Honda Accord 2015 Concept King of Subcompact Midsize Sedan

Nothing new, as with every new product there has been some fuss with the upcoming new 2015 Honda Accord with its completely new look and beasty engine, no one can blame the critics as you can get a large audience for commenting on something such as upcoming accord. Displayed at 2014 Delhi Motor Show, the Honda First revealed its king of subcompact midsize sedan. Unfortunately, the company didn`t release much of its details.

Well according to the critics, the newer car will be smaller than previous generation as company is now focusing on smaller wheelbase to improve drive ability of its cars.  The good thing, Honda`s Man Max Machine Min will result in spacious interior. As for styling, the front is said to be compact with a touch of family look. The Japs are now offering a whole new interior with lots of gizmos to play with.

The diesel version is said to be powered by a 1.6 liter I-DTEC engine which also powered Honda CR V. this engine is capable of producing 118 BHP with top power of 300 MN. I would like to say it`s pretty impressive for a family car.

Here you feel the real fantasy of Honda Accord Sedan an official website!


What Key People have to say!

We had a chat with Mr. Jnaneshwar Sen who is VP of Honda Cars India. He made it clear that the new generation of Civic won`t be launched in India. Reason for that is, the previous generation of Civic sold here from 2006 to 2013 won the hearts of many. Well that was for Civic, now back to point. Honda will be launching new generation next year, precisely the ninth generation. Accord has been a favorite of buyers who like the premium sedan segment. Even though competitors like Skoda Superb are already on high, still we see the new Accord getting crowned as the leader. Well the only big reason for that is Honda`s unmatched reliability and trouble free ownership experience. Apart from that, the company`s after sale is also a major contributor to Accords success.

Night generation of Honda Accord will be presented as sedan, coupe, plug in and hybrid. But for India, there is only the possibility of sedan.  Honda is now fixing its Earth Dream tech into its engines which makes it fuel efficient as well as more powerful.

Nevertheless, one is for sure. Honda must have brainstormed before deciding to release the diesel powerhouse of Accord. Buyers roaming in premium section don`t care much about fuel efficiency as they do about comfort and other add one features. The new Honda Accord will have to face competition with Toyota Camry, Skoda Superb and Hyundai Sonata before making its mark into the Indian Market.


After all, we know what`s beneath the hood or what possibly can be.  When dealing with the powertrain of Honda Accord 2015.  One is for sure, Honda will add its regular efficiency.  The new accord comes with 2.4 liter motor which is combined with hypodermic Injection Program with 4 cylindrical tube abilities.  The max power output will be near 185 HP.  Honda is now focusing on providing its consumers with a bit more convenient options rather than just providing better efficiency.

The midsize high class accord gets its efficiency on regular rates which its transmitting for itself only.  Accord features a rare 6 rate stick shift with or without CVT program. But if you are looking for more efficiency, the V6 Google version is at your doorstep which is capable of producing up to 278 BHP horsepower.


The first thing everyone thinks before buying a car, it doesn`t matter if the car is powerful or fuel efficient unless it offers good driving dynamics. The Driving is expected to be similar as previous versions however, a few improvements are on order for almost every section. From acceleration to steering, everything as seeing Honda accord 2015 history is expected to improve. With shorter wheelbase, turning around will be easier than ever. Installing powerful drive trains mean more speed and roar pickup. But since it’s the launch date is far away, it`s too early to tell and as told before. There were no official specifications about the car being released. I believe everything is to get an idea about the upcoming new heart robe from Honda!


Honda has already made several cuts for the new design of Accord 2015. Customer can now choose from 4 basic cuts, these cuts are EX, EXL and the LX S produced by Honda.  There are major changes done for external style of upcoming accord. Instead of keeping things in line and more competitive, Japs have decided to finally cool off that that`s why sizing will remain the same as with previous model of Accord.

The updates include metal tires and eye catching shades. This car has all the options Japs High Class offers you. Within the barn, you will find great features such as vacation control, chilled and warm chairs with touchscreen tech on board and distant start. As for the front, it’s a facelift. Front grill and headlamps along with some features of Hood has been completely redesigned. Starting with the lamps, there are bigger and made a little bit crisp. Front grill has been also redesigned as it drops down to the fog lamps. The header of front grill consists of a wide chrome state while the bottom features two slim chrome stats. Fog lamps are made rectangular and are now cornered with chrome stripes.

Honda Accord Release Date

Accord will hit the showrooms in 2015 and there will be more features in this luxury sedan than they ever were. The eight generation didn`t succeeded in selling the V6 version and with competitors such as Superb, Accord will need some serious stance. Another surprising fact we uncovered is Honda now plans to launch diesel version of Accord. These are hard times and as prices are ever going up, people are avoiding diesel variants. Therefore it can be a bad call for Honda! No doubt Honda Accord has enjoyed success in Indian market before and we are pretty sure it will do again.

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