Honda CBR 650F Review: When it shall be released?

Confused between Kawasaki and Honda? Have you come here for an advice? To be honest, we are not going to tell you about whom you should choose. First realize your options so you can decide if you are into the new Honda CBR 650F. Well it`s been released in some parts of the world, however these parts did n`t included India (Expected Price is said to be 6 Lac). Indian consumers who are dying for 4 cylinders have to hold on for a big longer before being rewarded. Till then, you can refer to the following info!

Honda Power-sports US CBR 650F video:



Performance of a Super Bike fitted in 600 cc

A compelling option for those who never compromise! Honda CBR 650F Performance attracts sporty riders who want good and easy to handle bike with comfort. Apart from that, people who are looking for a speedy demon with adrenaline rush can also count on this bike,to make it easy available for potential buyers around world. The production is assembling it in Thailand. However, Quality still is part of the complete equation. The fit and finish materials selected and painted are after re-approach. To keep it simple, I will just add it won`t get any better at this price!

Honda CBR 650F NEW

Honda CBR 650F

Edgy and Sharp Design

Thanks to its up swept tail and full fairing on front, the Honda CBR 650F Design is nothing less than a super bike. Naked power-plants are clean as well as burly. While the 4 in 1 exhaust system gives bright finish, the whole body can be revered astutely opening at the end. Tailpipe is installed beneath aluminum swing arms which come short of hiding the splendid tire and turbine styled wheels. As for the speedometer, we have an easy to read digital LCD with Two separate displays. One is the tachometer or speedometer and one shows tripe meter and fuel. However there is no indicator for gear (a bit depressing).

First Look Features

Honda CBR 650F 2014 offers what Honda is well known for! Innovation, quality, performance and reliability! This is not only a super sports bike as you can also use it as commuter and your weekend fun machine. Best part is, no one is market is giving you these features with Reliability like Honda! Well we got our hands on one and these were some notable features you might notice in first look!

  • 649 cc DOHC Engine

The best of Honda, it`s 4 cylinder design have a way to make it smooth and faster than most twins in market,  All that power and ample low to midrange torque with tons of power through the complete rev.

  • Newly Designed Fuel Tank

You asked and we delivered, the Honda CBR 650F 2014. As compared, to its power no doubt this bike needs some extra room to carry fuel in order to keep itself on the go. Keeping that in mind, Honda is providing us with 4.5 Gallon Tank.

  • Twin Spar Frame

The frame is strong, however it`s not rigid for needs for daily rider. Thanks to its 57 inch wheelbase, this bike is quick and responsive. Ideal for its segment!

  • Front Cowl

This is the segment where most bikes fail to impress us! However, this is not the case with Honda CBR 650F Design. The design has been widely inspired from CBR 600RR. 650F has all the cut and blasts to make it as cool as it`s powerful.

  • A Good Investment

New Honda CBR 650F is as much fun as it`s powerful. Keeping with the real world budget, ergonomics and performance will keep you excited while price and economy makes your wallet happy.


Ride and Handling

Diamond frame along with two elliptical spars connect with 41 mm front fork. The braking is taken care by dual 320 mm discs at front with 2 piston calipers while a single 240 mm disc is placed at rear. All this is backed up by ABS. the seat is 810 mm above the ground, 25 mm higher than CBR 500R.

Although it weights 208 Kg, 2014 Honda CBR 650F Handling is pretty easy on winding roads. It proves shockingly sharp when going in corners. Therefore you don`t need to sweat about braking and ground clearance. This bike is perfectly poised even after it`s pushed to its limit. Properly calibrated suspension helps for maintaining good riding experience while being comfort even on patchy roads!

Well the credit goes to clever Ergonomics for keeping you close to handlebars. Honda CBR 650F makes it easy for weight transfers while accelerating, cornering and even braking, as very little stress is asserted on wrists therefore the comfort level is further improved, all this comfort with an edgy sports bike coming for 7000 $.

The Powerhouse

Proud of their Previous Sports Phantom, the CBF 600SA, we now get to enjoy a completely new 649 cc engine along with Honda`s well known 4 cylinder architecture.  With this displacement, this bike is capable of producing max power of 86 HP at 11,000 RPM along with Max Torque of 46 LB torque at 8,000 RPM. In order to make things even better, camshafts have been completely revised with shorter overlaps and intake funnels. This helps for maximizing torque when below 6,000 RPM.

Engine comes with wide Power band which is rich as for middle and helps in passing maneuvers. As compared with CBF 600, Honda CBR 650F Engine is edgy at lower revs however, it`s not enough for matching 2 and 3 cylinder engines in market. The fact is, there`s a bit feeling that the engine might be bucking when the throttle is twisted below 3,000 RPM.

On Contrary, the performance is great at high revs. At 7,000 to 11,500 RPM the performance is a delight which makes it better than your average street bike. Thanks to the intake sound, the ride is thrilling.

Final Take

If I put it simple, this bike is capable of all! Whatever you want, cruising, attacking, touring or whatever! The bike is perfect for it in terms of style, power and build. As riding dynamics are way sharper than the price. To sum it up, the bike is pretty comfort is you are planning a long trip. Making with extra grunt for high revs, unlike the RR models New Honda CBR 650F is one of Jap`s best offering of 2014.



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