Honda Amaze New Petrol and Diesel Version

No Doubt that Honda Brio made quite a name for itself but it was hard to predict Brio will be the step stone a new subcompact car.  Whatever you want to call is the Honda Amaze or the Honda Amaze Brio, it is a good pick! Since launch of Honda City, Honda must be brainstorming for how to market the new Amaze! Honda made it easy for people to pick their product and it worried critics. But what features and add on Honda installed to make the new Amaze stand against its main competitors, let`s find out!




Innovation at its core, the brand new Honda Amaze is delight for drivers! This sedan commits to its promise and delivers unmatched power and performance. Well the credit goes its powerful Honda Amaze engine and latest tech. offering 2 different engines divided in petrol versions and diesel versions.  This car comes in six different petrol versions and seven different diesel versions. Starting with the petrol version, fist we have the 1.2l L12B i-VTEC I4 capable of generating 87 BHP and 160 NM Torque.

The diesel 1.5 liter I DTEC generates 99 BHP with 220 NM torque. On the other hand, 1.2 liter VTEC pumps out 86 BHP with 146 NM Toque. Complaint with 5 speed manual and automatic, I have to say Honda Amaze performance and fuel efficiency is impressive. In order to make things a bit more interesting, Honda has used Turbo charger with diesel engine which is designed by Honeywell Turbo Technology.

Macpherson strut suspension are again mated with coil springs but this time, there`s the addition of torsion beam axle. This constitutes both the front and rear suspension of the gas shock absorbers. Installed in car in order to improve its overall handling and performance! These modifications help in better traction and stability. To make things a bit more interesting,


  • Clean Air Clusters
  • Supervision Clusters along with Blue Illumination


  • Sight body roll in the Heavier 1


Interior is just as subtle as the exterior. For driver`s convenience while driving in dark, the window switches and steering mounted buttons now illuminate. Another new addition is outside temperature being mentioned. Automatic headlight control for projector lamp on right stalk is effective however the headrest gear from middle passenger seat has been removed. Another thing I didn`t liked was the cost saving attempt of replacing spare alloy wheel as seen in previous Honda Amaze Models has been replaced with a steel wheel.

The same happened with Auto Speed Sensing Door Lock Feature which was seen missing as well as side and curtain airbags. However these two features have been revised in the Amaze. In end, I won`t hesitate to say there are a few omissions and delightful additions to the new Honda Amaze interior as it provides super comfort on the go. Honda has played well with colors while giving roominess and comfortable seating. But the rear bench is a bit lower and windows are high, this for some reason becomes uncomfortable. But the interior quality with the leather, panels and plastic, everything seems and fits well!

Honda Amaze General Specifications

  • Displacement: 1198 cc for Petrol and 1498 cc for Diesel
  • Transmission: Both Automatic and Manual 5 Speed Options are Available
  • Max Power: 86 BHP for Petrol and 98 BHP for Diesel
  • Max Torque: 200 NM
  • Economy: Up to 18 Km per Liter


The Amaze has been around for years but still it managed to catch our eyes! Thanks to Honda Amaze design which made it one of most well styled car in the segment, just take a walk around this car and you will appreciate the attention to details. In short, it’s very well-proportioned from every angle.  The visual changes are not drastic but the subtle modifications sure make the Honda Amaze exterior look sharp. Yes the already aggressive face now got meaner thanks to the new set of LED headlamps.

As for the side profile, it reveals new diamond cut by Hyundai. Alloy rims are sharp but bit more intense than last time. Apart from the diamond cut and alloy rims, there isn`t much change on the side profile. However the rear section remained untouched but it was saved for the revised Badging. HONDA badge from rear has gone and we can only see the word Amaze. In addition of badging, the ground clearance has been also increased.


Price List

Petrol Version

  • Honda Amaze 1.2 EX I VTEC 5.3 Lac
  • Honda Amaze 1.2 S i-VTEC 5.7 Lacs
  • Honda Amaze 1.2 SX i-VTEC 6 Lacs
  • Honda Amaze 1.2 VX I VTEC 6.6 Lacs
  • Honda Amaze 1.2 S AT I VTEC 6.7 Lacs
  • Honda Amaze 1.2 VX AT I VTEC 7.5 Lac

Diesel Versions

  • Honda Amaze 1.5 E I DTEC 5.9 Lac
  • Honda Amaze 1.5 EX I DTEC 6.3 Lac
  • Honda Amaze 1.5 S I DTEC 6.6 Lac
  • Honda Amaze 1.5 SX I DTEC 6.9 Lac
  • Honda Amaze 1.5 VX I DTE 7.5 Lac

Drive and Handling

Sensitive department for any newly released car. Starting with suspension and handling of Amaze, you have to watch for it! Honda has extensively modified its car based on customer feedback, and thanks to it this car is now stiff. The suspension is slightly evident at slow speed but boots confidence at high speeds.

With the added stiffness, stability at high speed has improved and this car is now less bouncy at the rear end. Amaze was known for its rear section`s tendency for getting unsettled at sharp potholes, thank god this is part of the history now. Stiffness helps Honda Amaze for maintain its like. Now coming to handling the improvement here are not drastic but they are apparent.  The steering feedback was almost dead at center but now it’s sensitive. Disc brakes at all four wheels offer great breaking performance.

Still the Honda Amaze is not set to compare with its European Competitors. Yes these dynamics are not ready for them. Suspension don`t have the nerve needed on rough terrains. The new Honda Amaze improved and stable as compared to previous models but still comparing it with the Europeans will be a lost cause.


  • Hyundai Verna
  • Maruti Suzuki SX4
  • VW Vento
  • Skoda Rapid

Final Take

Updated Honda Amaze holds its own merits when it comes to value for money. The improvements are apparent as compared with tuck and nick going on models. However, being enthusiast I can`t appreciate the updates Honda threw in Amaze when speaking about aggression and pickup. But it’s for the suspension and handling, Honda Amaze does make a reliable pick!

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