2014 Mercedes-Benz New C-Class forgiving for becoming Bavarian

After seeing everything Mercedes Benz Class is offering, everyone is assuming that Daimler AG`s most decorated division has already gave its efforts of becoming BMW. Thanks to AMG, both C300 and C400 are featuring cutting edge design with ravishing interior. Keeping the brand`s mark, there are a number of notable features such as touch pad, Mbrace and others. 2014 will be a head to head competition for 3 series. But before saying anything else, one thing we all should keep in mind that we should wait for the end results. Meanwhile let`s have a look on history of C Class with introduction of latest additions stating what have been included.



After three successful years of W201, the work had started on its upcoming successor. The final design was forwarded by Murak Gunak selected in 1989.  However in early 1990, this designed was frozen but it was patented on December 17 of same year. But the first model never touched road before 1993. First W202 was introduced and replaced already running 190. This C Class remained Mercedes Benz entry model till 1997. Later one, it was the introduction of A Class. The exterior was mainly carried from previous W201. However, the 202 came with a smoother and bit round design as compared to its predecessor, in addition of 201, some styling elements were also bought from W124 E and W140 S class. Later in 1995, the C Class first got it performance oriented model under tag of C 36 AMG.  This model was made to race the BMW M3. Made with collaboration of AMG,Which now is subsidiary of Daimler Benz? There were a number of notable improvements. Later own, the new flagship of C 43 AMG was introduced. This model came with Mercedes in house V8 engine. Regardless to say, this model has its own attractions and improvements.

Mercedes-Benz New C-Class

Mercedes-Benz New C-Class


In mid-1994, the development on next versions started but the design was commenced only after a few months. With the final design being approved in 1995  the patents were filed in 1998 with the development itself being concluded in 2000. Seeing all this progress the second generation was introduced in mid-2000.  With sedan versions later debuted, they were installed with inline 4 and V6 petrol engines while the diesel was made inline 4 and V6.

The interesting fact was most features were brought from W202 however the C320 managed to remain exclusive. This model offered 218 BHP! Well the diesels now come in Common rail direct injection along with geometry turbocharger. These were mated with 6 speed manual transmissions which as for now are made standard. All these notable improvements was step stone for Mercedes-Benz New C-Class and thanks to them, the series further saw introduction of various cunning yet successful models. These models included the names of C 200, C 240 and the C 200 CDI.

These models were mainly produced from 2000-2006 by Daimler Chrysler.  With a sports coupe debuting in 2000, later years brought extensive and commendable changes to the whole lineup. It also noted the concept of black editions.


The fourth generation better known as W204 was introduced in early January. This was first displayed at 2007 Geneva Auto Show but the sales started in March 2007. This new family had the extended wheelbase and track. This provided a stiffer body shell with the design being inspired by no one else but the W221 of S Class. Other notable elements were borrowed from C 219 of CLS Class.

This section was produced from 2007-2014. All the models were placed under C Class tag. As the new W204 was preceded by W203, it was superseded by no one else but W205. Interestingly, the W204 with passage of time was made available in different body types such as Coupe, Sedan and even Station Wagon. It became the second bestselling entry level luxury cars in United States following the BMW 3 Series.

Later on, these were featured in Top 10 Best Selling Cars in Britain with selling number of over forty thousand. Again it followed its rival the BMW 3 Series which topped with a figure of forty four thousand. A number of notable never before features were introduced with boosted its client base as well as its rise in popular culture.

2014- Present 

The next big hit was first unveiled at 2014 Detroit Auto show. The first glance showed its extensive use of aluminum on exterior as well as chassis and frame. This ultimately helped for cutting off more than 200 pounds. According to officials, the New C Class will be coming with a bit more rigid body work as compared to its main competitors. The W205 will be adding both sports and luxury trims along with a V6 engine.

This powerhouse will be coming in 2.0 L and 3.0 L, the 2.0 L will be I4 turbocharged engine which will produce max power of 241 BHP while the 3.0 L will be a bi Turbo which will be producing 330 BHP. These will be coming with 4MATIC being made standard and will be featuring longer wheel base. The production first started in February while it`s all set to release in international markets in mid-September. The current models are mentioned as following:


The starter variant of Mercedes Benz 2014 C Class, new C 300 4 MATIC Sedan comes with a 2.0 L Turbo inline 4 engine which is mated with a 7 speed automatic transmission. This powerhouse will be producing 240 BHP Power with 270 LB Torque. As for the economy, it`s capable of climbing 24-30 miles per gallon.  The base price is $40,000.


Coming with 3.0L bit Turbo V6 for starters, the C400 Matic is capable of producing 329 BHP power with 350 LB Torque. With this entire power and hunky bad boy under hood, it can easily climb 21-28 miles per gallon. As for transmission, it’s a 7 Speed Automatic, The Mercedes-Benz New C-Class C 400 4 Matic starts at base price of $48,000.

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