and sport models in United States being offered by Daimler AG.

Mercedes-Benz CLA

2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA

[ Image Credits: and Mercedes-Benz Company ]


Introductory Lineup

  • CLA Edition 1

The earliest line up of Mercedes-Benz CLA class included 180, 200, 220 CDI and 250. At start all these came with Bi Xenon Head lamps and 4 inline engine. The starting price was from $30,000-$40,000.

  • CLA 180 Blue EFFICIENCY Edition

The economic version of CLA 180, The CD value was 0.22. As for the cosmetics, the A Pillar was adapted with A Pillar Geometry. Introduction of Neon Art Interior with ARTIC0 and 3 Spoke Multi-function sports steering was made here. These were only available for 12 months.

  • CLA 200 Concept

This is the Mercedes-Benz CLA 200 which came with GmBH equipment. In addition, it also came up with the Road & Track decal. The exterior was made with extensive use of carbon fiber. Night package was also introduced which came with black window supports and shoulder line along with a 18 inch 5 twin spoke.

  • CLA 45 AMG

The performance oriented variant. This High performance Mercedes-Benz CLA model was made with corporation of Mercedes AMG. The CLA 45 shared elements with the previous AMG models such as drivetrain of A45 AMG. This model came with an AMG 2.0L 4 inline engine with scroll turbocharger.

  • CLA 45 AMG Edition 1

The Edition 1 model included new red accents on front grill and wing mirrors. In addition, it also included a Night Package and AMG Sport Stripes. Optional included Light system with red accent on head lamps, Multi Spoke AMG Alloy in Matt Black with AMG Hub Caps. These also featured a center looking lock.

Present Lineup

The present line up only includes two models. These models are Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 and CLA45 AMG. The lineup starts at $30,000 while keeping the German Beer Purity law intact. Both of these are 4 door sedans with the CL45 AMG being performance Oriented. So without making more haste, both of these models are detailed below!

  • Mercedes-Benz CLA 250

Recently the addition of CLA250 coupe has been made alongside the four door option. This coupe is said to become the entry level variant. Apart from that it might replace the current Mercedes-Benz CLA250 as the most affordable Benz.Designing on both accounts of exterior and interior is unique and what say ravishing. Heading into details, we will start with the engine and performance. The new Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 engine is a 20.L Turbo Direct Injection 4 Cylinder. This lets the car produce max horse power of 208 BHP with torque of 258 lb. The 0-100 km/h time is 6.9 seconds.

As for transmission, we have a 7 speed DCT Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission. The other notable features include names of adaptive braking tech with attention assist. The collision prevention assists with eco start are made standard. Keeping the trends in mind, Mercedes also installed the daytime running lights and rain sensor.

The optional features as we all are aware of them includes the names of 4MATIC All Drive with 4 wheel electronic traction system. Other features are lane keeping assist, Distronic Plus with Blind sport assist.


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