BMW S1000R Specifications: Keeping up with the Naked Crown

Well as the word going in market these days, the BMW S1000R is made for those who are used to live in caves. I don`t know how it all connects. But considering the fact that BMW S1000R is one of fastest bikes, it starts making sense. Well the surprising fact is, this naked bod is holding its title of best standard since 2009. This made the eon in segment when the horsepower head is measured only in months instead of years. Well enough chit chat, let`s get down to business. The details are spoiled down below!

BMW S1000R Specifications

  • Engine: 4-Cylinder 4-Stroke 4 valve per cylinder 999 ccm water/oil cooled engine
  • Power: 160 hp @ 11000 rpm
  • Maximum Speed: 125 mph+ [ 150+ after tuning ]
  • Mixture Control: Electronic Injection
  • Fuel Economy: 44 MPG @ 60 mph
  • Gearbox: Constant Mesh 6-Speed Gearbox
  • Brakes [ front ]: Dual floating disc brakes, diameter 320 mm, thickness 5 mm, radial 4-piston fixed calipers
  • Brakes [ rear ]: Single disc brake, single piston floating caliper, diameter 220 mm, 5 mm thick
  • ABS: Yes, Standard Race ABS
  • Weight: 207 KG
  • Fuel Capacity: 4.6 Gallons

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Design and Looks

Going with BMW S1000R series, the new best standard has nothing else but a twin spar aluminum frame. This frame is based on RR layout but it have been slightly altered for naked bike use. These modifications helps for better steering geometrical along with a longer wheelbase. Well the longer wheelbase comes in handy for better stability along with a bit upright riding position. As for the standard BMW S1000R, we get 46 m upside down forts along with works on twin siding swing arm by a conventional mono-shock.

BMW S1000R

BMW S1000R

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As for the sport model, it comes with a DDC semi active suspension which has been extensively inspired from the super sport HP4. The good news is it changes with the riding mode and it is capable of automatically adapting the levels in order to suit the current ride. Well the Bavarian hasn`t quite skimmed out the specs as the last time. This brand got a Brembo radical four piston caliper with ABS being made straight. This setting has been made distinctive keeping the riding mode in mind. Keeping up, the dynamic disable rear wheel for anti-lock to allows the skids. It is quite impressive.

Engine and Performance

Well what can we say, the drive-train is extensive based on S1000RR DOHC. Yep, the BMW S1000R Engine is 16 valve but it has been de-tuned with a redesigned cylinder head along with softer cams. The story isn’t finished here, the injection system has been revised along with a four into one exhaust. Apart from that, the rev limit has also been reduced. Thanks to these modifications the max power output is now 190 bhp. Speaking of the power, the max torque remains at 112 Nm which makes the whole R lineup. So by all means, we have pretty powerful bad boy here!

Well the base variant is coming with two different engine modes. These modes are Road and Rain (can be switched via button on Right Bar). The other comes with a bit soft delivery which has been limited to 140 bhp. Apart from this, this also comes with a distinct Automatic Stability Control simply known as ASC.  By the way, the high end version which is Sport, it`s coming with an extra mode. These modes are Dynamic and Dynamic Pro. Both of these modes are specially designed for a bit sporty experience. In order to make the driving experience even better, these modes are linked with Dynamic Traction Control.

Ride and Handling

How do you think the best standard bike rides, sure it’s awesome! With its controlled aggressive acceleration, sweet handling and powerful brakes, the ride feels light weight well thanks to the seasoning of generous grip and ground clearance. Well thanks to these features, this bike is as quick as a super sports bike. but let`s not forget the fact that new BMW S1000R is not a super sports, instead it’s a street bike. But still, this deserves the round of applause meant for a super sports performance.

As for the riding position, it`s been made typically upright. Well it features easy access to the bars with comfortable legroom. The height is fair and footrests are precisely placed. The fact is, this bike might not be able to reach the ballistic performance but as for road going, it`s pretty fair. All it needs is some compensation with its additional flexibility along with its stunning response capabilities. If the small fly screen is wrote off the book, there is not much wind protection. Therefore, you need to get ready for stretching out your neck muscles. But all accounted for, it’s a sweet ride.

Additional Features

As for the extra features of this best standard, the BMW S1000R has been precisely accessorized. In order to complete the sport package (despite cruise control), we get the quick shift, DDC traction control (thanks to the fact that standard model is equipped with ASC). Despite that, there are also some notable updates to riding modes, well the higher end variants are coming with their own distinctive modes, these modes are Dynamic and Dynamic Pro. In addition, almost every variant is coming with a cruise control. Therefore if you are not so far fussed about their belly pan and LED, I have to say the upgrade makes quite sense.

Coming to the factor fit options, the BMW S1000R comes with a restricted cruise control and an alarm. Guess what, the accessories for all models include name of carbon fiber mudguard and cover. Despite that, the list continues to folding level, rear set foot rest and engine crash pad. To make things even better, the exhaust made out of titanium makes you save more than 4 kg curb weight. The forget wheels which are made for HP4 helps in saving another 2 kg. The list closes with a Navigator GPS and larger Pillion Seat.

Final Word

To sum it all up, I have to admit the new BMW S1000R made a deep impact on the market of super naked category. Well this was no different than what the world saw back in 2010. One thing is for sure, after seeing this. It’s easy to see that BMW is stripping down their fours for a swift, even flexible and sophisticated product. Above all, this product comes at quite a reasonable price tag. Yep the BMW S1000R price tag is placed at affordable price of $13 k. A golden opportunity for all adventure lovers out there.


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