Hyundai Elite i20 Review

Hyundai recently introduced its new hatchback, the Hyundai Elite i20. Interesting part is this car got 150,000 bookings in its first two days. But what makes this car so desirable despite the fact that it’s just an entry level. Entry level cars might not be a hit in other part of the world, but in India these are the best sellers. Now stay with me and find what makes the elite i20 so desirable.


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Car Into

First came in 2008, the i20 made quite a name for itself. After 4 years, the facelift was introduced which also impressed the critics. Therefore, I have to say that the latest gen have some big shoes to fit in. The recent reveal in India proved the fact that carmakers in country are looking forward to improve their own domestic industry. This also shows that the new Hyundai Elite i20 will compete with successful Fiat Punto, Volkswagen Polo and the evergreen Suzuki Swift. Good news for Hyundai, despite being the leader of its class, the swift has somewhat took a beating from new i20 in terms of looks. This makes me say that the facelifts and new gens are what the world needs now!

Although the previous version did well in the market, it was also well received for its fluidic design. However, the car manufacturer is now looking forward to expand its horizons with the fluidic 2.0 design philosophy.

Inside and comfort

For an entry level car, the Hyundai Elite i20 features impress us with quality finish and features going up to a number of notches.  Starting with the steering wheel, company experimented with a leather cover along with putting audio controls on it. In addition, the binnacle has been revamped. The multi information display is also a great addition to dashboard. However, I certainly missed the fuel efficiency related to distance and average efficiency.

Coming to audio system, outstanding sound via the eight speakers! You can play tracks by CD, USB and even Bluetooth.  The sound system like i10 comes with 1GB available memory. Moving onto Internal Rear View System Mirror better known as the RVM, it helps doubling the reverse parking screen which offers a decent resolution and clear visibility even when the sun is top of your head. Another great feature to be noted is the backseat AC vents which are something daring in an entry level.

Hyundai Elite i20

Hyundai Elite i20

Engine and Performance

Let me make this clear first, I drove the UII CRDi for diesel version for this review. Now let`s come to the specifications, a little disappointed as this new generation produced the same power as the previous generation. Yes we are still at 90 PS @ 4,000 RPM. Apart from that, the peak torque was at 220 Nm between the RPM band of 1500-2750. For transmission, we got a 6 speed manual which offers impressing cruise control with the minimum consumptions when you are driving on highways.

Hyundai Elite i20 engine specs also lists a light clutch which comes with slick shifts to make controlling easier than ever. ARAI certified 22.54 km fuel efficiency. In terms of fuel efficiency, the elite i20 only falls back to Suzuki Swift by only a small fraction. Thanks to the tractable engine and strong low rev torque with ability of cruising at high speeds, this car proves it to be the best when it comes to fuel efficiency. If I have to sum it up, I will just say that the elite can survive anything you throw at it.

Car Handling

The most appreciated feature of Hyundai Elite i20 road manners is its stiff features. Good thing is the pickup is better than previous generation as i20 gained a lot of speed composure.  However the steering doesn`t have much to feel about it! This happens widely when the car is driven straight. This car turns with confidence and good composure well the credit goes to Bridgestone B250s made with the R16 rubber. This offers an ample grip.

In case you don`t miss, there are also benefits of the light steering. First it’s a delight as well as effortless when it comes to cramped areas. The practical drivers especially women will love its convenience and comfort.


Representing the next rendition of Fluidic Sculpture layout, Hyundai Elite i20 design adopted a bit cautious path in order to reach its goals. This improved version is evident in the way of how this car looks as compared with the rest of fluidic sculpture hallmark.

First, the radiator grill has been positioned low on massive bumper. On top, the headlamps are white accents which are also capable of turning into daytime running lights according to Euro Specifications Variant.

In the profile, large and a bit swept back headlamps do extend into fenders. Apart from that, the Windows have a black plastic delight and wide C pillars in this model are blacked out also. All of these efforts successfully give this car the floating roof affects. Enough with the roof, the eight spoke wheels are also interesting.

It won`t be wrong if I say the Hyundai Elite i20 back design is where the car stands. To be honest, I found sharp edge LED tail lamps eye grabbing. Yes the jewel shaped unit is attractive.

Final Take

To b e honest, it may not appear as an interesting car to drive but it has all the features an average user wants. In terms of fuel efficient and reliability, the new Hyundai Elite i20 checks all the boxes. If you like what you saw, go and get you a Korean hatchback. This is perhaps the most rounded hatchback on sale. This car also presents itself as an opportunity to scramble the taste to success for manufacturers. So you better watch and learn from it!

Price List

  • Hyundai Elite i20 Asta Diesel 7.6 Lakhs and Petro 6.4 Lakhs
  • Hyundai Elite i20 Era Diesel 6.1 Lakhs and Petrol 4.9 Lakhs
  • Hyundai Elite i20 Magna Diesel 6.6 Lakhs and Petrol 5.4 Lakhs
  • Hyundai Elite i20 Sportz Diesel 7.1 Lakhs and Petrol 5.9 Lakhs

Hyundai Elite i20 Sportz Option Diesel 7.3 Lakhs and Petrol 6.2 Lakhs

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