Bajaj Pulsar 180NS: 180cc Series reincarnated!

Congrats to Bajaj as it managed to spin the long running Pulsar bikes and further acted as fodder for better speculation. First we got the single engine with 220cc roof but now the series got multifarious. Considering the fact that Pulsar 150NS, 180NS, 200NS and other siblings got some air and even a year before their release. There have been some major leaks about upcoming Bajaj Pulsar 180NS. As the assumed specifications and testing images have been leaked over the net! These bikes piqued everyone`s interest. With that being said, it`s time we take a deeper look!


Everyone knows that Bajaj Auto is quiet busy working to replace the 180 Pulsar. Well the good news is, its replacement was spotted test driving on different occasions and yet. The Bajaj Pulsar 180NS was finally revealed at Auto Expo 2014. Well we can`t say it’s the only speculate we should expect from Bajaj as some other replacement for previous 200cc and 150cc are also que to release in the next year.

As seen in these different occasions, the upcoming Pulsar 180NS will be supporting a sporty design which has been (most of it) borrowed from its big brother pulsar 200NS. This boast the style of naked street fighter. However, unlike 200NS, the 180NS isn`t supporting a rear tire mudguard. Instead it only supports a sporty registration plate bracket which was first seen on 135LS. Noting that the 180NS will be too close to 200NS, the critic’s way before the launch are making a strong statement. There won`t be any Pulsar 180NS. The biggest reason for is it falls under 200NS as told before most styling graphics have been borrowed from it.  No brand wants its products to cannibalize others. In short word, according to such critics the 180 scrapped!

What Spy Shots are saying!

As the word got out of new upcoming from Bajaj, test mules were seen riding NS based. These bikes were speculated as with the officially released dates by the brand. We saw the upcoming bikes doing some rounds in Maharashtra. At first recently spy shots of two upcoming Pulsar bikes were taken as they were on their test. What we got was a bit surprising. The 150cc and 180cc (upcoming) are now featuring huge tanks, twin LED strips which makes tail lamps. Both of these bikes are however (much to our dismay) are carrying bit small engines as compared to both previous 150 and 180 versions.  Following the test drive, here are the major changes we saw in upcoming versions!

  • Full rear Mudguard
  • No Rear Disc Brakes
  • Smaller Front Disc Brakes
  • Chain guard only on Pulsar 150
  • Single Seat in 150

With all these modifications and changes, we found that if these bikes are finally getting the NS delight. Which the word is, we will enjoy liquid cooling, 4 valves, SOHC Head, Triple Spark. Underbody exhausts for almost the same price. All these features are saying that Pulsar gives the best 150/180 options under 1 lac. If we get these features on our hands, no doubt Bajaj will raise its Flagship once again!

Price and Launch

Expected to launch in June 2015, the Bajaj Pulsar 180NS will be coming at 85K. However, another Pulsar model is on the waiting list also. With 180cc displacement and 19 BHP max power, this pulsar seems to stand up to expectations in respect of both performance and styling.

Engine and Gear

As the racer clubs in India growing in numbers, Two Wheeler brands have started their own war in this segment. At Auto Expo 2014, these home grown bikes were shown. According to Stats, the new Bajaj Pulsar 180NS is powered by 4 valve three spark plug engines with liquid cooling. This powerhouse is capable of producing maximum output of 19 BHP Power with 16NM Max Torque.  The engine displacement is 180cc and transmission consists of a 6 speed manual gearbox for smooth transitions.

Seating and Comfort

Pulsar 180NS has been designed with quite comfortable seating, now we get a cushion split seats to relax for long rides. With its two piece grab rail and aluminum number plate holder. We are forced to say it’s a hard one. A stylish mudguard just as Pulsar 200NS has been featured as well. This bike is further incorporated with O Ring Chain.  The Ring chain adds a bit sporty touch to this entry level. Moving ahead, the bike cowls are also appealing to the eye as they are quite useful for cooling down fins. What surprised us was the addition of start kick option. Worthy of mentioning here, starter kick option is not included in the 180 DTSi.

General Specifications

  • Ring Chain
  • Front Disc Brake
  • Start Kick Option
  • Mono Shock Rear Suspension
  • 6 Speed Manual Transmission
  • 180cc Displacement
  • 4 Valves Three Spark Liquid Cooled Engine
  • Split Cushion Seats
  • 19 BHP Max Power
  • 16NM Max Torque
  • 130 Km/h Top Speed
  • Most design elements borrowed from Bajaj Pulsar 200NS

Designing and Graphics

Bajaj Pulsar 180NS is packed with a number of exciting features. Equipped with the latest tech, features and aggressive styling, we have to say it`s pretty impressive for an entry level. Most of the stylish has been borrowed from 200NS. The similar features include names of Tank, Headlamps, Side Panels and even the rear Panels. This motorcycle have a modified fuel tank which offers large storage capacity. Front and rear are fitted with bright head and tail lamp for keeping the rider comfortable during night drive.

Suspension and Braking

Bajaj Pulsar 180NS is installed with dynamic suspension and braking mechanism.  When we first heard this, we were expecting both ends to be fitted with Disc Brakes. But much to our demise, the Disc Brakes are missing in rear. Our guess is rear features a drum brake while the front enjoys disc brake. Still the braking systems is pretty impressive as stops the bike immediately even at high speeds. To make the ride a pleasant experience, we have rear mono shock suspension.

We all wish Bajaj Auto Luck with their Pulsar Series.

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