BMW K1600GT Review All hail to best touring bike

The best touring bike is here! It’s pretty much a claim for this bike. But learning everything about this grand touring, I am hard pressed to say anything. BMW K1600GT does make one of the best bikes ever produced. It has the looks of a sporty which covers the fact that it’s a bit fat. Inside the wide hull, there lies a might powerhouse which makes this grand Tourer all the more aggressive and sporty on inside as it looks on the outside. With almost everything out about this new bike, I say it’s high time to test it!

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Looks and Designing

What can we say, the new BMW K1600GT is completely new clean sheet ride. Thanks to tis 4 year tech incubation. Finally we got our hands on a bike which is comfort, reliably and make the long miles. The Best touring bike from Bavarian come in pretty handy.

Built on the Aluminum Bridge, it`s quite a looker apart from being fat. Yes, as it happens with most touring bikes. Even the best touring bike couldn’t resist being obese. The crux is, it somewhat looks good this way. Well thanks to the clever designing elements! It`s not easy making a touring look good, but BMW K1600GT has been made sleek. But, the rear still lacks some bodywork and pannier now looks unfinished.

Side view of K1600GT

BMW K 1600 GT Side View

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Thanks to the aggressive paneling, this bike still looks clean and racy even though it has capacity of 115 liters. Beating its most fierce rival the Honda Gold-wing, BMW K1600GT is coming with tour de force tech such as traction control, tire pressure, electronic suspension adjustment and rider modes.

Considering every cut on this clean sheet machine, the BMW K1600GT scores a 9 out of 10 for its looks!

General Specifications

  • Engine: 4 stroke in line 6 cylinder with two overhead camshafts, 4 shafts per cylinder.
  • Displacement: 1649 cc
  • Cooling System: Oil and Water
  • Engine Management: Electronic Intake Pipe Injection with Digital Management
  • Top Speed: 125 mph
  • Transmission: 6 Speed Helical
  • Clutch: Multi Plate
  • Price: $ 21,000

Engine and Performance

Starting with the Heart of this Fat Back in a Sport suite, six cylinder agent is smooth. No vibration but tons of power. Sound track of new BMW K1600GT is like no other. Its capability of chug along the revs of top gear is appraisable. To sum it up, this is perhaps the best touring bike ever produced. With its amazing engine, rating it a five star isn`t enough. Besides, where do you think all the GT-ness comes from? The high build of revs with cutting edge speed. This bike is a lot more than meets the eye.

The liquid cooled transverse in line sixe engine with 1649 cc is capable of putting out max power of 160 bhp with max torque of 129 nm. With these figures, this bike can climb to 125 miles per hour max speed. The dual overhead camshaft engine is mated with a 6 speed transmission. To improve the overall economy, Bavarians have integrated Electronic Intake Pipe Injection. With these specifics, I can only say one thing, the best just got better. Yep the kinks worked on BMW K1600GT makes this touring bike all the sweeter! So next time you want to visit the country side, better bring this bad boy with you!

For its engine and performance, this BMW Hunk deserves a straight 9 out of 10!


  • Kawasaki Concours 14 ABS
  • Honda Goldwing Shootout
  • Triumph Trophy SE
  • Yamaha FJR1300ES

Ride and Handling

With every tweak worked on, the ride have significantly been improved.  So far, BMW K1600GT have accomplished much as for covering fast ground. However, being fat means this touring bike will suffer on bumpy roads. Well, it`s not much of a mood spoiler. So you can easily sit back then enjoy the touring lifestyle as we all know it.

Going into the specific, no surprise ABS is made standard at price tag of $24,000. The front suspension is BMW MotorradDuolever Central Spring Strut while rear suspension is BMW Motor rad Paralever. The front brakes are 320mm dual discs with 4 piston fixed calipers. As for rear braking, we have a single 320 mm disc with 2 piston caliper.  With impressive mileage of 52 miles per gallon, I say it’s a quick grab.  With the price we are paying, BMW K1600GT is sophisticated while being an aggressive performer.

However, there are some complications. Yes, the tremors and aftershocks somewhat still remains.  But with its silk smooth power delivery. We hope it fades away after tuning.

On accounts of its handling and ride, this bad boy gets an 8 out 10.


  • Great Graft of latest tech on old base
  • Best maneuvers even in tight quarters
  • Appraisable workmanship with structural integrity


  • Sportiest Ergonomics
  • Display info not easy to read
  • Designing is a bit Fat

Additional Features

It`s like a BMW 7 Series on two wheels. Being a best touring bike, BMW K1600GT comes with a lot of ergonomics.  First we have a massive top case that I don`t think anyone can swallow. Going on, there is a top case which can stomach 2 helmets. The same goes for panniers. However, we now have lower and further backed handlebars for easy access. The riding modes are commendable. With lower footrest and pillions, BMW K1600GT is one bike to ride. Other notable mentions in his area are heated seats, stereo, electronic suspension and much more.

The Final Word

BMW did put together the best touring bike. The proof of this claim is BMW K1600GT already left behind its major competitors. But what makes this bike all the more lovable. To be honest, it’s not only one specific features but combination of every element. Yep, the bike is not titled as the best touring bike for its only one ability but on the whole, it makes a pretty good bike. Reliable, comfortable, fast and sporty. It can be seen as a grand touring treat for bike lovers. So go out to the countryside and live the moment.

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