Honda Brio – Easy to Maintain Spacious Machine Ever in India

The new HondaBrio’s main focus is functionality and reliability. These 2 features are reasons behind this compact hatchback’s success. The Brio known by different names around the world, Honda mini, Cutie and first car! This car takes you back in time, not on behalf of its design but on the credit of its functionality, easy to maintain and spacious, Honda Brio makes a good choice for both practical and compact cars. Below we are having a look at some of its other features.




A bit irrelevant but interesting, Brio was first introduced in 2011. This car was installed with an 1198cc engine and its top speed is 155 km per hour. After the facelift and other redesigning, this car enjoyed success. However, despite its success in auto market all over the globe. Brio was discontinued in several countries to favor the sales of new Honda model.  Its name Brio means Cheerful in Italian.

Honda Brio General Specifications

  • Dual Clutch
  • 1198 CC Displacement
  • 109 NM Torque
  • 87 BHP
  • 5 Doors
  • SOHC Valve
  • Up to 15 KMPL mileage


The new HondaBrio comes with I VTEC I4 Engine with 1,198 Displacement. This car with its sweet looks will surprise you with an output of 87 BHP with 109 NM. The active intelligence CVT tech powers the beast with better performance and mileage. Both options of 4 and5 speed manual and automatic gearboxes are provided. However in some 1.3 Liter variants, there`s the 4 Speed automatic transmission alternative.  Made whilekeeping the commuters and city traffic in mind, the new Brio features ventilated discs on front wheels with self-adjusting drums in rear!

Thanks to low torque and aggressive throttle, this car successfully delivers fuel economy of 11-16 km/liter.  Agile and easy to handle, this car also goes well with the ladies. HondaBrio`s short wheelbase and quick turning radius makes it the perfect ride for swift maneuvers.  Lean body but strong punch, you can even fee the measure of road in it!  In order to make things more interesting, Honda has incorporated the new Strut Suspension by McPherson. To be specific, these strut suspensions are in front while the rear is equipped with 3 link offset coil springs.

Knowing and experiencing this, I have to say this car has been made for the bumpy roads. Knowing there are wide tires now, I had a confident boost for dealing with slippery terrain.


  • Impressive Interior
  • Affective Cooling
  • Better Sitting Posture
  • Small Turning Radius
  • Peppy Engine
  • Good Braking
  • Less Maintenance, each service interval is 6 months and it costs no more than 2 thousand. The first major service will be 30k service which will cost around 4-5k.


  • Official Statement is 5 Seated however it is only comfortable for 4 people
  • Peppy engine but when on highway, feels like I am exerting the engine way too much
  • The big pillar causes blindness in right front area which makes you miss the slippery bikers
  • No Utility space


Enough with the performance now it`s time for some style. Speaking of Honda Brio style, have you ever heard that Style is the only constitute in life!Brio has made a comeback with extensive redesign with a bit international aerodynamic lines. The fascia front got an elegant grill. The chrome stylish rounded headlamps are integrated with newly redesigned indicators. These indicators are accompanied by a bit funky front fenders. In addition, the rear end has been revamped and made a little bit brighter. The tail is grabbing handle while the wheel cover has been completely redesigned.

In order to improve the aerodynamics, new HondaBrio features a flaunt rear spoiler.  New rotary control with storage even capable of holding your knick knack! Time for the inner circle, the cluster has been equipped with completely redesigned sporty dials and vents. Talking about the other add on features, the tallboy design gives ample room for head, elbow and head. Seats provide support for thigh and back. This car is also equipped with heater, blower, power steering, power windows and many other features.

Price List

  • Honda Brio S MT 4.5 Lacs
  • Honda Brio Exclusive 4.6 Lacs
  • Honda Brio V MT 4.9 Lacs
  • Honda Brio VX MT 5.2 Lacs
  • Honda Brio VX AT 6 Lacs

Hit the Road

Raved for its capability of low dragging, Honda Brio thanks to new strut suspensions and new radiator this can is makes the most out of your fuel. In order to further improve its fuel economy this can has been equipped with a stabilizer bar and torsion beam axle.


  • Suzuki Maruti Alto
  • Chevrolet Spark
  • Reva I


The petrol version provides mileage of 14.5 Km per liter to 19 KM per liter. However, the LPG version only provides 8 KM to 15 KM per liter.


The Honda Brio Interior comes in two tones beige and brown combination. It provides enough space for a comfortable ride including spacious legroom, headroom and foot space. In addition, the seating is also very well arranged. As for the storage space, its best in class plus you will also find useful accessories inside. In easy words, Brio is a practical and comfortable car!

Safety Features

Equipped with features like child safety rear locks, seat belts, dual side Impact beams, collapsible power steering column, day and night rear view. Apart from these, you will also get to enjoy keyless entry, Honda Brio engine immobilizer and self-locking doors.

Honda Brio Accessories

New Brio comes with 1 DIN audio system which features a CD/MP3 Player, remote control, 5 speakers, Aux Port and USB Interface. Well with these accessories, there is no doubt your journey will be full of joy.

Final Take

Ideal as the first car, it`s easy to maintain and good for the price! If you need a car which won`t trouble you much, HondaBrio is the perfect wheels for you. However if you are looking for something a bit more stylish and aggressive, you might want to consider something else.


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