Datsun Go plus Review: The Upcoming Jap-Indian Multi-Purpose

The subsidiary of Jap Auto in India have unveiled the upcoming Datsun Go plus MPV. It will be launched near the end of 2015 and it is expected to be priced between 4-8 Lakh depending on variant and seller. Till now, not much have been released on accounts of its specifications. But going with the Official portfolio at unveil, we have managed to mention a few notable details. Putting every bite together, here are a few notable mentions about the upcoming MPV.


On the accounts of its looks, the upcoming MPV from Datsun is pretty decent well thanks to its neat body fitting and finishing. The refreshing rear and side makes the Datsun Go Plus exterior something completely new. Starting with the rear, we have a swept design tail light cluster which is equipped with high intensity lamps and turn indicators.  The surrounds of extensively detailed tailgate is complimented with wide windscreen. As for the bumper, it have been a bit large with twin lines that connects the sweep to facet.

Datsun Go+

Datsun Go+

Coming to wheel arches, we got a 13-14 inches rims which will be equipped with modish covers. This adds a bit urbane character to the side profile. Door handles come in body color instead of black or chrome meanwhile the wing mirrors along with B and C pillars are introduced in black. Coming to the frond facade, it enjoyed a couple of superficial details. The center comes with hexagonal perforated grill which is centered in thick chrome strip.

This whole setup is fringed by the halogen lamps and indicators. The front bumper comes in body color while featuring a bit craggy design. Bonnet is made a bit muscular. For a MPV, the Datsun Go plus Exterior is quite stylish!


Time to jump right in! The Datsun Go Plus features a bit classic approach for cabin which comes in two color theme. Apart from that fact it`s made a company vehicle, we are surprised by the ample leg and head room in it! The first and second room comes with enough room but the third row is a bit tight. Cockpit features connected seats with the gearbox being integrated into dashboard. The seats will be coming with head restraints while being covered in Jacquard fabric.

The best element of Datsun Go Plus interior is dashboard. Featuring dual tone color scheme, the dashboard as usual houses instrument cluster, AC vents along with the storage compartment.  Dash also features a charging dock for mobile devices. The central console enjoyed black matte finish and is accompanied by gearbox console. Adding a bit convenience, the steering comes with three spokes while being integrated with brand logo for adding a bit decency to the entire cabin.

The expectation list from Datsun Go Plus features listings standard comfort such as rear AV vents and air conditioning along with heater. To make the seating comfortable, we will enjoy interior door lamps, door map pockets and bottle holders.


  • Great looks
  • Performance and efficiency
  • Easy maintenance and affordable parts
  • Economical ownership experience
  • Better comfort features as compared to competition


  • Interior space is a bit tight
  • Safety features are not impressive
  • Interior design can enjoy some improvements
  • Service networking should be improved
  • Boot storage is not enough

Engine and Performance

Going with the official specs, the Datsun Go plus Engine will be a 1.2 L powerhouse which has also been featured in Nissan Micra as well as the Go Hatch. Based on concept of dual overhead camshaft valves along with three cylinder 12 valves. With displacement of 1198 cc, this Upcoming MPV will be capable of producing 67 BHP Power with torque of 104 Nm. The powerhouse is mated advanced 5 Speed manual gearbox. The new Datsun Go Plus will be a front drive.

As for tech, this vehicle is expected to come with electronic fuel injection which will make this ride an efficient. As for the mileage, there are not any confirmations. But seeing the specs, we won`t be surprised if this MPV made 17-19 Km per gallon.

The electronic fuel injection will be helping this MPV climbing more mikes than we hoped. With its expected decent mileage, we are not surprised why the exact figures haven`t been released. Efforts are surely made to turn the projections into real figures. As there is significant difference between driving on highway and in city, we sure can wait for a while to get the exact figures.


Till now, there are no official confirmations for braking and suspension. But going with expectations, we won`t be surprised to see a conventional system with discs at front and drums for rear. If you are not pleased with this, let us make this clear that this mechanism is capable of dealing with every weather condition. Going for the suspension, we will be seeing McPherson Strut in front while the rear will be coming with an H Type Torsion Beam. This will allow the Datsun Go Plus to deal every bump on the road.  Other expectations include names of sensitive electric power steering for precise and swift turn around.

Other notable features

To be honest, it’s a bit early to say anything about this. So again we will stick with the expectation list. Some standard features such as three point seat belt for both front and rear and two point for center of rear are expected. Along with that, we are also adding head lamp level device with child lock and central locking in the expectation list. As for engine features, we might get the immobilizer system with ABS and EBD. Other features will include the names of Side impact protection and Dual Horns.


Before anything else, we would take this opportunity to say it`s too early to tell, the Datsun Go Plus launch date won`t be close. But we can make some assumptions as we already did before, the Go Plus after hitting Indian market will be facing tough competition from Honda Jazz and Mobilio. But with its mileage, there are healthy chances that it might make a name for itself.

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