KTM 1190 ADVENTURE Review Stunner On and Off Road

Planning to take a hike on dirt? What you want to afford a brand new dirt bike for it? Surprised to know you’ve become the Dickinson Moneyworth VIII. Even if you have extra scratch you want to get rid of with a bike. We are providing you a dual purpose option which will capture your attention. Yes the KTM 1190 ADVENTURE is both a performer and stunner on and off road. So if you are really going to spend something for two wheels. You should first go through this review and make a well informed decision. Its power and safe that`s for sure!

Design and Looks

KTM 1190 ADVENTURE is both versatile and traditional. How come? It`s an adventure bike and made from KTM, it has the agility needed for fast cornering. In addition, it’s traditional with the top notch build quality this brand is known for. Adventure agility comes with dual purpose providing great ride for both on and off road. The latest version is somehow more road biased and it`s handy on dirt. The off road orientation pays well off road.

KTM 1190 Adventure 2013

KTM 1190 Adventure

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Speaking on behalf of its look, the best adventure bike is an attractive built. The styling has been cautiously done by KTM mark. With its distinctive edge deprived from previous designs made by Gerald Kiska and team, the final product does come with conscious designing. Well if nothing, at least this design will put KTM deeper in the mainstream.

On first expression, the KTM 1190 ADVENTURE looks are no different than a typical off road. But paying close attention to the curves and lines. You will spot the difference. It also makes a capable Tourer only if you cared to put in some extras. As for the color, standard scheme is the same KTM cultural. Yes, the Austrian Marque Orange and Grey remains at large.

As per looks, the KTM 1190 ADVENTURE scores 7/10

Possible Rivals

  • Ducati Multistrada 1200S
  • BWM R1200GS
  • Aprilia Caponord 1200

Engine and Performance

Diving straight into the specs, KTM 1190 ADVENTURE engine is a V twin with 1195cc displacement. Liquid cooling which comes from RC8 R along 75 degree DOHC eight valve unit. It`s revamped along with new valve-gear and exhaust. All of these upgrades aimed for improve the low to mid-range performance. All this with a 4 way traction control.  This adjustable traction control does live up the performance of this bike after all. It’s a job well done I would say.

All of these specs put together, the max power will be 150 hp. Keeping the power in mind, the engine is quite flexible and free reviving. Put simple, reviving harder for six speed is what makes this bike storming forward. With this much beef under hood. The best adventure bike can climb up the top seed of 150 km per hour. This was possible with the hydraulic actuated wet clutch. As for the final drive, the KTM made a smart choice giving an X ring Chain. Summing it up, it’s a stunning performer which we all mistake for a low level power well thanks to its compact frame.

Accounting the engine specs and performance, it’s a straight shoot of 8/10

General Specifications

  • Engine: V Twin transverse 75 degree liquid cooled
  • Displacement: 1195 cc
  • Valve Train: DOHC 4 valves
  • Transmission: 6 Speed
  • Clutch: Hydraulically Actuated Wet Clutch
  • Ignition: Fully Electric with digital adjust
  • Brakes: Dual 320 mm discs with 4 piston floating caliper front and single 260 mm 2 piston floating caliper rear, both with C ABS
  • Suspension: WP male Slider Front and WP single shock rear
  • Top Speed: 150 KM/H
  • Mileage: 45 M/G (Expected)
  • Price: $16,500

Ride and Handling

As for the riding position, it`s spacious. What we have here is a relaxed stretch forward which have been slightly released well thanks to the handle bar. It`s quite adjustable. The only problem here is smaller riders won`t be happy with the seating. Instead, they might feel a bit difficulty touching the ground with feet while sitting on it. Among all the attributes of this ride, Excellency and protection are best mentions. The screen can be easily adjusted both horizontally and vertically. But going for the least of it, it`s not one handed as riders make their bikes. So take precaution guys, go easy or go to hospital bed!

Well going with the way chassis is coping with dual purpose, it`s impressive. This bike is lighter as compared to competition in market. Well as for the standard model, at least it`s better than what we had in last time. ABS with 4 piston caliper. It`s pretty good! Both rear and front suspension is WP. They are multi adjustable. Thanks to all these characteristics, this bike makes an ideal companion for both on and off road. After all, the bikes named adventure not street! But for specifics the front have WP make slider suspension and dual 320mm floating discs with opposed radical 4 piston calipers and C ABS. The rear have WP single shock suspension along with single 260m disc with 2 piston floating caliper and the C ABS.

On behalf of the ride, 1190 ADVENTURE deserves a straight 8/10


  • Capability on driving on all terrain
  • Electronic Safety
  • Gauges along with Analogue Tac
  • Great economy
  • Quite Powerful
  • Comfortable Drive
  • Performance Oriented but still smooth ride on low revs


  • Wind Screen not so great
  • Left Hand Signal Control
  • Cleaning Time
  • Air Box Problem
  • Exhaust not so cool
  • Seats are pretty hot!

Final Word

With its sweet blend of power, agility and comfortable handling, its arguable the best adventure bike we ever laid hands on. What else, let`s see it`s sophisticated and perfectly safe. It`s reasonably price and quite convenient even with the optional electronic package. It`s great on all terrains no matter if you are trying it on road or going to hit the dirt. Stylish and aggressive, it`s something you should have in arsenal. Comparing with others in market, its lighter. Considering the power and what price you pay for it, I say it’s a quick grab for bike enthusiasts.

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