Hyundai Grand i10 Review

As the new Hyundai Grand i10 2014 have been showcased, people are sure dying facing it. Great addition to Hyundai`s set of hatchbacks, the new Hyundai Grand i10 has a lot of improvements. If you are interested to find out why people are crazy about Hyundai Grand i10, you have come to the right place!

Hyundai Grand i10

Hyundai Grand i10

Car Intro

Not many know this but Hyundai is the second most popular car maker in India following Suzuki.  The reason behind there strange steps completely.  Introducing the cars such as i20 and i10, Hyundai somewhat didn`t slow down the economy. The launch of this car as an entry level auto is the attempt to make this car even comes in countries such as India. Well whatever you may think of this car. I have to say these are the most famous in market and they have expended their market.

Do you now once bill gates made a statement, be nice to nerds because you will end up working for one of a bump .regardless to say, this car will help the Hyundai customers stay loyal to the brand. Well if you want someone to be with you, you have to provide them a reason to do so!




Car Design

One of better looking cars of its segment, Hyundai Grand i10 design is killer from both outside and inside. The fluidic design is evident from every angle. The car is now longer, wider and even more spacey. One you get on the inside, you will see elegance at its core.

The cabin is made wide and airy. You will see the impressive and high quality of interior with the look, feel, use of materials and even the need to fit and finish. Moving to the Steering, the steering wheel following the trend of Hyundai Hatchbacks has controls mounted over its steering wheels.  The buttons are very well detailed as the dashboard is made of black and beige. The good news is this treatment is also on the door trims. The air condition knobs remain unchanged

Just like in previous versions, gear stick has been positioned below the console box which provides space between front seats. Speaking of the seats, I would like to mention they are well cushioned and are quite comfortable especially if you are talking about the long drives. The air conditioning is average neither impressive nor disappointing.  However the cabin has been isolated from engine vibrations.


There are two basic Hyundai Grand i10 Engine variants. The first one is 1.2 Kappa Petrol while the second one is U2 CRDi Diesel.  The engine is capable of producing 83 hp at rpm of 6000. The maximum torque is recorded at 114 NM at 4000 Rounds per minute. All this power mated with a 5 speed manual gearbox.  Another thing about the car that I like is its vibration is negligible with a roar for pickup.

The diesel unit on second hand is three cylinder units with peak powers. This power rates at 71 hp at 4000 rpm. The maximum torque is recorded at 160 NM. According to my short run in the diesel version, I am forced to say that it is smooth and efficient however there is a lot desired from it. The only problem here is this car has a drop in power. This is not going to let the car do well in future.

General Specifications

  • 2 l and 1.4 liter cylinder
  • 14 inch alloy wheels
  • 5 speed manual
  • 120 NM Torque
  • 64 KW Power
  • 22 KM per liter


Featuring a soft setup, this car is result of ride quality.  As we compare the road condition in our area. I won`t be surprised to say that this car delivers. First we have the mix road condition and thankfully, Hyundai kept it in mind! Therefore they made the car adjusted in every circumstance. The light steering is enhancing with precise gear shifts. This makes the new Hyundai Grand i10 a pleasure for driving. The disc brakes on front and rear are very well calibrated with ABS. as for the shock absorbers, they are the gas types while suspension have been taken care by McPherson struts which are at front and coupled Torrison Beam Axis at the end.


  • Price
  • Car specifications
  • Fuel economy
  • Notch gear and light clutch


  • Notch gear and light clutch


The Hyundai Grand i10 fits well in Hyundai`s series of Hatchbacks. Despite the low price tag, there was a difference always. But we wouldn`t dare imagining about it.  Being a conscious customer, Grand i10 comes with a value you have paid for this is perhaps the universal serial buss or the USB especial incorporated in the Indian version of this car. With all this, we have to as headiness a through winner in ranks. Prices are detailed below. Putting the Fluidic design concept at work, we might have a glimpse a t future and better decide what to do.

Competitors in Market

  • Honda Brio
  • Ford Figo
  • Toyota Etios
  • Renault Sandero


Bottom Line

Well being an entry level version, thanks to its feature. Hyundai Grand i10 featuresturned out to nothing but a masterpiece. This car is a marketing masterpiece as the Moto SA maintained original i10 as entry version of auto world. This is at foreseeable in the upcoming years. The car launch has convinced local business how I become a pervert. First I selected the option of my dog living with me and one sudden day I could tell that this car has the kill in it. There is a probability that this car will be the game changer.

Price List

  • Hyundai Grand i10 Era Petrol 4.4 Lakhs and Diesel 5.2 Lakhs
  • Hyundai Grand i10 Magna Petrol 4.5 Lakhs and Diesel 5.4 Lakhs
  • Hyundai Grand i10 Asta Petrol 5.2 Lakhs and Diesel 6.1 Lakhs
  • Hyundai Grand i10 Sportz Petrol 4.9 Lakhs and Diesel 5.8 Lakhs
  • Hyundai Grand i10 Sportz Option Petrol 5.8 Lakhs and Diesel 6.4 Lakhs

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