Honda CR-V The Compact Recreational Vehicle for Indians

First introduced the world in 1995, the Honda CR-V known as Crossover in United State is loosely based on the Honda Civic! The CR-V is believed to stand for the Compact Recreational Vehicle. CR-V replaced the long running Honda Element and gained the status as Honda`s new entry level Sports Utility Vehicle.  Well, that was for the basic introduction, now time to get to the real deal, the 4th generation CRV was introduced in India but how it performs in the Indian market. Let`s find out!

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The concept of SUV being boring is about to be crushed! Thanks to the new Honda CR-V Exterior, you want feel embarrassed being in a Family car when you stop next to a girl at the signal. Yep the chiseled facets, aggressive looks, sharp lines and bumper design are enough to make you fall in love with this motor. The kinks in B pillar have been sorted out. Clear but clever designing makes it an airy greenhouse along with the touch of spaciousness.  In addition, the D Pillar, large tail lamps and black inserts set neatly with rest of the styling. In short, the Honda CR-V Design is highly praised.

If you open the door to this motor haven you will see excitement fading away. Why? The big reason for that is most elements for interior have been brought from Brio and in some ways, the interior fails to match the standard of exterior. Yes, leave out the rest because I am jumping right to the top variants. They have faux wood finish which failed to impress me. But if you want to ask what`s Honda CR-V`s specialty is, I would just say its spacious and comfortable.

General Specifications

2.0 L Versions

  • 2WD 1997cc Displacement
  • 143 BHP
  • 190 NM Torque
  • Mileage 13 km per liter

2.4 L Version

  • 4WD 2354cc Displacement
  • 161 BHP
  • 218 NM Torque
  • Mileage 10 km per liter

Engine and Performance

This subcompact SUV comes with two engine options, 2.0 L petrol and 2.4 L Petrol. The 2.0 version comes B20B engine with a displacement of 1997cc. 4 cylinders with 16 valves, but it’s based on only 1 camshaft valve configuration. This engine is capable of producing over 143 BHP at 6600 rpm while the max torque is 190 NM at 4600rpm. Cleverly combined with a 6 speed manual gearbox (alternative options are automatic), this car is powered from the front wheels. The 2.4 version is installed with B20Z engine which is based on DOHC valve configuration.

Incorporated with rail fuel injection a turbo charging units, Honda CR-V engine is more than meets the eye beneath its hood. The 2.4 version comes with a 2354cc displacement. The engine has 4 cylinders and 16 valves. This lets the car produce up to 161 BHP at 3600 rpm and 218 NM Torque at 1750rpm. All this power and still you get to enjoy the mileage of 10 km per liter. I guess it’s a beast made for today, the power, affordability and even the economy.


  • Strong Build, Great durability. The CR-V is well known for its reliability
  • Comfortable and Spacious interior even for long drives
  • Best in class interior and fitting
  • Great handling and impressive road manners
  • Trouble free ownership experience


  • Over expensive compared to its rivals
  • Front grill design failed to impress us
  • Engine is a bit noisy over 110 km\h
  • Gearing not made for highway runs
  • Service needed at every 5,000 km, not good for heavy users


Honda CR-V interior started with a same dashboard like Brio has been used to make it bit more space on the inside. Combined with slim seats, you get a lot of free space in the cabin. The larger wheelbase has helped for better rear doors which made the ingress and egress from second to third row easier than ever. The first and second rows offer best in class comfort with better seating and ample head support. However the third row lost a step with it’s under thigh support. Keeping that fact in mind, still the second row does a good job for comfort as compared to Honda CR-V competitors.
The best part is every row and seats have their very own storage space, bottle holders and even the roof AC. The air conditioning unit is just powerful enough to cool down even the last row passengers. This SUV can easily swallow two larger suitcases while the tailgate cuts into rear bumper. This provides a convenient loading option. The top variant of Honda CR-Vboth petrol and Petrol versions get touch screen audio and video navigation system along with a reverse parking camera. If I had to put it into simple words, I`d just say it’s a treat for the price tag!

Price List

2.0 Liter

  • Honda CR-V 2.0 Liter MT 20 Lacs
  • Honda CR-V 2.0 Liter AT 21 Lacs

2.4 Liter

  • Honda CR-V 2.4 Liter AT 22.5 Lacs
  • Honda CR-V 2.4 Liter AT AVN 23.8 Lacs


This subcompact as well as the entry level SUV is capable of reaching top speed of 112m/h and it takes 14 seconds to reach 100 km/h from 0. On the other hand, the Petrol version reaches top speed of 170 km/p and it can go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 20 seconds. I firmly believe this SUV should be dubbed as the Family Beast!


  • Maruti Grand Vertebra
  • Chevrolet Captiva
  • Ford Endeavour
  • Mitsubishi Pajero
  • Mahindra Rexton
  • Mitsubishi Outlander


In the end, I will just say Honda CR-V isn`t easy to beat! With its aggressive styling that has best in class looks and punchy drive train, it’s a good pick. Comfortable and spacious interior which concern of buyers in mind, this car will face no problems in the Indian Auto Market.

It’s almost 20 years and still Honda CR-V manages to maintain its position as one of the best selling entry level SUV. Well the credit goes to Honda`s Unmatched reliability and affordability I believe.



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