Bajaj Pulsar 200NS FI Review: 200cc from DST-I to Naked Sports (NS)

Bajaj is creating much hype with its upcoming Naked Sports (better known as NS) series i.e. Bajaj Pulsar 200NSFI. There are three models, the 150cc (NS), 180cc (NS) and 200cc (Ns). Today we are reviewing the top end model, 200 NS. As with the movies these days, sequel to a hit is a bigger challenge than the last one.  What people are expecting from it and how well the company succeeds to live up the hype. Well as the pulsars are one of longest entry level bikes story, Bajaj pulsar made itself a big name which means this bike has a full of new features.

As it incorporated the DNA of its ancestors in order to strike a balance between its sportiness and practical use. If this bike is going to taste some success, one thing is for sure, it will make the other bikes sign off!


Bajaj Pulsar 200NSFIdesign is an aggressively styled Muscular street bike which is a fair attempt to fix CB1000R frond on 200cc. Its tapered headlamps shines and provide focused beam at night.  This NS features digital analogue equipment that displays every bit of information clearly. It includes digital odometer, speedometer and trip counter.

This new Bajaj Pulsar 200NS also features clip on handlebars, control levels and switchgear which works with bit of crispy feel. Grips here are decent but they are not impressive. They also have a rubbery and used more plastic than anyone expected. The actual fuel reservoir has been concealed below tank region. Apart from that it also features well shaved grooves which provides thigh support.

Anything you can`t afford to miss are the broad frame as they reach swingarm. NS tucks silencer neatly away from engine in order to keep center of gravity as low as possible. One thing which bothered us is the tail of new Bajaj Pulsar 200NSFI shape shares many similarities with previous 250cc bikes. Another thing we didn`t appreciated was that rear tire huggers are prominent. In the end, the overall build and finish doesn`t match Bajaj`s image but they are acceptable for the price.

General Specifications

Here are the general specs of this upcoming Bajaj 200NS FI bike


  • Engine: Single Cylinder Liquid Cooled 4 Stroke
  • Compression: 11.1:1
  • Max Torque: 1.86 at 8000 RPM
  • Max Power: 23 BHP at 9500 RPM
  • Valves: 4 Cylinders SOHC
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Transmission: 6 Speed Manual Gearbox
  • Shift Pattern: 1 down and 5 up
  • Suspension: Telescopic Forks at front and Rectangular Swing arm Mono shock at rear
  • Brakes: 280mm Disc at Front and 230mm Disc at Rear


Almost a leap of faith for Bajaj, it has developed a bike which accessed the KTM tech only on 200cc base.  Bajaj 200NS FIengine is now liquid, however its strong based on KTM short stroke engine and is capable for developing 23 BHP. There are also additional notable engineering touches such as placing larger engines in the same frame. The trick was to mold bike frame in such design that it can be further detailed.

However due to numerous changes, this bike is quite different from KTM. As KTM is based on DOHC, but new Bajaj Pulsar 200NS uses a SOHC to perform well with its 4 valves.  The power delivery is smoother and acceleration is now even more aggressive. The engine sound has also been improved. The most interesting part, engine has been made of carbureted instead of fuel injection.As this might be surprising for present tech. The rest of justification is left on its price tag, so we have to wait on this one as we will discuss this part later!


Being a four stroke, single cylinder and 199c, it`s based on KTM 200`s platform. Four valves head are powered by single overhead camshaft and the combustion chamber houses three spark plugs. Although this bike doesn`t feature fuel injection, the NS is considerable first liquid cool pulsar. As for the exhaust, it drums out soft but is a bit punchy.

Max power ofBajaj 200NSis 23 BHP at 9500 RPM with 1.86 KGM torque at 8000 rpm. The 6 gear compact speed box is smooth shifts. It operates on 5 up and 1 down pattern. The clutch is also soft!  With snappy throttle and smooth sprints through its power band. At the bottom end, the power builds to mid strong therefore the top end feeling potent. Gearing are designed a bit longer than the KTM Duke. Performance is a bit brisk for its class as 0-60 is only 4.11 seconds. The top speed is 127 Km/H!


Tripled plug is further equipped withBajajPulsar 200NS FI comes with great economy. With its hunky looks and impressive power, it’s a surprise that this helps you saving your fuel. The ride on city streets is 35 km/l and on highway it can climb up to 41 km/l.


As for the Handling, first we would like to discuss the twin spar and steel frame, the upgrades done on Bajaj Pulsar 200NS FI are ranked among the biggest modifications. We now have a pair of hydraulic forks these forks are joined by gas charged mono shock suspension in rear. However, the rear suspension in this bike is supported by rectangular swing arm.

This bike also has comfortable pad with split cushion seats. Well thanks to the uprising riding position, this is one of the most comfortable upcoming Bajaj Pulsar 200NS FI bikes. Credit goes to its mid corner, it falls a bit short of feeling as light and effortless turn in on its siblings. The overall ride quality is good. But we have to admit there is a lot of room for improvement.

Brakes are also exceptional, fitted with Brembo Petal from and rear discs, this bike can stop at 60 Km/h only at 16.4m scant during its testing

Final Conclusion

The packaging of Bajaj Pulsar 200NS FI with its looks, at first it seems like this bike has everything for its segment. If the final price is 85,000 INR, this will be great. No one at this price tag will deliver all these specs. No one at this segment can beat this bike in terms of performance and its power. While at it, we would like to end up by saying Bajaj has done it (once again)!

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