Jaguar XE Review: Bringing the Baby Back!

Good News, the Baby Jaguar is back! First showed in 2014 Paris Motor show in October and yet the sale prices have been released. A smart move which will confirm plenty of orders till the launch in May 2015. The revealing was no less than impressing, for a 4 seat. The new Jaguar XE is sure aggressive and stylish. But how will it perform in the market, let`s find out!

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After jumping inside the car, we noticed the H-point and door openings allow easy access. Both front and rear doors are impressively wide.  The sitting however is made low in new Jaguar XE but it is not as low as F Type. In addition, this feels a bit lower as compared to rivals considering XF. This is mainly due to cocooning design embedded in the cabin.

Door capping are somewhat sweep at frond and below windshield. Thanks to twin pod hood instrument binnacle in front of driver the bold dials add sportiness to the entire cockpit. We can say that the interior has been inspired by F Type. However if doesn`t have the luxury of a Mercedes even as XE (the one we checked) was better than production quality.

As the dashboard looks minimalist, there are still a couple of useful buttons such as climate control, rotary gear selection and eve the choice of different driving modes. Regretfully, we have to admit that the Jaguar XE interior is not as exciting as the exterior.  But we still have decent space which can allow six foot passenger to seat comfortably in this car. With all being said, time to move to outdoor styling.



The design team led by none other than Mercurial LAN Callum created sleek, sporty but slightly conserved exterior. With much depending on Jaguar XE Exterior`s Success, it wasn’t an ideal time for reinventing this segment. The lead designer explain how Jag still face market crises around the globe. Callum further added, we decided to carry the Jaguar Design Philosophy as people are getting used to it. Jaguar XE is basically a sport saloon with long bonnet and wheels for dashing proportions. The cabin is situated backwards meeting the requirements of a coupe.

Jaguar XE

Jaguar XE

Coming to the front, bold grill was never better. In addition, we also loved the creasing running along shoulder line. The window line is also appreciable. However, the rear end is kept a bit short. With graphics somewhat similar to F Type while the design is said to be influenced by E Type, these elements will be implemented on every new Jag in future.



Jaguar is offering you to select from give different engine options. First we have the 161 BHP 2.0 L diesel engine coming from Ingenium family. The low internal friction as compared to 2,2 L engine helps decreasing carbon emission. It’s a bit mainstay of its segment. While producing max torque of 280 Nm, this car has no slouch, however the Jaguar XE Engine works hard for getting rid of clatter and smooth the acceleration in diesel which improves overall performance.

The good news, a mightier version of diesel is coming out. In addition, there will be 2 petrol versions of 2.0 L. Each of these drive-trains will be giving different outputs. The top variant offered here is the Jaguar XES. It will be delivering the max power of 336 BHP. Supporting a V6 supercharged engine from F Type, it will be going 0-60Mph in 4.9 seconds.

Another worthy mention here, Jaguar has gone miles for cutting the cost of running the new XE. Yes the service intervals are set at 21,000 miles while replacement parts are made easy to install. In addition, the reduce tire wear and non Asbesto will make sure the brake dust build up is kept at minimum. Suspension on its account also have some slipping fixes and therefore act as a fuse for limiting the damage of collision.

As Autonomous Emergency Braking is important for 5 star Euro NCAP tests, it ultimately suggests that the insurance is a bit lower than it should be.


Introduction of New Aluminum Structure

The major benefit of new Jaguar XE that it led to introduction of new architectural platform and how cars can be sat on chassis. Using the company`s expertise in Aluminum which the company has been using since 2003, the new sports saloon comes with lightweight materials embedded in the platform, body shell and other such components.

Thanks to the new platform, this car is 20% stiffer than XF. This also gave the engineers room for creating ideal ride and handling balance which used the double wishbone suspension at front with clever integral link at the rear. In order, the adaptive dampers are also installed.

Introduction of New Transmission

Another big change that the Jaguar XE is carrying is introduction of new 6 Speed Unit. Until the 4 drive models arrive in 2016, the XE will feature all surface Program control. This system have been developed from Land Rover Terrain response and controls engine output, brake while helping the ride to deal with slippery and uneven surfaces.


Introduced at Paris Motor Show, the Jaguar XE Price will start from $45,000. The starting model will be featuring a base six speed manual with 2.0L Petrol SE. this will be rising up to the $70,000 Supercharged 3.0 L S. the make of Jaguar XE is a bit expensive than its main rivals the BMW 3 Series. With BMW 320i being closest to XE in terms of engine and specifications, its just $400 cheaper.

Final Word

Jag no doubt did a great job with new XE. However there are a few facts to keep in mind. Jaguar XE`s main competitors are BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C Class. Therefore this car needs some time before making its mark auto market around the globe. For what`s it worth, Jag outdone themselves with introduction of new platform and several tech. for what we will be paying, jag will be a good return. With service intervals kept in mind. If might become one of bestseller executive compacts but it`s too early to tell now!



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