Ford B-Max MPV Review: Mini MPV got Super Mini

The Ford B-Max MPV, a famous MPV well thanks to its features and economy! It`s done a pretty good business in past. The redesigned version is has been launched and it promises many things for the price. But will it remain on top as previous one did or not. By the looks, it might but to find the score underneath the hood. It`s time for a sneak peek!


Speaking of a MPV, the Ford B Max is quite impressive! The slide open with rear doors was a clever move. These doors are designed in a way that you can easily close anyone from front or rear first. The rear sliding is made a bit heavy, therefore they latch open without haste. When these door close, it’s a bit irony. These doors are wide and have a blind spot for driver. You can see what this MPV has to over when the odors are opened.

As for the space, it`s not different from any mini MPV, yes the access to back is not quite easy. But if you lean inside, you will be comfortable.  This effects the passenger side as front seat folds flat. There you can unload the long and big boxes from side as there is no B Pillar.  The doors will be easily closed on arm and leg after meeting with the bumpers.  Surprisingly there is nothing to lock the rear doors which we hated besides the exposed electrical cables at bottom.

Like the space, materials used in it are not impressive. The styling and architecture is based on platform provided by Fiesta. But as for the class norm, it`s smart and pleasurable.

Ford B-Max MPV Exterior

The B Manx is small but a solitary MPV if you care to ask. its smaller than its main competitors but that`s why its maneuverable. To be honest, it`s quite sleek for an MPV. Based on the Global B Platform.  The basics are similar to fiesta. The engines go sideways while being a front wheel drive. Steel body has been extensively re-engineered to be crash safe. But as the b pillars are absent, only a ton of weight can help achieving that. Keeping that in mind, this car weights no more than 1,350Kg.

Ford B-Max

Ford B-Max

To be honest, the Ford B-Max Exterior has been cleverly designed. The structure pillars are no more which splits the up and front of car. These pillars instead of body frame have been integrated in doors. The overall design somewhat resembles the C Max with long head lamps and wrap around tail lamps. It`s not as attractive as the fiesta but still it’s a bit better than other MPV. These cars are a bit Spartan as they have loads of kit and accessories. Seems like its preparing itself for the long and tough battle!

Engine and Performance

Both options of Petrol and Diesel are made available. In addition, there is extensive range with two diesel engine options with one petrol. Gearbox options are also provided. Jumping into the specs, first we have the advance Eco Boost Petrol 1.4L Duratec and 1.6L Ti VC. It`s both powerful and economical. The diesel options are 1.6L TDCi and 1.5L TDCi. These powerhouses are mated with 5 speed manual gearbox. This gearbox itself has been tweaked to work well with both engines. The top speed is promised to be 117mph while max power for petrol is 93 BHP while diesel produces 111 BHP.

The main attraction of any car, Ford B-Max MPV Engine performs well for an MPV. The Ecoboost engine is rorty as compared to Ford B-Max MPV but it`s stiffer. Whatever the dead end is, there is room for improvement.  For an MPV which can 0-60mph in 11 seconds, it`s impressing. There can`t be much improve in other respects. Respond is good as accelerator revives way down from 1200 rpm to 6000 rpm. The forth gear helps for getting 20-40mph as fast as you can do 50-70. I believe this speaks well for the turbocharger. The bottom line is, the performance is versatile and enjoyable.

But being a family car, is it economical enough? The performance might be oriented for aggressiveness. But does it affect the economy of this car?

Other Notable Features

First I would like to start with Intelligent Protection System. This system has been designed for keeping the passengers safe. It comes with Ford Torque Vectoring Control. This improves handling of this ride. Another notable mention is Emergency Assistance. This alerts the local services if you have been through an accident. Tis been made available for more than 30 countries across the world.


The versatile and economic Ford B-Max was launched lately in 2013 India. Since then, this car has made a strong presence in market. This car offered a lot for its class. Coming at price of 5.5-7.5 lakh, it proved to be a hit!


  • Good Pricing
  • Performance Oriented
  • Economical
  • Exclusive features for its class


  • Not Spacious Enough
  • Materials are not up to mark


Performance and price are considered an important factor for faith for any car. But when it comes to MPV, if the economy fails to impress us besides the previous two factors, it`s going be a failure! Keeping it short, the Ford B-Max economy is impressive for its class and price. If you are going for the petrol version, then you will be a happy driver but if you opt for the diesel, well it will be a different story.  This car thanks to the co boost on petrol can climb 11 Km/l while the diesel could only churn 8-9 km/l.

Bottom Line

Following footsteps of S Max, the Ford B-Max enters top of MPV ranks. The creative doors and absence of pillars might look like a gimmick but it improves the access in car. As for the comfort, if the space wasn`t so tight B Max would have got a thumbs up. But considering other facts as well including design, specs and performance. It`s worth your money. A well performing and styled MPV for your bucks.

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