Indian Chief Classic Review the Legend Continues

Did you ever heard the expression, History Defaulting to Fable? Well after struggling years for establishing itself as a wide spread and preferred brand, Harley got the attention well thanks to the unique personality and ride of their bikes. After starting all of that, I believe it’s time to do some business here. With the introduction of new Indian Chief Classic which is considered as one of best cruiser. What it features, I mean why we are all going all nuts for this bike. Well there is only one way to find out, sneaking in!

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Design and Looks

Going with the front at first, the front fair supports a bold approach. This is achieved by the streamlining age of locomotives. The cruiser is packed with chrome finish on every possible surface. Well, unlike the anonymous bat-wing fairing, the Indian Chief Classic looks are attention to itself. However, it might take a while for you getting used to it if you are a Harley Davidson fan!  The fact is, no one went nuts with the first look but with passage of time, we became fond of it! Locomotive metaphor did work with the pulls and chugs.

As for the graphics and log, they are tastefully drawn throughout the frame.  Well, it would have been for overdoing and making the final product a bit gaudy but everything is ravishingly integrated here. A pride of ride, the first look delivers the perfect sense of classicism and turn head. With that being said, the pride of owning new Indian Chief Classic will be stronger than plunking your money for anything else.

2014 Indian Chief

2014 Indian Chief Classic

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Remote locking panniers are commendable. The electric mechanisms well thanks to their sculpted shape on top lid while protrudes down case limits height of storage.

Still, I would like to say this classic chief lives up the looks of best cruiser and therefore it scores an 8.5/10 on accounts of Designing and looks!

Engine and Performance

Time for some technicalities! The heart or Indian Chief Classic Engine (whatever you prefer) is a Thunder Stroke 111 with 1811 cc displacement. This powerhouse is mated with 6 Speed Gear Drive. As for the clutch, both options of Wet and Multi Plate Clutch are provided. To help this bike climb a few more miles, closed loop fuel injection with 54 mm have been installed within this bad boy!

Thanks to these specifications, the Indian Chief Classic power up to 138 nm torque with max horse power of 120 BHP.  With all this power and great looks, no doubt that the new cruiser is stocking with others we have ever ridden. With big power comes big fun. But there also should be some room for good mileage. Keeping that in mind, it seems like the Indian Bikes have might a trance for killing the economy.

Supporting a 5.5 gallon tank, this bike will be gassing up more than you expect!  Depending on how much you are trashing it, this bike can pull 0-100 km in 9 seconds.  But how it does it we cannot confirm at this moment!

Keeping the price, power and mileage in mind, Indian Chief Classic easily scores 8/10 for its power-train!

Ride, Safety and Handling

With deep and rich experience of riding domestic, long wheel and heavy cruisers. One thing I want to share from my experience, this big bad boys or best cruisers if you want to put it that ware are enjoyable as long as you keep the limits in check. As for the Classic chief, bigger and bagger floorboard haven’t been overdone.  As for the handling, I would like to say it`s poised, responsive, confident, inspiring and well balanced.

With its vintage looks and saddle of super comfort, it can be firm without the padding. To be honest, I was never a big fan of cushy saddles. Why, because after the 1,000 miles, these saddles are more compliant for providing a firm platform. As for the large fairing which I guess we all are big fan of are fixed with forks instead of frames. Speaking of forks, the front suspension are Telescopic Fort with cartridge forks along dual rate springs. As for the rear, we have single shock mechanical pre-load suspension. Front brakes are dual disc (300 mm) with floating rotor with anti-lock. The rear is a single disc (also 300 mm) with floating rotor. Advanced Braking System have been introduced in this bike. As for the exhaust system, we have a split Dual Exhaust with Cross Over. The wheels are 60 spoke x3.5 in front and x5 in the rear, both wheels are 16 inches.

With all that, I say the Indian Chief Classic handling and safety, it deserves a 7.5/10.

Other Notable Mentions

One can’t be a best cruiser without some other delighted touches. Indian therefore came with a bunch of notable mentions for the new Indian Chief Classic. Starting with safety, we have ABS with Anti-Lock System. In addition, the Aluminum frame comes with integrated Air Box. Continuing the line-up, we also get to enjoy cruise control, light bar, keyless start and Genuine Leather Upholstery.

As for the Gauges and being a gear hand, Indian Chief Classic Stratagem features a few highlights such as Dual trip meter with a digital tachometer. Apart from that, we also have the gear position display. The add on carries on with real time clock, Turn Signal, 9 LED telltale indicator, heated grips (optional), ABS and electronic fuel gauge with LED for low fuel indication.

Final Take

What I didn’t mention in the whole review is I love this bike! The Indian Chief Classic makes it for best cruiser coming under $20,000. The handling and braking is commendation and as for it matter, it really impressed is. With the overall designing and other elements of new Chief Classic makes it a touch beat for Harley Davidson. However, with the bike delivering enough for impressing us, you will get what you have paid for. No doubt that we have now fallen for the uniqueness and distinctiveness of its design and performance, I will just say it’s a must grab for every bike lover out there.





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