Getting the Superb’ from Skoda

Skoda’s superb lives up to its mark, with the spacious model providing a lush feeling. The model, despite its obvious size couldn’t match up with Camry and the brand despite its appreciation in the India market couldn’t bring about the charm that’s expected. Superb has better modern elements leaving aside the European VW slab styling, being in line with its Fabia. However one can find a thick Bavarian accent to the overall finish. Griffin-eyed headlamps, a small hint of flame surfacing and the now-overused kink do well to emulate the bigger headlamps, given the Superb’s large size.


General Specifications:

  • Engine: 3580 cc V6 available in various segments
  • Max Power: 260 bhp @ 4000 RPM
  • Max Torque: 350 NM
  • Drive: Permanent 4-wheel drive
  • Gearbox: 6-speed DSG Auto
  • Front Suspension: McPherson strut
  • Rear Suspension: Multi-Element axle
  • Front Brakes: Disc with inner cooling
  • Rear Brakes: Disc
  • Dimensions (L/B/H): 4838/1817/1462
  • Kerb Weight: 1665 kg

Superb can easily compete with cars in much higher range when it comes to interior styling. No doubt the exterior too looks good but not as much to tag it with the beauty king crown. Superb uses an electronic lock to enable opening of the boot conventionally. The flat bonnet may not go quite well with the slanted boot but it was designed keeping in mind the facilitation for clever boot systems. The boot space combines the elegance of a sedan with the practically of an hatchback. Manoeuvring in reverse may pose some difficulties as for the large size with limited rear visibility.

The handling seems fine. Steering feels comfortably light as well not too heavy to feel weighted. Owing to the shorter wheelbase, the car is visually less aggressive. The poise is maintained on the road despite the large weight. Going around sharp corners will definitely make one feel the momentum. Overall it handles quite fine, just don’t expect it to do around a racetrack.

Skoda Superb

Superb 2013

[ Image Credits: Wikipedia ]

Comfort is more targeted for in Skoda’s Superb, with ride and handling given more importance than outright power which is self-explanatory. Superb was originally designed in Czech republic know popularly for its smooth roads and designers must have one hell of a time thinking about its performance on Indian Roads. It seems for Skoda to sacrifice a bit of handling for better comfort.

There are various types of engine variants available for the Superb, all of them with surprising engine sizes. For a vehicle of such size, 1.4 Litre petrol is seemingly a low end displacement choice and it will be interesting to look over what testimonials are saying as a car of such type will have entry level engines with displacement of at least 2.0 litres. They do provide it with an astonishing 3.6 Litre V6 engine ready to take on anything that comes in between.

In-depth discussion of various engines may take a long haul, one can do surely assert the fact that despite their sizes, the new generation of engines from the VW group live up to the expectation, thanks to the turbo’s strapped upon them. The range of five to seven speed automatic or manual gearboxes assure optimal combustion of fuel and delivery of power with efficiency.

As mentioned earlier, when it come on the Interiors, Superb is enough capable to take on others to as much as 3 times the cost. The large size and space has been perfectly utilized to deliver an extremely spacious seating. Long rear doors manage to take in with ease and at least 2-3 people can get in at the rear with ease and comfort. To make things even better, one is also provided with footrests. The boot space also comes out to be impressive with at least 30% more boot space available than what was offered in the previous models.

The detailing will surely impress one if in case the space doesn’t. Detailing such as the Superb’ lettering on the headlamps and the Rolls-Royce style finish doors make it look impressive. Adaptive headlamps not only change angles with the steering but also with the increase or decrease in speed. Mounted LCD display may not be seen in the Superb where rear passengers will miss on the auto-video controls, which is usually looked for as a standard in these segments. Safety is also not compromised with up to 9 available airbags locations. Built quality ensures minimal accidental damage which came out to be as expected.

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