Hyundai Verna Review and Specifications

Typically the Hyundai Verna offered its customers with more than a couple of variations. The vehicle has additionally been altered many times. The newest is the Fluidic Verna that is an award-winning mid-size car of the brand name. This new edition of the Verna comes in both gasoline and diesel-powered versions along with manually operated and automated gear box. Fluidic Verna’s design and style is preferable to its earlier edition. This vehicle occurs equipped with well-defined, energetic, modern and classy looks. Hyundai Verna plays with mid-sized autos like Maruti SX4, Fiat Linea, and Volkswagen Vento. It comes down within a cost range of Rs 7.12 – 10.35 lakhs.

Autocar India Video on Hyundai Verna:

It appears far better now. the 2014 vehicle gets Light emitting diode daytime running lights, automated projector lights and fairly metal wheels — improvements that just increase the Verna’s sharp looks. With this report although, there isn’t a lot — the two-tone dashboard with wooden and sterling silver inlays is rather attractive and also the healthy and finish as well as over-all high quality levels are remarkable. Furthermore, the front side car seats have outstanding increasing and the Verna’s modest dash makes it simple to view out of. If something, the back seats are not as good as a number of its competition. Hyundai Verna seat is very low and does not have upper leg support, and due to the Verna’s angular design, the back glass windows are pretty small. Exactly what the Verna has got in plethora though is equipment — there’s key-less accessibility and move, heating and cooling, a rear-view digital camera and at least 3 ways to link up your sound system.

Routinely, there is no plunge to the engine and transmitting; therefore the engine even now makes 126 bhp and 25.5 kg m of torque. Cruising it in road traffic entails some gear-shifting since the engine comes off boosts fewer than 2000 rpm; but there’s great strike and more than enough energy for stress-free overpowering and driving. Hyundai Verna engine is one of several easiest and most quiet in its type.


Engine & Performance

The Hyundai Verna engine gives the choice of a couple of petrol engines and 2 diesel-powered engines. Hyundai Verna gas engines are 1.7 l VTVT and 1.5 l VTVT, while the diesel-powered engines are 1.7 l CRDi VGT and 1.5 l CRDi.The 1.7 l petrol and diesel-powered engines give you an optimum strength of 123.05 PS plus 128.09 PS correspondingly. Additionally they are often linked to hand-operated and automated transmissions. The 1.5 l engines are coupled to the hand-operated only. 1.5 l petrol and diesel-powered engine give a highest strength of 107 PS and 95 PS correspondingly. Hyundai Verna petrol engines are based on 5-speed hands-on transmissions while the diesel-powered engines are based on 6-speed hands-on transmissions. A fabulous 4-speed automated transmission is linked to both engines.


The inner surface of the Hyundai Verna means extravagance. The log cabin comes with entirely automated air-conditioner. A fabulous ‘Driver Information system’ gives all required information for example trip time and mileage covered. This can help one to handle their journeys far better. Sunlight visors are built-in with vainness mirrors as well as their covers.

It comes with an armrest provided in the middle at the front. It features a goosing function plus a safe-keeping space. Hyundai Verna also offers a sunglasses dish for extra comfort.

A new Verna Fluidic sports deluxe light tan tinted leather-based covers around the seats and also the door patches. Hyundai Verna steering wheel has been installed with sound and Wireless Bluetooth controls. Hyundai Verna headrests of the front and back seats can be tweaked.


The heptagonal front grill of the Hyundai Verna includes a stainless finish. This allows the Hyundai Verna an advanced look. Exacerbating this look are the built-in haze lights that give more field of vision in bad climate conditions.

The pinnacle lights sport a black color bezel style. It gives a bit of natural splendor to the Hyundai Verna and also gives optimum lighting in the night-time.
The front door grips have a stainless finish that looks classy and exquisite. The back view decorative mirrors are built-in with flip indicators. This gives design and style as well as basic safety. They are also electronically flip-style folding and modifiable.

The automated and SX variations ride on 16-inch metal tires. The sides of the trunk area lid are elevated that provides it a spoiler-kind of a look. What’s more, it gives the rules of aerodynamics at higher speed.
The twin exhaust system pipes at the back contain a stainless finish. This increases the stylish appearance of the Verna Fluidic. Even the rear end has been provided a twin tone stainless finish. This boosts its design and style quotient profoundly. New Hyundai Verna wrap-around tail lights increase the style of the vehicle as well as give great field of vision.

Functions & Specs

The Hyundai Verna is loaded with 7 safety bags, seat belts, and back car parking support, back detectors and Anti-lock Braking Mechanism with EBD.In the case of any crash the doors get instantly opened that lets the travellers to have a speedy exit. Even the doors lock instantly once the car zooms at substantial rates of speed.

Technical specs Overview


  • 1396 cc, Diesel-powered, 90 bhp @ 4000 Revoltions per minute strength
  • 1396 cc, Petroleum, 105 bhp at 6300 RPM strength
  • 1582 closed circuit, Diesel-powered, 126 bhp at 4000 RPM strength
  • 1591 closed circuit, Petrol, 121 bhp at 6300 RPM power

One of our most significant grievances with the Verna ended up being with its high-speed ways. With this vehicle, Hyundai has changed the suspensions configurations which have healed most of the outdated car’s anxiety at acceleration, its own floatiness and its inclination to bottom level out. Hyundai Verna steering has also more excess weight and the particular low-speed drive continues to be fairly good. On the other hand, the suspensions does still use up all your traveling more than sharper blobs; this makes a distressing thunk since the coils shrink entirely thus hitting the bump ceases. And also at speed, it is significantly much better, the Verna doesn’t just like abrupt deterrence man-oeuvres, the back experiencing saturated once you make abrupt inputs to the steering.


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