Bajaj Pulsar 150NS Review: Entry Level just got powerful!

Bajaj has created much hype since the upcoming NS series was first revealed. Well thanks to the price tags and assumptions. Riders can`t wait to get their hands on these bikes. You can`t blame these guys. New Bajaj Pulsar 150NS is the improved version of long running 150 DTS-I. Although there have been some major modifications. Still Bajaj Pulsar 150ns bike borrows similarities from its previous version as well as its elder siblings such as 200NS. With all being said, we will leave you with our research!

Pulsar 150NS

Bajaj Pulsar 150NS

The Future of Bajaj Pulsar Series Explained

Its high time Bajaj moved from the past and is removing the upper limit of 220cc. but keeping its promise to offer wide range of engines. The company also needs to focus on its entry level and lower end products. The Pune basedtwo wheeler makers is now focusing on modern engine lines. Developed with KTM. The first code is satisfying for needs of lower than 200cc like the 200NS. However the family code is separated at 375cc like the 400ss.

With its limits, Bajaj is not segregating new Pulsar by mere 20-30cc as seen before. As the buyers have evolved, the segment is now more distinct.  Well contrary to the circulating ones, the new version of150cc Pulsar will be a christened one.  By mid2014, the pulsar 150NS got major makeovers. No doubt this aging model was losing its polish to newer models. In order to attract the market once again, this old warhorse needed some serious touchups.

Similarities and Dissimilarities shared with Pulsar 200NS

Well as the name says, it will be borrowing most of its design elements from 200ns. Having a street fighter design, this will carry the NS Headlight, handlebar, street fighter tank and indicators. Other modifications are allow wheel, clocks, and foo pegs. However, it won`t be much identical to its elder sibling the 200NS thanks to double seating option. In addition of the seating, crank case covers, no Rear discs, less lumpy front forts and thinner tires also makes a difference.

Moving towards the Bike`s technical specifications, it now have a smaller petal disc brake on front. As for the rear, it`s been take care of with a drum brakes.  However, when the rear compared with front in term of specifications, the bike got a great tank as compared with previous versions. We now have a traditional mud guard in rear end. Apart from that, Bajaj Pulsar 150nssingle seated offers mono shock, clip on handle bars, 1000 section tire. What carries this bike most is its chassis.  This bike will be having a liquid cooling and the corrugated fins.  Both of these combined will be providing better cooling. The Bajaj Pulsar 150nsengine will be producing 16HP which will be transmitted by a 5 speed manual gearbox. But a word of advice, don`t get too excited as this bike will be facing serious competition from both Honda 16cc bikes and the Suzuki Gixxer.

What makes 150 NS a convenient add up!

Don`t Mistake upcoming Pulsar 150NS for just a mere Cosmetic upgrade. Yes, it`s packing serious heat under crank case covers. With new engine, 4 valves and liquid cooling upgrade. This entry level bike will be produced 17 BHP well thanks to the triple spark tech.  The powerhouse is mated with 5 speed gearbox. The estimated price is around 70 Large and it will be launched in the next few upcoming months definitely before 200NS.

Why Bajaj Auto is Bringing the Change Now

Bajaj is launching the NS Variants of its long running Pulsar series at end of this year but why now. it`s been a while since there were some major changes in these bikes. The NS variant will be running on same DTS-I engines. However, major improvements are in order. NS tech will assure the new bikes will be producing more torque and power while consuming less fuel.

Apart from the NS Versions, Bajaj is also planning to launch its SS Pulsar bikes which is slightly share similarities with their NS brothers. Back to NS, these bikes will be a lot different from previous ones as split seats, silencers and fuel tanks.

What Spy  Shots tell us?

There have been extensive test driving of this bike for almost 8 months. It seems like Bajaj is performing these publicity stunts to create a hype for their upcoming product. But it doesn`t seem like that. As we are about to warmly welcome the two new additions, its better if we first learn something about them. Call them NS or the Bajaj Pulsar 150nsNaked Sports, if you leave engine capacity. You shall see these are brand new bikes with advanced tech.

The upcoming versions are a bit smaller, how do we know it? We observed the test driving here and there for a while. The test mule seemed to be driving 150cc version ofPulsar.The first idea we got it’s a 150 is by the 100mm Euro grip tire. Well we couldn`t bring any more details, but since we are the first to have seen this bike. One thing is for sure, these bikes will carry on the same design theme with riding pleasure but with a less premium approach. Apart from the looks, what we observed from bikes performance is its going under Triple spark badge.

4 Stroke SOHC 4V but single cylinder which will be air cooled as for its naked pulsar name. However, Bajaj will definitely provide us more than what we are already getting from present variants. In order to make things a bit more interesting, mono shocks have been introduced, apart from the ride these will also improve handling. Seeing this mule, we are dead sure of one thing, despite small size, these bike will be delivering us more power.

What about additional Features

The new Bajaj Pulsar 150NS is holding an aluminum plate holder alongside a split grab and rail with 100/90 cross section. Giving its first glance at the Auto Expo 2014, there have been some assumptions about this bike following the style therapy of KTM Duke Series!


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