BMW M4 Review: the New Bovarian Roadster hits Market

After Quiet a long haul, the word is finally seeing a major update to M3 series. No doubt everyone loved these but it`s high time we moved on.  releasing the New BMW M4 F82, the Bovarians did a good work, but will it impress us all like its ancestor did, let`s see for ourselves!

BMW M4 2015


BMW M4 Interior

The sports seats in front are supportive while being comfortable. Adjustable front bolster is what makes them a typical BMW standardized. With their help, you can easily adjust the width of backside according to your liking. Try it out while on your own test drive. Otherwise, you might won`t understand their joy.

Accessing the rear seats, one thing is for sure. Designers brainstormed and sketched no less than a dozen design to make the rear easily accessible. Thanks to BMW M4 Interior, getting in the back seat of a coupe was never this easy.

Apart from the backseat, other notable mentions includes we have only 2 backseats but with addition of small stowage bin between. The legroom here is not much therefore these seats must have been made for children. Headroom is better than what we had in mind. Finally, the M4 showed BMW coping with six footers well while having some room to spare. In the end, we will just say it’s a successful Coupe`s Interior!

BMW M4 Engine

Time to have a sneak peek at its Heart. The BMW M4 Engine is no other than a V8 turbocharged straight six. This powertrain is capable for climbing the impressive power of 317 BHP Max Power with 550Nm Max Torque while burning only 3.0 Liter. What we can say when its already even better than the output off a 4.0 liter V8 which only gives 309 BHP with 400 Nm.

The Transmission options are Upgraded Six Speed Manual if you are not up for Seven Speed M Double Clutch Automatic. The Six Speed Upgrade like the Glass Roof is made available for free.  However, there are healthy chances that the six speed will only be made on special orders.

Acceleration is quite impressive for the engine! At launch, you can 0-100km/h only in 4 seconds, well thanks to the automatic transmission.


  • Engine Sound is Great
  • Performance is better than expected from Specifications
  • Suspension and Steering is great
  • Jaw Dropping Looks


  • Not Enough Leg Room for Back Seats
  • Exclusive Features are not made standard
  • Long Boot can be Troublesome

General Specifications

  • $1.7 Hundred K Price Tag
  • 2979cc Engine Displacement
  • Twin Turbo Straight Six V8 Engine
  • 317 BHP Max Power
  • 550 NM Max Torque
  • 0-100 in 4 Seconds
  • Seven Speed Dual Clutch and Six Speed Manual Gear Options
  • 12 L/100 Km

BMW M4 Exterior

M4 features a sleek rear end featuring low slung look which is ridiculously brilliant.  This new BMW Coupe grabbed everyone`s attention just after its first week of road test. The front is complex especially the lower area which is exceptionally great as long as we don`t have to pay for costly repairs. BMW is one of few European car makers featuring parking sensor at front which only turns on manually. This ultimately increase the chances of Aforesaid Bills.

Long running (Long) Sculpted bonnet covers the powerhouse while giving this beauty a useful and elegant look. The spoilers well integrated into the boot lid. The roof however follows M3 footsteps and have been made from extremely lightweight carbon fiber reinforced Plastic. The roof reduces center of gravity thus enhancing the road grip while looking beautiful.  The roof doesn`t feature on body color and comes in black which is appreciable. What I personally loved is BMW M4 Design features a Glass sunroof option for no extra cost.

This car as compared to previous M3 Coupe is 60 kg lighter. Well the credit goes to none other than use of aluminum and clever engineering. As for the interior, we have 8.8 inch HD wide screen display in addition of satellite navigation. The speaker setup is 16 unit Harman Kardon surround with Digital Radio, on board computer with 20 GB hard. Other notable features are DVD Drive, USB and Aux sockets with Audio stream Bluetooth.

Safety Features

The standard features include 6 airbags, advanced braking with better dynamic control. But you can also enjoy some extra benefits only if you care to pay for them. For starters, we have the lane change and blind spot warning at 1,000USD, Tire Pressure Warning for 500USD, Parking Assistant at 675USD and Head up Display for only $1,750.

BMW Connected Drive Seeming features Intelligent Emergency call responsible for transmitting VCI (Vehicle Creative Information) to Company`s Call Center to alert them if you need an emergency service. Acting at the same mechanism, Tele-services transmits such information if you got stuck.

The Driving Experience

Speaking much for BMW M4 Drive, Acceleration is rapid. Thanks to the Twin Turbo Combining in order to eliminating lags.  However, if you drive at low revs and speed you might be able to feel these lags. Once the engine is pacing up, this car is the real stunner as it has the fast response we all fall for.

Steering is now made electro Mechanical which no doubt improved the drive dynamics. Suspension and Engine on other hand offer three different setting to further improve your driving experience.

Final Take

Get on road with this BMW Bad boy and you are hooked in for long haul. Starting sound of engine is good, suspension and steering is even better. Still, if you are not pleased then you are a hard one. Add the little styling in this term and you won`t mind breaking your bank`s $170,000 for the New BMW M4.

As compared to other in markets, this coupe benefits most from its Turbo Engine. Extra power means improved performance. But that’s not the end, we also have better power train to eliminate any lags in order to define car character. The performance factor has been improved at every corner with the car`s structure. Adding a smarter roof makes it a good GT!

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