Review: BMW R1200RT the Best Sports Touring Bike is back

Do you need to make a u-turn while looking stylish? Don`t worry, we got the perfect solution for you. BMW R1200RT 2014 is here and already making some fuss around. With its big size, great looks and aggressive performance, new R1200RT is proving itself to be one of the best rides around. But how much it succeeds to prove its claim, first we need to check out the specs before hitting the dirt. Let`s see what this bike offers and see if it makes its rivals worry or not.


BMW R1200RT Review

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Looks and Designing

Like a typical Tourer, the BMW R1200RT 2014 carries supports many design elements from its predecessors. But, in addition of that it also supports some precise modifications into the design. To be honest in reviewing, these design modifications live up with the legend of previous ones. But the great strength I say this sport Tourer has managed is the struggle for being both a luxury Tourer and normal bike. Seeing to the facts and specs of bike, we have to admit that Bavarians did quite an impressive job.  Well seeing to the protection and comfort offered here, there are healthy chances that top rivals will be kinder for pillions. When it comes to such big bikes, the first thing we all love to see is the RT getting well managed. Considering this fact, both the cornering and RT has been well managed.

Take a look at this teaser:

The headlamp is uprated along with k1600 lines. But unlike the K bikes, the BMW R1200RT doesn’t tilt a bit in the bends. New instrument panels incorporates 5.6 inch color display with on board computer. This computer can be easily controlled by the click wheel on left bar.

Engine and Performance review

The BMW R1200RT engine can be said as the adoption of liquid cooled version of 1170cc flat twin. It was first introduced in 2012. Till now, it has been mostly used in the boxer range. The DOHC 8 valve unit performs well and it`s notably harder as compared to old air cooled version. With its switch throttle response and max output of 125bhp, we are getting additional 15bhp more just because of some smart decisions.

Every version of the RT always had and will have a traction control system named as the Automatic Stability Control or ASC. The standard RT helps for selecting normal Road mode or the rain. Just choose your preference and this bike shall deliver whatever you demand. Apart from both these, there is another mode. The third one is Dynamic mode. This is for sharper throttle response which is not dramatic but a bit firm with the semi active suspension.

The engine has been tuned for RT use. Yep, the Best sport touring bike has been geared for better drive at high speed. In addition, heavy alternator and crankshafts are also altered to perform better at low revs. The RT has been strengthened for better snapping. As for the mileage, the 25 liter fuel capacity can easy see us to 200 miles.

Ride and Handling

The BMW R1200RT handling have been tuned for strong low downs. It pulls the aggression from 3,000 rpm or even below.  When it comes to higher revs, the extra slap of acceleration is all that makes this ride fun and a bit light. With its 4 piston radical Brembo calipers packed with 300 mm disc at front while a single piston with 250 mm disc at rear, the braking is enhanced with integration of ABS.

As for the suspension, what we have here is Telever for front and Paralever for rear. But with some alternations in frame, the riding experience is a bit stiffer as compared to the last one. Despite that, as BMW R1200RT is a bit boy, we will have some generous ground clearance.  Thanks to the damping level, the pre-load will be tuned better. Overall, systems are brilliant, these systems are capable of providing a firm damp whenever it is demanded. For instance, if you are riding on a twist and somewhat smooth road, you will need to be gentle on bumpy surface. So get on it, use the power but don`t waste it. After all your road trips won’t be pleasant if your ride is exhausted.

Additional Features

The base model of best sport touring bike the BMW R1200RT is coming around 13 k. Well this is a bit reasonable considering all the features we get. Keeping in mind the Multi-function display and heated grips with the fairings and panniers. These are the features which attracts the market to buy this new best sport touring bike. However the LE model, it can cost around 15 K. But considering what it offers, you certainly won`t hesitate to pay for it! What we get here is additional central locking with gear shift assist. Apart from that, we also get to enjoy the semi active suspension along with heated seats and cruise control.

LE version are also coming with Hill Start Control which is important for parking brake. In case you are stopping on a slope, just tap the front brake lever to adjust HSC. This way the bike will stay put until you release the clutch for pulling away. This is the part of Dynamic variant which also features a pair of daytime running lights. In addition of the lights, the Dynamic BMW R1200RT also comes with an uprated sound system with the price tag of 17 K.

Final Word

Coming to the conclusion, we have seen some major improvements in new BMW R1200RT as compared to previous model. The liquid cooling helps delivering better performance for long distance as compared to air cooling. The rear shock recall problems are not good but this doesn’t alter the fact that BMW`s best sport touring bike is fun to drive. For such as bike, it handles quite well while being comfortable to drive. Equipped with all the latest tech while featuring attractive features, this bike is as practical as it is beautiful. So in the end, all I will say is its money well spent.

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