DC Avanti Review: The First Indian Sports Car

It’s time to say Namaste to India`s very own supercar. Yes the DC Design has once again done a great job. However this time, it`s not tuning but the completion of their very own car. DC Design have introduced their New Avanti in 2013. This car thanks to its specs and price will be a hit in Indian market. Planning to dig into details, we are revealing the under hood specs of this jaw dropping futuristic Indian Bad Boy!

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The DC Avanti was first revealed at Auto Expo Delhi 2012. The first Indian sports car, i`s been designed by DC Design. This firm is led by non-other than Dilip Chhabria. This firm was known for tuning vehicles. But the New Avanti will be there first venture for producing complete car. The name of Avanti is taken from Adventure of Tintin comic line’s Studebaker Avanti.

At its revealed the official specs were released. This two seats will be supported a mid-mounted (provided by Ford) 2.0 L four cylinder Turbocharged engine. The only option is petrol at this time. Good thing is, this car is capable of producing impressive power. Yes DC has made a sweet tooth monster which can produce max power of 260 BHP. Made most of aluminum, this car weighs around 1562 Kg and is heavier than Chevy Corvette. There are reports saying that upcoming versions will be equipped with a V6 Engine. However, this time the powerhouses will be provided by Honda. Gearbox will be a six speed dual clutch which will be assisting this car going 0-60 mph in mere 7 seconds. The care is all set to release this year with a price tag of 36 Lac INR.


The concept behind this sports car is forward in Italian. DC aims to make affordable sports car for Indian market. The exterior and interior of new DC Avanti has been made in Talegaon Unit in Pune. The body shell has been made out of aluminum while the panels are of GRP. The DC Avanti Exterior have been widely inspired from Lotus Evora. Today, the DC Design is widely recognized for their design and vehicle custom options. But now they have made the addition of engineering the roster of their services. Well this car have been revealed at auto show and since then no public appearance was made. But by the first looks. We can assure you it will be no less than a road killer. Yes DC Design once again did a great job as for styling.

DC Avanti

DC Avanti


The very own car of Indian consumers, well if you just put aside the engine and looks. it`s time to jump inside the car. As for DC Avanti Interior, everything was up to our mark. Yes this car is as ravishing on inside as it is on the outside. Without much haste, I will get right to the point. The seats are made with high quality upholstery. Guess what, it had too because it is the first Indian up mark in sports car department. A relaxing and edgy car, DC remarkably made the drive as comfortable as it will be thrilling. Seeing every inch of this ride, no doubt that DC has designed and made this wheeler with utmost concern and care. It may look shorty on the outside but this car is surprisingly spacious on the inside.


The most important factor of deciding the faith of a car in Indian market. As it`s a supercar, good economy is not expected buy as it is made in Indian, we expect there will be an exception. This car is expected to climb 10-15 Km per liter. Pretty impressive for its section. Well thanks to the Ecoboost which makes it as powerful as it is economical.  Hold on, there is more good news. Several reports are confirming a six speed manual transmission will be installed with 2.0 L petrol engine to further improve the economy.



Time to dig deep in the DC Avanti Engine. As this car was revealed by Big B himself while considering other facts such as its first Indian supercar, there are high expectations of it. The car is powered by 2.0 L DOC 4 Cylinder Turbo Engine. This engine is capable producing max power of 240 BHP with 266 NM torque. As for gearbox, we have six speed dual clutch manual. As said before, there are several incoming reports that the later version of DC Avanti will be supporting a V6 engine provided by Honda.


For any sports car, this is show time! First I would like to praise all the hard work and dedication of DC. With impressive exterior, engine specs and interior. Its time we tested the car`s metal, the top speed is said to reach 250 Km per hour. What makes this car all the more interesting it can 0-100 Km/H in mere 7 Seconds. I would also like to mention the impressive (yet stylish) 19 tires incorporated to deal with rugged and rough Indian Terrains while providing a smooth ride.

Other notable features

As this car is made swift and affordable, there are some other notable mentions, in order to keep things in control. DC Design has installed 330mm disc brakes with AP Racing calipers installed with OE fitment. As for suspension, we have coil cover shock absorbers. Hydraulic racks are mated with Bosch antilock braking. This will be made standard in upcoming features. This care was first tuned in United Kingdom. Upcoming versions will be tuned by international experts. The body has been made strong and a bi strappy, well thanks to the efforts of DC. Indian now have its very on TIG chassis with Jig Build. The best part, all this in a tubular frame.

The company (very thoughtful) with all speed and aggressiveness, also kept driver`s safety in mind. This is why this can is coming with wide 19 inch tires with ABS braking system. In addition the Dual SRS air bags are installed just in case of any unfortunate event.


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