Review of DUCATI 1199 SUPERLEGGERA: Overrated or Engineering Innovation

The Italians have introduced a brand new best superbike, yes the DUCATI 1199 SUPERLEGGERA. After a long time, we have what we wanted. Wait, there is an over fashioned price tag over it. This doesn’t mean you can enjoy the beauty of it. Yep the reveals are showing curves and edges of this bike while the official releases are showing technicalities. At price of $650,000 and only producing 500 units, this bike has created much hype. Is it worth all the naught or just something for Money without sense? We can’t say anything right now. For better results, it`s time to dive in the details!  Read the following review and judge yourself.

General Specifications

  • Engine: Super-quadro L Twin Cylinder liquid cooled
  • Displacement: 1,198 cc
  • Valve Configuration: Desmodromic Valve Actuation 4 valves per cylinder
  • Power: More than 200 hp
  • Torque: 134 nm
  • Fuel Injection: Mitsubishi Electronic Fuel Injection System.
  • Gearbox: Six Speed
  • Clutch: Hydraulic controlled slipper self servo wet multi-plate
  • Suspension: Fully Adjustable Ohlin’s FL916 fork with Tin Treatment billet for front and fully adjustable Ohlin TTX 36 shock for rear
  • Brake: Dual 330 m discs with semi floating discs 4 piston caliper ABS front and single 245 mm disc 2 piston calipers with ABS for rear

ducati 1199 SUPERLEGGERA Image

[ Image Credits: forbes ]

Design and Looks

The new DUCATI 1199 SUPERLEGGERA is something the Italian two wheels manufacturer has never done before!  All elements combined make this best superbike even better under SUPERLEGGERA lineup. Thanks to precision and attention to each detain, the new Ducati exceeds every limit of light weight and performance. The featured design successfully forms perfection of sleek and aggressiveness. Based on award winning design of other Ducati line up. New 1199 delivers modified front cowl shape. This modification offers improved aerodynamics a high speed.

Everything fashioned in carbon fiber, this bodywork is cleverly wrapped around the masculine interior which is finished with Ducati Corse Red. Thanks to all of it, the final product is no less than impressing. A street legal superbike breaking barriers set for performance. In addition of best in class crafting, the DUCATI 1199 SUPERLEGGERA design features safety options such as ABS and long standard maintenance intervals. It’s a full world superbike which is bit comparable powerful. Nothing the less, Ducati has set standard for bike construction. This paves way for a completely new generation of superbikes in near future. Seeing all this progress, one thing is for sure, Ducati`s quest for ever best performance is far away from ending. Keep up the good work!

Accounting everything, DUCATI 1199 SUPERLEGGERA scores a 9/10 for its looks.

Engine and Specs

How well it performs? The mark is way up from how a best superbike should perform. Yep, Ducati continues to set new record with its Super-quadro L Twin Cylinder Desmodromic 4 Valve Actuation Engine.  Liquid cooled 1,198cc displacement, the engine is fueled with an Electronic Twin injector per cylinder provided by non-other than Mitsubishi. This fuel injection system features full ride by wire elliptical throttle body.

This DUCATI 1199 SUPERLEGGERA engine or powerhouse (so to speak) is mated with 6 speed gearbox. the primary drive is straight cut gear with 1.77:1 Ratio. The Gearbox is paired with hydraulic controlled slipper self-servo wet multi-plate clutch which comes with superbike configuration.  With this entire configuration, best superbike from Ducati is capable of product max power of more than 200 hp with torque of 134 nm. As for exhaust got a 2-1-2 system with titanium primary tubes and mufflers. With all these specifications, the new superbike from Italian two wheeler claims to jump over 200 km/h.  Till now there are no confirmations about economy. Still, what we have till now is sure impressive enough!

Consider what we pay for it, engine specs earn an 8/10.

Possible Rivalries

  • Yamaha R3
  • Honda CBR 1000RR Fire blade SP ABS
  • Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R ABS
  • Triumph Daytona 675

Ride and Handling

As the claim goes, Ducati is celebrating its commitment to performance technology and lightweight built. With the introduction of limited dream model, we are getting pleasant blend of titanium, magnesium and carbon fiber. Well they add pretty much character to the bike. But it’s all for the naught if there is lack of innovative engineering here. The stylish approach here is commendable which reaches the affirming maxim.  DUCATI 1199 SUPERLEGGERA now follows the successful trace of previous such iconic limited editions. These were also built on examples of their own. This ride is all set to climb heights.

With all the superpower, we are sure expecting some good handling. After-all, all this power and no sense to steer, something not appreciated in market. Going into details, we have USD Ohlin’s FL 916 Fork with TIN Treatment billet fort for front suspension. As for rear suspension we have single Ohlin’s TTC36 with linkage adjustable between flat. The front brakes are 2 330mm semi floating discs with 4 piston calipers. Rear brake is a single 240 mm 2 piston caliper. Both of these come with ABS. the titanium work sits well with magnesium Monologue Alloy frame. For the price we are paying. It sounds good.

The handling of DUCATI 1199 SUPERLEGGERA gets a 7/10.

Final Word

On all accounts keeping the looks, relation with asphalt and roar in mind, DUCATI 1199 SUPERLEGGERA is a solid bike. Perhaps it’s like a creation like nothing else. With its looks, dynamics and graphics, the Italians are fulfilling their commitment to performance and lightweight. But isn’t this lightweight ordeal getting heavy on our pockets, It may seem like a joke but we certainly believe it is. After going through the tech specifications (not driving), we feel there is a bit overpaying here. Yep, the DUCATI 1199 SUPERLEGGERA on accounts of everything is well suited for under $50 k bike.

However the original price is $65 k. Therefore, yes we are overpaying. At this price range, there is a lot of room for improvement. Well we are not going to go in details as it will be mouthful here. No doubt that DUCATI 1199 SUPERLEGGERA will sale like hot cakes but still we hope to get better at this price.

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