Ford Ka Review: Detailing upcoming Compact B Segment

The American Pony Car Maker, Ford is all set to launch New Ka in early 2015. The long running series is well appreciated around the globe. But will the new variant manage to please its customers like previous did, it`s too early to tell. But we can get an idea from the officially released specifications. These specs are detailed below so take your time.

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Three Basic Theme options are provided, each of them can be specified according to customer`s desire.  These themes are named as Digital, Grand Prix and Metal. However, an addition of other four trim levels have also been introduced, these are Titanium, Zetec, Studio and Edge. Each of them carry their own price tag.  The Ford Ka Interior speaking ergonomically is well tailored but it’s a bit ordinary. Seats are supportive and comfortable. However, the plastic used on dashboard is not impressive.

The flash color coding on other side braces a good look.  In simple words, the well installed equipment fits the environment properly. Stereo are a bit fiddly but easy to operate. One thing I need to say, according to the car`s size, the interior space offered is appraisable.  Head room and leg room are satisfying. In addition, we also loved the slug of luggage.  Connectivity is also good the price we are paying. In simple words, its money well spent!


Introducing the New Edge Design Theme, it’s currently the second generation folding Kinetic Design concept.  Modified Front grille with peering head lamps gives the New Ford Ka a refreshing look. We are hard pressed to say the 11 hour design changed kept the line of rear wing and door smooth at the upper edge. However, tailgate handles are a bit similar to Original Ka.

Ford Ka

Ford Ka Image

Apart from that, Ford has also integrated a few other elements from its traditional line of products. The fact is, Ka itself resembles somewhat to Fiat Panda. Well it`s not something we need brains for, the joint venture of Fiat and Ford began in 2005 when both brands agreed for introducing two cars, the 500 and Ka, based on Panda Platform.  The body shell, gearbox with chassis and suspension have been deprived from previous. However, Ford decided to return with a restyled car in order to improve the Ford Ka Exterior.


The Ford Ka Engine Options are 1.2 L Duratec Fire I4 (Petrol) and 1.3 L Duratorq Multijet I4 (Diesel). Both these options are mated with a 5 Speed Manual transmission. However, the Diesel option is excluded from latest offering.  Re-tuning the 1.2 L 8 valve, its times for a blend of style. The petrol version goes 0-60 MP/h in 13.6 seconds while the diesel version only takes 11 sec. Petrol version is capable of producing max power of 105 BHP. Due to the recently introduction, there are a few things to be confirmed. Therefore, stay tuned!


  • Commendable Driving
  • Appreciable Styling
  • Wide dealer network


  • A bit Expensive
  • Fuel Economy is not up to mark
  • Under-powered 1.2 L petrol option only

Experience and Handling

A nippy car to drive around, Ford Ka Handling is known for being comfortable not aggressive. As it is a city car by nature, therefore the most important elements here should be cornering, steering and braking. Fortunately for Ford, the New Ka is up to our marks. Yes its comfortable to drive and exciting thanks to its features. Yep, the ka if you don`t judge it on behalf of its size, is packed with features. For introduction, a power steering, door lights, parking sensor, better start and improved cornering should be enough.

We also have climate control with heated front seats to make things a bit more interesting for you! Fashionable and fun, this car offers finish and craftsmanship rare found in its class.  With addition of Crystal Clear audio system and hands free Bluetooth with voice control. Plug and play MP3 system with Pioneer loudspeakers, makes this car all the better. Up to date information about drive and statistic are providing in all series. In order to make things more comfortable, the audio controls are provided at your fingertips. Keeping this in mind, we can`t disagree with the fact that Car journey is made better with your favorite track, right?


As for Ford`s Word, New Ka Performance is something that will make you smile. It`s sneeringly powerful with impressively low on carbon. As for economy, this car can go miles while just consuming one gallon for almost 55 miles. Taking a look at the figures, we can`t neglect the fact that everything is almost impressive.  The engine noise almost makes it feel like a roar car but that’s not the case, Ford Ka being a city car is easy and fun to drive featuring everything you need for sharp cornering and swift pickup.


With hard heart, the Ford Ka is not as cheap to maintain as compared to others in market.  The main problem here is almost every important rival is generous as its competitors. However, this car fights back with establishing one of the biggest car networks.

Competitors such as i20 have something better to offer. The Ford Ka economy is somewhat acceptable. But there is room for improvement. Ford Ka cleverly managed to offer a bit better mileage than the Skoda Citigo. But if you are choosing on behalf of economy, Ka might not be your best bet.

Final Pick

In the end, I will say this car is modern and shows good driving manner. For 5-7 lakh price range, Interior is spacious for what we are paying, the only thing we were not pleased with one engine option. Yes the diesel variant are kept behind and only the petrol version is presented at the moment. Comfortable and commendable, new Ford Ka manages to keep tabs in its favor.  But as it has always been pricey, it managed to maintain its image with installing itself with a couple of interesting features and equipment. We recommend this car for in city and daily use. If you are looking for performance and mileage, look for something else.

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