Honda CBR 300R Review: Small Package but Big Fun!

Yet once again, the Honda Lovers excited to see the new offering! New Honda CBR 300R 2015 has been officially announced and it will hitting market in a while. What we have here are some official reports and a few assumptions. This bike has been only shown 2 times and there has been some road tests, therefore it`s too early to tell. But we do have some info you might want to peak in, so what are you waiting for?

Motorcycle News First Look Video:

First Expression

Honda CBR 300R First look was at China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition held in late 2013. This was said to be the response of Kawasaki Ninja 300. According to Honda, this new Model will be featuring more horsepower, better torque while being slimmer than the previous one. However, in February 2014 Honda confirmed that production of Upcoming Honda CBR 300R has been pushed back to late 2014 and therefore the bike is expected to release in mid-2015.

For the first look (not first ride), we observed that 300R is bigger version of 250R. The length of this bike is 2034 mm while the width is 720 mm. All that and height has been dropped down to 1120 mm.  in short, length have been increased by 3 mm, width is almost the same while the height have been dropped by 7 mm. apart from that, wheelbase has been increased to 1380 mm with addition of 13 mm. ground clearance is still at 145 mm with the wheels being unchanged.

As for the design, it has completely changed the fascia, visor and headlamps has been inspired from higher end CBR models. As compared to the 250r, Honda CBR 300R Design is far more edgy and aggressive. Rest panels enjoyed some tweaking while the handlebars and instrument clusters remains the same as they were featured in 250R.

Honda CBR 300r 2015

Honda CBR 300r

What`s the Fuss?

There have been ongoing reports (or rumors) that Honda CBR 300R has been launched in UK. Well the buzz is on a few blogs therefore we can`t really rely on it. However one thing is for sure, Honda might have been released the market price for UK. The official price tag is said to be around £4.2K. Apart from that, there were also some rumors that Honda CBR 300R Release might be in end of this year, but it was found to be untrue at the end.

What`s in it for the Indian Market?

Many won`t believe but the 250R was mainly designed for Thai and Indian users. However it was a bigger success than any of us expected it to be. Therefore, it sales went up to Europe and states. The major reason was its economy despite its entry level top performance. Well this was the treat from Honda, from Kawasaki. The world got Ninja 300 which most of us love. This was a downfall for 250R as Kawasaki were taking their buyers away from them. Therefore, in order to secure their product`s future, the Honda introduced a new Bike to the world featuring bigger displacements and edgy looks. this bike will be Honda`s direct punch line to Kawasaki but it`s too early to tell now. However, what we have here are figures and they help for prediction.

According to official records, Honda CBR 300R Performance is a bit lower than the Ninja 300. However, if Honda manages to sell it cheaper than Kawasaki`s Ninja, no surprise Honda will beat its competition right at launch. Kawasaki Ninja 300 current price tag lies at $4k, therefore if Honda manages to sell this bike cheaper than $3.5 k, the world will see Honda leading the bike world once again.

What`s in the Honda CBR 300R?

To be honest, you don`t have to be Richie Rich and drive a Pagani Huayra or Dodge Tomahawk V10.  There is no point to drive a super exotic bike as long as you don’t know anything about it! Therefore, in order to help the MotoGP fans. Honda is introducing a new 300 cc bike. Well Honda does n`t promise the feel of Bat-Pod. Still this small displacement offers a lot of fun. After all, you can`t challenge Kawasaki without some tricks up your sleeve.

Powered by a 286 cc engine, this bike is not very impressive at first glance but still it’s more than ad equate. Honda CBR 300R Engine is stroked at full and has stronger balancing shaft as compared to CBR 250. ABS are made standard in these as Honda designed it for better highway cruising. All this ends up in smooth comfortable traveler.

Seeing the specifications, there are healthy chances that upcoming Honda CBR 300R will replace CBR 250R. This means we will be getting more power and better speed for a few more cents. However the price tag will be something comparable to Ninja 300 ( starting at $4.7 K).


The last 300R was capable of reaching top speed of 169 Km/h. improvements have been promised for the newer version. The official specifications of 2015 Honda CBR 300R has been released, moreover the bike has been tested! During test, the rider was supporting full gear and total weight at that time was 98 KG. Riding in almost straight position, with help of lighter rider crouched position the top speed can be 180-182 Km/h. it looks like the CBR learned something from its ancestors.

After this new Honda bike was tested, a meeting was conducted in Thailand. This meeting was conducted to discuss about the bikes performance. Anyways, the new Honda CBR 300R as promised showed some improvement. The Max power was 30 BHP with the max torque was counted as 26 NM.

Ride and Handing

In terms of handling, upcoming Honda CBR300Rmakes a great bike. It`s easy to control well the credit goes to its lightweight.  However the tires from previous CBR models also haunted the new one. But still, the handling and ride was impressive. We do want to mention that this bike tend to get slippery sometimes but overall our experience was good.

The brakes are also effective and just as powerful as this bike. You can count on them for an emergency stop. However, before you saddle up. We advise you to learn a bit more about this bike before carrying on with your adventure! The rear view mirrors are exceptional big and were convenient.

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