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Mahindra is an first Indian company to launch a powerful SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) car, which drove on off roads, at a low price.

It is a compact mid-sized size vehicle with four wheel drive and a capacity of 7 seats. The vehicle was launched in the Indian market on October 4, 2010. The Thar has been voted as being one of the best  SUV’s.  Three variants-DI 2WD, DI 4WD and CRDe are currently available, with soft top version. All you need is your Mahindra Thar and the road ahead of you.

Mahindra Thar

Mahindra Thar


Mahindra Thar has an unique identity, and the tough steel body guarantees extended durability.

There are two types of models CRDe and DI, both differ in core features. CRDe is more advanced and equipped with latest technology so one may prefer it in place of DI.

In advanced CRDe engine technology, performance combines with the economy without polluting the environment. And the Drive-by-wire technology aids in quicker and controlled throttle response.

The LSPV brakes aid prevents the wheel lock up and loss of control.

Then from the view of safety, Thar is equipped with powerful 9 inch booster with disk brakes in the front and drum in rear wheels. High or low ratio for all superior weather and terrain traction.

Now from the point of view about comfort and convenience, the CRDe model comes with the factory fitted A.C and heater for the next off road destination of you to reach in comfort. The independent front suspension gives a smooth ride and better handling. And the integral power steering is often known for stress free drive and parking.

Feel the wind in your hair by removable top.

The legendary design gives off-road capability. It comes with a Borg Warner 4 wd system. Mahindra Thar Tackles toughest of situations and terrains with 2.48 crawl ratio in low range. High approach and departure angle enables it to climb over impossible obstacles and superior traction is achieved with the help of long travel suspension.


The Mahindra Thar is an attractive option for the adventure lovers and will hit the market due to its excellent features and specification for off road car. Its price range is between between 5 to 8 lakhs, which is cheaper for an SUV model and an off-road car. Its strength is good and is more powerful than the old models of Mahindra such as MM540.

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