KAWASAKI KX450F Horsepower Ride Specs

Want to taste some dirt and power, if you are all prepped. Remember it needs the nerves of steel. In addition of that, to survive in the mayhem. You are going to require the right tools. Speaking of sand and righteousness. We can’t ignore the new KAWASAKI KX450F. Yep the best motocrosser is back. This time the kinks have been worked on. This implies the new version has been improve but is it really worth the price tag of $8 k. well it’s not a big price to pay for dirt 450 cc, but let’s see the facts!

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General Specifications

  • Four Stroke 4 inline 449 cc engine
  • 5 Speed Transmission
  • DOHC with Liquid Cooling
  • Aluminum Frame with DRD Modifications
  • Schrader Valve Pumps with DCI


Design and Looks

Over the past years, KAWASAKI KX450F has established itself as not one of the best motocrosser around. But also a durable off road ride. Well what can we expect more than this mx for plus sized rider? The stiff frame is well proportioned.  This makes the cockpit a bit competent in skilled hands. Still, the majority prefers to ride this bike on off road trails. This is where the Dubach Racing comes in. they have modified the KAWASAKI KX450F to make it even more accommodating to ride on off roads.

Kawasaki KX450F

Kawasaki KX450F

Well as it comes for the DRD fitting, Kawasaki is on the top of line. Yes, the opposed pipes are featuring a spring less design which is a bit header and muffler.  All this needs is plugging into each other! This note is the result of employing metric faster despite of rivets on design. The good thing is they are easy to service. Yes they can be easily removed and placed on. To make things even interesting, the DRD pipe is sounded with the par and a packed stocker for improving the overall performance. All being said, it’s a very well designed bike!

Counting every factor, the KX450F scores a 7 out of 10 for its graphics.

Engine and Performance

Thanks to the decades of riding this carburetor bikes with the worth mentioning EFI tech. going into details, the Throttle response is swift and it`s snappier than ever. Well this was the biggest thing to notice here. After a while, the new KAWASAKI KX450F started to turn laps. Powerful from top to bottom. Perhaps this is the reason that we want to ride high going into RPM range. Well this might be the reason that you can go for lug and get a high gear.

Going deeper in the track, the ride started to swap a bit. It seem that the green DFI module was changed to a black turn and it was completely different thing. The good news is, the power wasn’t reduced but it was delivered in a different manner. Well what we can possibly expect from the expensive pipe which is geared with DFI.

The fact is, this 449 cc bad boy is a four stroke DOHC with liquid cooling. The entire layout is based on Bridge bottom box and it helps for max traction. This powerhouse is mated with a 5 speed transmission. Considering all facts, the DFI does come in handy for better performance.

Considering each detail here, performance-wise this bike scores a 9 out of 10.

Ride and Handling

The first impression of this best motocrosser it’s something close to narrow. As for an average size frame, the sitting is not too tall. With its check of air forks, the special adapter of KAWASAKI KX450F horsepower ride is integrated to charge the spring rate. But the forks do not accept the standard Schrader Valve pump.  The fact is, this little adapter could have been easily integrated among tools when we badly need them.

Going for the jumps, it’s a friendly ride in air. Yes there are no panicking revs as the rear brakes loops out. Despite that, the KAWASAKI KX450F is pretty fast. The ACP is a bit unique for most dirt tracks as it faces some elevation changes which can be felt in the front bottom on down hills with a couple of OJs.

But as it comes to ride on the wet tracks, this bike needs the two clicks on its forks. This small change does the trick for front side. This gets ride of slimming and helps for stabling the ride. However, wet tracks on water on road means a headache for back end start to jump. Another trip is the pits for adjusting the shocks. Otherwise it’s a sweet ride.

As for the adventure, the thrill riding gets an 8 out of 10.

Additional Features

If you don`t mind your ride carrying a few extra pounds that the DRD modifications implemented in best motocrosser will sure impress you. This part of reason is attributed to the low center of gravity well thanks to the japs. The basic kit comes with machined aluminum brackets which help for lowering mounting position on both the radiators. Thanks to this, the bike can be easily steered without getting unstable at high speeds, the chassis however remains a bit composed. A bit more the bike sometimes bike a bit truck line. The credit goes to its ability to blast through obstacles along with minimal shakes.

The KAWASAKI KX450F is made narrow. Thanks to this fact, we can easily get comfortable on this bad body. Time to focus on the ergonomics. There have been some notable improvements. The one is being improving the triple cramps. Apart from this, the japs have also worked to offsetting the mounts. Therefore you are now left with a total of 4 different position. For keeping the end getting somewhat twitchy, there have been some redesigning down in both front and rear forks. Well thanks to it, the ride is much better.

The ergonomics of Kawasaki scores an 8 out of 10.

The Conclusion

No doubt that the new KAWASAKI KX450F is no less than excellent. With its low center of gravity and major focus on weight saving, it’s a nimble and solid bike. A cute looker but this engine is quite powerful and gives a very strong feedback. So if you are looking for some broad rev range, keeping in mind that this bike has been coupled with lightened bits which makes it enjoyable for almost everyone. Despite that, the dial in times for making everything right has worked even better than anyone could have expected. Yes the KAWASAKI KX450F have shown some proverbial lines in sand. Get on it everyone!


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