Datsun Redi Go Review: India Redefining Crossovers

Taking a look at the new Datsun Redi Go, it seems like India has discovered the new way to stun Crossover fans. To make things more interesting, this crossover has already been world premiered and it got positive feedback from all car enthusiasts. With the Datsun Redi Go, the Indian Japanese Subsidiary will be supporting clients for exploring new roads.

The bespeak enthusiasm is well appreciated with the ready to go personality of this car. Derived from the successful Datsun Go Hatchback and presenting itself as the Crossover between GO Plus and Hatchback. It cleverly borrowed features from its predecessors and adapted them well. With its compact looks and impressive attention to every detail.

We are pretty sure it will be a hit. However, nothing much about this crossover have been released. Therefore, going with assumptions and expectations. Here is everything described below this car. Take your time to get through them!


The Datsun Redi Go Exterior shares a number of similarities with Go Plus and Go Hatchback. The fact is, there are a couple of concept cars added into this line which makes the Redi Go as it is. The high round shape gives a hint that this will be a crossover from Datsun. Seeing that this segment is gaining popularity among enthusiast, we wouldn’t be shock to see a Crossover after MPV version of a Hatchback.

Upcoming Datsun Redi GO

Datsun Redi GO

[ Image Credits: Carwale ]

The Indian Japanese subsidiary Nissan Datsun seems all prepared for entering this Concept Crossover into their production line. Coming back to the Exterior, the outside is quite impressive. Mentioning LED lights and tail lamps, Datsun have done an astonishing job. Going for the wheel profile, the 15 inches are pretty stylish and ravishing as they add sporty feeling to the whole vehicle.

The D Cut grill derived from previous two units will turn heads around. Adding compliment to that, the head lamps set well with front facade. Wrapping it all, I just want to say Datsun did a good job integrating the curves and lining on every profile. The smart use of lines accentuates the entire look thus making Redi Go an impressive credit for the brand.


With a heavy heart I am going to say this, till now no official confirmations have been released about Datsun Redi Gointerior. But with what we already have, I say it won`t be difficult for us to make a few assumptions. Seeing the outer body, we won`t be surprised that it have high suspension. But counting the goods as well, we are expecting a well suited cabin as compared to the looks.

In addition, we also expect a good infotainment system in center of dashboard which will make the Datsun Redi Go entertainment on the go. Seeing to the size of car, we won`t be surprised to find that it’s a comfortable 5 seat. In addition, we also want to see the same great looks on inside that we witnessed on the outside.

What more can we want, we have a concept, large wheeler, well styled, well equipped and comfortable. Other notable expectations will include the names of Aux in, two speaker system, charging dock for mobile devices and dash mounted gear level with handbrake. Well that was for the standard, now time for some premium-ship! The higher variants are expectation to come with beige upholstery.


At the time it was presented in Auto Expo, according to officials the Datsun Redi Go was only in its development stages. Yes the design study was still going on. So as for the Datsun Redi Goengine, you can imagine if some major changes are made in design, it will affect the drivetrain as well. But the good news, the engine details are not same as interior. Yes, we have some confirmations from officials. What`s it worth, we are happy with them for the moment.

This concept crossover will be powered by a 1.2L petrol powerhouse which has been borrowed from Datsun Go. This bad boy will producing mac power of 67 BHP with Max Torque of 104 Nm. It will be (just like the Go Plus and Go Hatch) a front drive. The engine will be mated with 5 speed engine. As for the updates, we might as well see a CNG or LPG version.

I have to say that this Indian Subsidiary did made a smart move by fitting the mighty but cute powerhouse in crossover version keeping the Indian roads in mind. Unfortunately, nothing about the car economy has been released yet. But we are expecting some official dates in one of these days. So stay tuned for more!

Price, Launch and Competition

As for now, the details of new Datsun Redi Go are off the books. Well we can`t blame the company as this model still hasn’t enter the production line. It`s just a prototype.  But there are healthy chances that the Redi Go will find its way up to the production line. If I wanted to promote it, I will just say it’s a Segment creator. It’s a trailblazer which is both attainable and aspirational.

Going into details, the price tag will be between 6-7 Lakh. At the time of its launch, we are expecting the Redi Go to face some serious competition from upcoming Ford Figo and the Honda Jazz.  As for the launch date, we are expecting this car to hit the Indian market in early 2015, precisely February.

Final Word

After seeing everything, I just want to scream this, it will woo customers. With Nissan backing it up, no doubt the new Datsun Redi Go will offering good value for money. Thanks to its slim design, it will fit well in the Indian roads. Becoming a Datsun highlight in crossover segment, this will ultimately prove itself to be the cheaper alternative for big boys such as Ford EcoSport and others.

This crossover will ultimately provide ambitions to our potential.  Taking everything in the first way for long roads, it will be both stylish on road and light on pocket.

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