BMW i8 Review, A Glimpse into the Future

If you think Will Smith`s Audi from iRobot was cool, then wait! I`ve got something even cooler for you. Ever heard the saying, “Past is History, Present is Past, Future is Now”. I am sure Bavarian Motors Work heard that and that`s why they implemented highly advanced tech into the new BMW i8 which is far ahead of its time. Well whatever it is and will be. This car will open new doors for innovation, creativity and even imagination. Without spoiling your fun, I will leave you to it!

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At first sight, this supercar looks something that has come right out of a Futuristic movie. Thanks to its looks (besides its technical specifications), new BMW i8 has created a lot of fuss. If I keep it in simple, it`s like you are buying something even cooler than Porsche without the price. The BMW i8 Exterior is evidence that car worship still exists. Thanks to the looks, you will draw more attention than driving a Lamborghini (except for Aventador and Sesto Elemento). Being the leader of eco-friendly futuristic cars, every minor detail deserves a round of applause.

The front, rear and sides are not made in body color for now, instead these are of piano black with blue accent. As it may seem visually dissonant, it hangs on pretty well and makes sure it`s not mistaken for something else.

Successfully (yet beautifully) wrapped around on 20 inch wheels, this car sculpts for emphasizing the lines despite having a tall tale with the slab panels fitted in rear arch. This has only become possible because of decreasing the aerodynamic drag. The blue accent which are more like of an trade mark for BMW i8 body, are delighted with LED Ambient lightening with couple of options.

BMW i8

BMW i8



I will start right of with the floating center screen and well layered dashboard. The upholstery consists of a delightful combination of black and ivory leather along with black soft to touch plastic embedded throughout the cockpit.  In addition, the delight continues with matte silver accent adding character to the lines far-reaching through the dash, ultimately giving it a visual flair.

The fun part is,BMW i8 interior is a bit less experimental than i3.  There is almost no raw fiber being added, which makes the cockpit a little bit of our generation. As we realize, BMW i8 feels something completely far ahead from its time. If I keep it short, I would just say it`s like flying a F-22 Raptor in 1920`s! Well despite the distinctive approach. Cowl instrument cluster is still behind the wheel which has open top. It will be easier for us to recall it as the BMW interior rather than Scandinavian Soberness of i3`s Cockpit.

Summing it up, I will just say Bavarians made a coherent yet distinctive move and it turned out better than everyone expected. However, we are expecting the designed themes to be different for charcoal and black exterior thus disappearing the piano black elements in general.

General Specifications

  • 5L Turbocharged L3 engine in front while an electric is set in rear
  • 228 BHP power with 230 Nm torque with petrol, 139 BHP Power with 185 Nm Torque from electric while the total power of petrol and electric combined climbs up to 350 BHP with 420 NM Torque
  • A six speed transmission is for gas while a two speed automatic is for electric.
  • 0-60 in 4.2 seconds
  • 155 MPH top speed
  • Starting Price $140,000

BMW i8 Engine

Like I said it`s like flying a F22 in early modern era, well now it`s time for the digital one! As it is widely regarded the technology integrated in BMW i8 is completely something new. It makes every other car look like something old school that have been around for centuries.  That being said, the only car giving BMW i8 head to head is none other than Porsche 918 Spyder. The Spyder also can perform on electricity and is considered as supercar. However, the Spyder is for someone having a million bucks in his pocket where BMW i8 Price tag is no more than three hundred grand. Considering the price difference among these two. No doubt i8 is somewhat downsized variant of Spyder. Designed as a touring coupe rather than track car, this car brilliantly balances between performance and economy.

Ok let`s get to specifics! Delivering impressive power of 231 BHP with only a 1.5 three cylinder engine, this car is capable of putting 236 NM torque. Apart from petrol engine, BMW i8 Drivetrain is also equipped with a powerful 96 kilowatt. The electric motor drives on front wheel through a two speed transmission where the petrol engine has a 6 speed manual gearbox. Using both electric and gas motor together, this car puts an impressive torque of 360 Nm while going 0-60 in 4.3 seconds.


BMW i8 Handling and Comfort

What can you expect from a hybrid, yes the ride was smooth but it was a bit shaky on some surfaces. This was many due to low rolling of resistance tires which are combined with somewhat broken surfaces of streets. The electric drive is a whine from spaceships. There is not much mechanical noise, however I couldn`t help notice the noise from tires. As for acceleration, it like rise for a pleasant howl. But that doesn`t define the car`s nature. Bavarians have now installed a sound chip for tuning engine sound with added frequencies to natural note.

For a four seat, it`s merely a title because as far as I experienced, the rear seats are a bit useless. Moving onwards, entering this vehicle is far from entering your sedan. It takes a little practice as seat cushions are 7 inches below to the level of doors. However, getting out is another story as there is no steering in the front. Wing doors don`t have any bins and it`s not questionable. The storage space is almost nothing. Like said before, it`s completely apart from this world. So be prepare for it!


Possible Competitors

  • Mercedes S Electric Drive
  • Tesla Model S (2014)
  • Audi R8 (2014)
  • Porsche 911 (2014)
  • Porsche 918 Spyder (2015)

In The End…

I don`t want to play judge at this moment and therefore I will only say this, the Future have been send. Apart from being a market hit. This car is going to send trend. I would also like to say it was very thoughtful of Bavarians for bringing up i3. I3 is nothing else but i8 handicapped for those who can`t afford its price tag.

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