Fiat Punto Abarth Italian Hamster Upgraded

The Italians know how to make incredible cars! Speaking about Italy and cars, no one can spare Fiat. Especially the Punto hatchbacks, these cars are small, cute, and aggressive, and most importantly are good speaking economically wise. The new Fiat Punto Abarth is expected to hit the market on July 2015. We are expecting it to be priced around 8-9 lakhs. But will it live up the Punto mark or fail the brand name, let us see that!


After taking first glance at the Fiat Punto Abarth exterior, one thing is for sure. It enjoyed a number of effective cosmetic upgrades. Starting with the rear, the rectangular bit of fish-mouth air intake opening is attractive. However we are not pleased by the fog lamps embedded in it. The license plate holding strip cutting fish mouth vertically from center is attractive.

Fiat Punto Evo Abarth

Fiat Punto Abarth Evo

[ Image Credits: dragballet ]

However it`s furthermore enhanced with the addition of indicators at each side. The air intake also acts at grill cover because the one above is too small. Headlamps are made typical Punto with bonnet being wide, sleek and simple. Going to their rear profile, headlamps continues to remain the rear end of c pillar; these are joined by the widescreen. The rear bumper enjoys a black strip joining the front bumper.

This strip also centers license plate however, it doesn`t have anything shiny in it. Both sides of bumper have air vent. This adds functionality with style. The wheels are 17 inchers and are multi spoke. Actually the word I wanted to use was multi fork spoke. Side profiles as usual are kept simple yet elegant without any sidelines or chroming making the Punto mark.


  • Aggressive Pickup
  • Good Handling
  • Great Economy
  • Reliable for Everyday Use
  • Cheaper as compared to Competitors
  • Sportive Styling


  • Speed lags
  • Suspension not up to marks
  • Interior is made with cheap material
  • Build quality is not impressive
  • Seats are set a bit high


Well speaking on accounts on look, we realize it might not be much attractive. But if you care to jump inside, you will find it astoundingly comfortable compared to what it looks on the outside. It’s a smooth hatchback which comes with 17 inch allow rims. Speaking Fiat Punto Abarth Interior, the seats are cosseting corners. Speaking about how much room is provided, well it`s enough for even a tall driver for front but headroom in rear is not commendable.

Same is for legroom, it`s enough in the front but tight in rear. One thing I like to credit Fiat for is road noise has been managed to keep at minimal. This makes the engine prominent which will be pleasant for Charger lovers.

Speaking about the luggage, it`s competitive to rivals. Yes, Fiat has outsmarted Clio and Renault by just a few liters. In order to accommodate groceries, the rear seats can be folded down. However these can only fold as one piece, not all the way flat down. In addition, there is some additional space in cabin for small items such as cup holders, change box, glove box and the docking charger. Need something else in this price range?

General Specifications

  • 1368 cc Displacement
  • 4 cylinder turbo 1.4 L Engine
  • Petrol
  • Six Speed Manual Transmission
  • 180 BHP Max Power
  • 201 Lb Mar Torque
  • ABS
  • Airbags

Engine and Performance

Starting with Drive Modes, Fiat Punto Abarth has two of them. These drive mode are named as Normal and Sport. These can be adjusted from a switch on dash. Sport mode is big of fun and it lets the powerhouse produce more power even at low rev which makes the steering a bit heavy. This also lets the car be better at overtaking while improving the feedback in corners.

As for the normal mode, it`s for cruising and lifeless if you wanted to learn the truth. At this mode, the car reacts incredibly slower when you step on the accelerator.  But for summing it up, the Fiat Punto Abarth performance is quick when it comes to impress. The credit goes to grip and traction control system. Going into the Fiat Punto Abarth engine specs, what we have here is 1.4 L Turbo Petrol engine. This cute engine is capable of putting max power of 180 BHP on track.

As this car is about to be released, not much can be said about its engine specifications at the moment. But with passage of time, we are hopeful to get new updates. As soon as we have them, we will let you know!


Well short isn’t much appreciated as long as it have exciting economy to offer. Fortunately, Fiat Punto Abarth Economy is better than expected. Moreover, it cuts most rival on its price. Considering the power its putting on track, still the 47 MPG is not bad with emission of 142 g/km. good for Fiat, the new Punto is capable wiping off its main rivals namely the Clio and Corsa for almost the same price. One thing is for sure, the addition of Esseesse helps cutting much difference. The fact is 1.4L Petrol turbo engines were never so economical before. So keep up the good work Fiat!


  • Vauxhall Corsa
  • Renault Clio
  • Hyundai i20

Safety Feature

One of the most important facts you need to mind when filling the paper for a ride, keep the safety in check. Well speaking on accounts of Fiat Punto Abarth Features, the Euro NCAP tests have been conducted for this ride. But let`s not get our hopes down and instead, how about a look at history. The previous Fiat Punto Abarth which was better known as Grande Punto was awarded five starts for its safety and security features. It was equipped with seven airbags and featured ABS with EBD. The stability control was made standard.

Other notable features include Hilld Holder. This system helps preventing the ride from rolling back. In addition, the electronic brake force distribution system has been introduced. Seeing all these facts, we are pretty sure that the new Fiat Punto Abarth will be a safe ride for us.

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